What should we do for my daughter for her birthday?

Im stuck on what to get my daughter for her first birthday! We don’t have a lot to spend AND we live in a small third floor apartment so space is tight, we also have a 2.5 year old daughter so they have a lot of things already from stuff she’s gotten. Should we just do something small? I don’t want her to feel like all she gets is hand me downs or has to share but at the same time everything they share there’s no reason to have 2 of


Books and bath toys. Then both kids can learn while having fun :sunflower:


She’s turning 1…she will have fun with the wrapping paper and ribbons…a cake, a stuffed animal, a new blanket and pajamas…she’ll be happy!

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She is 1. She has no clue. Lol. Have a fun family dinner or lunch and enjoy yourself.


She’s turning 1, she won’t remember, and even a small family party to celebrate her is enough. I’ve done big parties and small parties over the years with my children. It just all depended on age, finances, and what was going on at that time. She will feel special and loved no matter what


First birthday. Clothes. A party in the park if the weather is nice. And a cake !!

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Little ones always like bath toys

Books and maybe some new clothes that are not expensive. One small toy if you can but honestly the cake and gathering will be so special . Walmart and Publix give a free smash cake if you buy the sheet cake from them !

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Get her a charm bracelet. They can make them small and a charm or two. That’s what I got my 2 year old when her brother arrived. A charm that says “big sister” in a heart. But they have a bunch of cute charms. They can put the links back as she continues to grow, so she can have a special charm as she grows.


At one year old she is not going to know it’s even her birthday. She won’t remember any of it. Just give her ice cream and cake and maybe a small toy.


No worries because a one year old doesn’t think like that, hand me downs or having to share.


A fancy cake and lots of balloons she’ll have a blast.

I’m in the same boat, my son turns 3 soon and 3 weeks later Missy is 1. I’ve decided to get a toy for her and then just clothes that she needs desperately as she’s growing fast :sweat_smile: when my son turned 1 I got items he needed like walker jolly jumper push walker ect and we have all that still so I havnt needed to get that sort of stuff this time round
My first child’s bday was more a first for me they don’t remember and usally rather play with the paper or boxes anyway :joy: so I’d suggest things she needs :woman_shrugging: and of course cake ! That’s one thing she’ll enjoy :laughing:

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Do a birthday party and instead of gifts ask for school supplies and donate them to your local school.

We always celebrated the 1st birthday more as a " we survived the first yr!" Our kids got a few little things, nothing major. But we did go to a park, have family and friends there, and enjoyed the day!! They are little. They will NOT remember this. There’s lots of ways to celebrate without having expensive things.

Blow up some balloons and put them on the lounge room floor for when she wakes up and have a cake with candles and sing happy birthday, and a little family picnic with sandwiches at the park ! :blush:

Go out for a family dinner and let her have a cupcake. She’s one, she’s not over thinking it that’s your job. We don’t birthday parties, or gifts in our house we do experiences. We enjoy traveling so we let our kids pick a destination for their birthdays. Yours are still little, you could start a birthday tradition now that will carry for years to come. You could visit a new park or take a hike or even just try a new food, it doesn’t need to be anything big at this age. Good luck and enjoy the day!


Do something for the day specifically for her. she may not remember as she’s only 1 but a little adventure out for the day and just being with her will suffice. Cute little cupcake and her favorite snack or food will be fine. Dress her up and sing happy birthday. She just wants to be with you. I had a small party with family and a few gifts.I know you probably want to make it the best but in all honesty she would be happy being with you.

She’s ONE she’s not going to know or care if you give her a toy her sister once used or a spoon to play with lol. Shed probably be very happy with the spoon :rofl:. First bdays are for the parents & photo ops. Make a cake & put a dollar toy on it. Then put it in front of her & let explore as babies do. Take lots of pictures. That’s all she needs is pictures so in a few years you can show her.

I made a basket,bath bombs,paints and toys like stacking cups,ducks etc.

She won’t even remember, you will. Something small and sweet as a family. You will have more than enough birthday chaos as the years come. Take advantage of the birthday calm, you will be SO GLAD you did.

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Take her to the mall to celebrate her birthday. You can take her to build a bear. You pay their age for a bear on their birthday. The mall usually has some sort of cookie shop. You can buy her a cookie.

If you want a get together instead go to the park. On your free electronic invite just word it like this. We are having blanks birthday at blank park. We will have cupcakes, chips, and water/juice. If you want decorations grab a table cloth, birthday sign, and balloon from the dollar tree. Time you party after lunch and before dinner that way noone is expecting food. I always find it helpful when people give gift suggestions. You could suggest bath toys and winter clothes.

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She won’t really remember. It’s more special for you. Get her an outfit and write her a letter to open when she’s older. Maybe take her to a community pool or get a kiddy pool for her to splash in. It doesn’t have to be expensive!

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A one year old will not feel like all she gets is hand me downs. Do something small but fun with her. Take her to a children’s museum or an indoor play place. She’ll have a blast and you and your family will have lots of good memories of it.

For a first birthday? She won’t remember it at all, so you don’t need to get her anything. She’s still a baby. At that age, boxes and wrapping paper are more fascinating than anything that comes in them.

if she’s only turning 1, i wouldn’t stress tbh. just like i believe first birthday parties are unnecessary. cake & ice cream at home, maybe a new outfit.

I take my oldest daughter to lunch or dinner of her choice, and we go to target, and get some new clothes, socks, underwear, and she gets to pick a few toys, etc.
I spend like $150 on her (but I get her things she needs with that)
She seems to enjoy it, she’s gonna be 8 in October and we will be doing the same thing.

My youngest (at the moment) is gonna be 3 in November, but I’m having a baby 2-3 weeks before that (perfectly in between my two girls bday) so for her, we’re gonna have some decorations put up, and have cupcakes and snack foods, and celebrate her.
I live in a mobile home, so it’s small, but not as small as most apartments (it’s 16x72 with a 10x10 addition we use as a toy room)
We’re just gonna have immediate family, and a few friends over, but make it like a open house style celebration. This way not everyone is over at the same time, especially with having a newborn.

Do whatever you feel your child would enjoy.

She’s one. She’s not going to remember. Do a cake at home

Throw her a party at the park (park is usually free) and 1 or 2 presents for a 1 year is more than enough. Plus, they won’t remember it anyways. :woman_shrugging:

She’s only 1. She won’t know the difference and she won’t remember.

The cake was $20.00 Sam’s club

There’s always a way to make beautiful memories

OMG, she is only 1, & she really won’t remember it So still won’t matter, Give her a small party outside, or in your house , She doesn’t care,

Some clothes and toys that stimulate her mind. 1 years old won’t care what you guys get them.

What I always did was I would go to the dollar store and buy a few things to decorate over my kitchen table with party plates and cups napkin one piece. Of ea. Of course and would put a big HB banner on the wall with balloons and streamers curl the streamers and of course a HB table cloth use scotch tape to put up the balloons :balloon: on the wall and bake/buy a cake and candles make her favorite dinner and eat and sing HB to her and maybe a present :gift: :yum: that’s how I always did it and my kids were very happy :blush: I would spend less than $60.00 but HB to your baby and Good luck :+1: you got this as long as you recognize the special day with lots of love im sure it will be wonderful :clap:
P.S so sorry for all the scrambling sentences and not in order but I hate to have to correct lol :laughing:

A first birthday …lets face it its for you not for the one year old they could care less and undersrand less than that … nozhibh wrobg at sll with a small cake few pictures and anything at all will be great or no gift even take the pictures have the cake have grandparents over