What Should We Do About This Dog?

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"My husbands grandmother bought a new dog after the family dog passed away a few months ago, so she called and invited us (myself and my 2 year old daughter) to meet this dog whom they bought. So we go to the house and the dog ended up bitting my daughter in the face! After the bite happened she informs me that in the first 24 hours of having the dog he has attacked another small dog and left a mark on my nephews face in which they said is not from the dog biting him? I’m beyond pissed!!! But they think it was an accident, saying the dog didn’t mean too he only scratched her! (I seen the whole this and he bit her there are marks!) fast forward and she calls me to tell me the dog has his vaccines (this was my first question after the bite) and tells me this dog has had 3 owners in the last year! And they got him off a site because he was only a few hundred dollars. But still thinks the dog is safe to be around kids and I’m over reacting…??? What do you think???"

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"There are so many things that need to be taken into account for this. How long have they had the pup? Was your child being disrespectful and ignoring pups space? Who was monitoring the interactions? Please keep in mind that this pup has gone through a lot. Three owners in one year means they all gave up because they were not prepared nor were they willing to put in the time to properly train."

"With proper training that could be fixed, please don’t condemn the dog because he hasn’t been taught to behave or had the best start in life , he needs time too adjust to new people"

"You are not overreacting at all. I would not let the dog around my children. Nor my children in the home where the dog lives. I would bet that biting is the reason for the rehoming in tbe first place."

"Dog is not safe shouldn’t bring all these people and kids to a situation where it is not comfortable so it doesn’t keep biting people"

"The owner of this dog is responsible for their dog and they are the bigger problem! They put others in danger, they know the dog will bite and knows he has done so before and failed to protect the children… hold them accountable, the dog is just a animal… but they know better! Don’t let them harm anymore children or other animals!!!"

"Keep your kids away from the dog. About all you can do"

"You’ve not overreacting. If he is biting I would have them put the dog in a room when u come over"

"I think the dog has been through a lot and needs time to get acclimated in it’s home. Little kids scare animals and the dog may have been reacting in fear. Small kids should never be allowed to go up to any animal without an adult with them unless the animal knows the child."

"I spent years in animal rescue. Do not allow this dog around your child again. Grandma needs to find a good trainer to work with the dog and determine why the dog bites and if retraining is possible. If it is not, Grandma must agree to find the dog a child free home with responsible owners."

"Suggest proper training by a professional and I agree with everyone, this dog is not safe to be around children at this time."

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