What should we do?

My husband’s sister has a drinking problem which has affected her relationships with all of her siblings. She and my husband have not talked in over 4 years by her choosing. Recently her husband had a very significant medical problem, and we do not expect him to survive. She and I keep in touch regarding family concerns; I am the POA for one of the other siblings (has dementia and is autistic). I keep her updated with the changes regarding the other sibling. When her husband had this serious medical event, she messaged me immediately and I have been keeping my husband and the other siblings updated. Now, here is my question: This sister-in-law and her husband (who we all adore) live about 5 hours away from us. My husband is unsure if he should go down for the funeral when our brother-in-law passes away or if he should send me by myself in order to not create any issues. I’m not sure which is the best. Opinions?