What signs did your child have if they were diagnosed with ADHD?

Okay - moms who had little ones diagnosed with ADHD, how old were they, and what were some signs? My 5-year-old is very shy and timid around new situations, and we are pretty sure it’s anxiety-related, but most times, she is very hyper and can’t focus or follow basic instructions. It’s not that she is “bad.” It’s just that her mind is busy. If that makes sense…, my husband thinks she may have ADHD. I am lost, and I get super irritated and feel like I yell too much (I’m working on it).


Some kids are just naturally busy bodies, my middle was diagnosed in 3rd grade pretty much when his behaviors affected his school work. I use medicine as well as essential oils. You could start with frankincense, that is a calming oil.

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Sounds like adhd both my boys have it very quick tempered 2 as they get frustrated very easily boys are 4 and 14 both been diagnosed

My daughter had it since she was 2 but no one wanted to diagnose her because of how young she was until she was 5. But she got kicked out of an in home daycare because she wouldn’t listen, then when she started school she had a hard time focusing and staying still. She was and still is always having to stay busy because she will get bored and get herself into trouble. She also has ODD and I almost always have to repeat myself when telling her not to do something. But the pic below describes her to a “T”. If you’re concerned talked to her doctor. My daughter’s pediatrician referred us to a behavioral health place with a great psychiatrist that evaluated her.

Your life sounds like mine when my oldest son was preschool/kindergarten age. He is diagnosed adhd. Be super careful with meds (if you go that route) and keep in mind they are typically just as frustrated with the situation as you are only they aren’t able to understand it like we are. Keep your head up mama

No. Not every kid has adhd. You guys realize how miss diagnosed this is. Most kids just don’t get enough stimulation at home and because of that they are labeled adhd.


My almost 5yr old is the same way, when he was 1 the doctors tried to tell me he was autistic but I just think that’s too young to diagnose anything :grimacing:

Call your pediatrician and schedule an evaluation🤷🏻‍♀️ symptoms can vary greatly between diagnosed kids. It can also take awhile to get everything set up with covid, so better to start the process sooner than later.


My 17-year-old was diagnosed with ADD when he was in third grade. We noticed signs like short attention span. it sounds kind of silly but we called it the shiny eye syndrome where he would be talking about something or in the middle of a conversation with somebody and then out of nowhere something would catch his eye and he would be like Mom look at that. we took our concerns to his pediatrician she told us that we needed to fill out this form have his teacher fill out an assessment and once we got all of that they could go from there. Once they got it they realized that he did have ADD and he was put on meds. He was on meds up until his sophomore year in high school. however he is a senior now and we’ve recently noticed that he is showing the signs of short attention span he’s having a harder time with certain stuff so we plan on getting him back into the doctor to see what they suggest.
the biggest factor in US realizing something was wrong was he was not able to pay attention in school he was so disorganized and I mean beyond what a normal kid is.

I started with counseling first to see what could be affecting my sons mood and we got to the point he needed medication because it was affecting his self esteem I have problems with yelling too but I learned from the Couselor my son is a visual listener so try writing instructions and create stop signs and things with paper helps allot

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My kid does not have adhd. But he is very active. And his mind is busy all the time. Fill out a questionnaire from doctor for them to diagnose be patient and watch and learn about your kid. Some need meds but all busy minded kids are not adhd

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One of mine is. Nonstop moving around. Can’t keep attention very long. And never sits still! I wish I had her energy

Take her to the doctors. Find out from a professional, not someone on FB. They have all kinds of tests they can run to determine that. My nephew has it too. Best of luck too ya!

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My 9 year old is combo type. Hes extremely impulsive and hes like the squirrel from Over The Hedge. Bouncing off the walls. Feels like hes got a tiny motor in him and the battery never die

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Behavior affected schoolwork/attention in class he was diagnosed in 2nd grade at age 7.

My son had speech delay and ADHD. Had time focusing-can only do one thing at a time. He was never hyper just inattentive. Had tested and he has social communication disorder too. Get your child tested, why wait, there’s nothing wrong with kids with disabilities. They just need an extra step up!

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Ive got 19mth old and he is crazy and energized as all get out. Kids will be kids, just cause they are too much, or all over the place. Does not mean they have ADHD, they just got energy to run off and play out. We were all like that once, some more than others, has to do with the genes, how the child grows up and all that. Not every energized baby/kid has adhd.

Sounds kinda like asd try getting her tested an in with a professional they will know just by assessing the child… my wee girl is 4 an has autism

My son was diagnosed with ADHD he is very hyper and doesn’t pay attention all the time doesn’t concentrate on school work

Mary Rambo you had asked something about adhd

Id have babes checked

Same here! My daughter is 6 and just feels like it’s on 100 from the moment she wakes up. I am with you on the yelling although it is something I am working on as well so don’t feel bad​:heart:. We don’t want to go the medical route so we try to do a bunch of natural things like watching what she eats, breathing etc. we are going to see a behavioiralist if there is something else we can help with at home and for school. It’s a lot of work and very draining but it will get better. Best of luck :heart:

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My son is now 17 and was diagnosed in kindergarten. The biggest red flag that made me take him to be evaluated was impulse control. He was disruptive in school, never stopped talking even when it was time to listen, and he sometimes seemed like he couldn’t stop himself from doing things he knew were against the rules or even dangerous, like pinching his little brother or touching something hot.


My son has ADHD. What you just described about your daughter sounds very like what my son is like except for the shyness. He also has other signs though that you should look for such as being unable to sit still (rocking and moving around in his seat), always talking, chattering and singing even when alone, stimming (repetitive movements). Emotional outbursts (crying, whining) when he fails at a task. If you see signs like that it is likely ADHD if not it may just be her reaction to a change in your life situation or it could even be her diet causing her to be hyper.

There is a lot of good info on Mental Wellness Warriors on Facebook. You have to join but it is worth it.

Take her to the Dr. They will do the necessary tests

My son was fidgety, talking a lot, constant disruption of the class. They diagnosed him in second grade five years ago. You can ask the teacher if they can see any similarities to what you suspect.

Sometimes they have speech problems, always moving, problem with following direction, lots of yelling and unnecessary loud noises, hard time following simple tasks even with one on one help. My son isn’t diagnosed but hes 5 and its been in question because of all those traits, he is such a good sweet boy just wild and loud and I always say hes in London Land lol

My brother was diagnosed when he was 4. My son does the same things you have described. After talking with my mother as to how she handled my brothers. I have ordered herbal medication from native remedies. We should have it soon to start and see how it helps him.

My son was diagnosed when he was 12. He was very shy around nee people, had a bad stutter, could not follow badic instructions, and struggled making friends, and competing school work. I took him to a psychologist and they ran some test that confirmed this. Sense finding out and getting him the proper medication and treatment he is doing much better.

Girls present differently than boys. Write down everything you suspect is related to adhd and call your doctor. They can evaluate her. Non Medical ADHD Treatment Chesterfield, MO | Brain Balance Centers

I noticed signs at home such as not being able to sit at the table for dinner. Constantly needing to be doing things with his hands so I got the forms needed and asked his teachers to fill them out and they all said the same things I took notice of. He was in 1st grade so 5 or 6 when he was diagnosed has been on 2 different meds, not bc they don’t work but bc he outgrew the one. He was on the same med from 1st grade up until end of 7th grade and has been on the new one since getting off the old. He hasn’t had to have a med change in over a year such as dosage. Make sure though if you get a medical diagnosis that you also fight for an iep especially for testing is keeping focus is an issue.

My youngest son was overactive/hyper he just couldn’t be still for long & never got tired (even on car rides or in bed he wouldn’t be still), he had speech issues but even though it was hard to understand him he wouldn’t be quiet, he played with his hands a lot, had a short attention span (any little thing he’d lose focus) he barely ever made direct eye contact even if you stooped down to face him directly he would squirm around & look everywhere except directly at you… He was diagnosed at age 5 with ADHD & was prescribed medication & scheduled in behavioral therapy… He’s 7 now & makes straight A’s but only if he stays on his meds otherwise he’s all over the place (overactive/hyper & unfocused)

Our son had problems sleeping wanted to be by me constantly , was fine on his own at home , but could not concentrate in class room environment , constantly on the go , class clown , he was diagnosed at 13yrs old , at a time wasn’t well understood about condition !!! Was told he would have an addictive behaviour pattern , took him off any fizzy drinks , additives in food , sugary sweets etc , got him into dance classes, which he excelled , became a dance instructor, this fulfilled his life , he would dance 5 nights a week , in return he was able to sleep keep fit and use all that pent up energy !!! I refused any medication for him , He’s an adult now but knows he needs to keep busy , ADHD think differently react before thinking , l was told by Dr psychologist his birth was partly to blame ,
These children are very inquisitive intelligent and quickly bored . Best to get them into physical activities but also calm time before bed . They thrive on routine .
At first he wouldn’t finish a small job ie home work , now he prides himself on his building job , praise them when they’ve done well even on smallest of tasks , can be very with drawn . Impulsive .
We went on to foster many children with ADHD, also worked in school with boys with behaviour problems .
Seek medical assistance through your Dr first , read up on internet about symptoms and to cope , ADHD has no consequences or understanding for their actions , All the best in the future.

I know this is going to sound horrible but try Mt Dew that’s what my daughters doctor told me it helps calm them down and coffee. Cause the caffeine will have opposite effects on child with Adhd

My son was diagnosed at age 7. I saw (what I would describe as strange) when he was a mouth old. He would watch me as I lifted a fork to my mouth as I was eating.
As time went on he became very active. While in a walker he would pull that anything he got his hands on. When he started walking he be by himself playing. He liked chocolate milk when he was about 5 Nestle quick would make him very hyperactive to the point he would try to jump off the walls literally. By this age his eating habits consisted of two breakfast cereal with milk, two eggs toast. No lunch, and very little dinner.
In pre-k through age 7 his reports from school were 1. He is a lovely child. 2 has a tendency of getting board easily. 3 had a hard time following direction, but very bright. At age 7 his teacher told me the same things, but also stated the when she would tell the class to pull out some book or note book out he would get lost in his desk. Her words. I asked her if she thought I should have him tested for ADHD the woman was beside herself in agreement. Last day of school I had no idea how to go about getting the wheels rolling so I went to the superintendent office (did I forget to say I worked for the Board of Education?) I explained to him that I did not want him tested by them because I didn’t want him labeled. He understood, gave me literature on signs, and told me to take him to his pediatrician. Took him Dr. He sent me to a child therapist who sent me to Adelphi University. Where he was tested extensively 18 hrs. In two days. And yes he was DIOGNOSED ADHD. He explained it to me and my husband like this " there is absolutely nothing wrong with felix. The problem is this felix is a Jaguar living in a Datsun world. He doesn’t have a problem, but we do. We want to make him live in what we consider our way of life and he doesn’t fit. Felix is intelligent, moving faster, thinking faster and gets board because he doesn’t understand why other don’t get it. Medication will slow him down.
My son never conformed to our way of living. He knew what he wanted and could not be moved. Alway from the age of 11 said he wanted to be a fireman. Junior High and high school was always a hit or miss with him. Age 18 was determine to be a fireman and nothing else. Tested for College and I recived a phone call. They said they had NEVER seen a tester with his high grade. The sky could be his limit., But no he wanted to go to firmen school and so his dad and I gave in. This was in Florida. When he finished I told him to come back home to N.Y. because in Fl.'s it’s who you know not what you can do.
Came home got a job as an EMT for an ambulance company, work 8 months applied for N.Y. EMT. then applied for the FDNY. That was 2 years ago. He is now 33years of age and he did it ALL HIS WAY with the support of family and friends He made it. He is happy in HIS CHOICE, and we are so proud parents of our :fire_engine: firemen.
All this to say it won’t be easy being a parent of an indigo child. They don’t fit in our world. Show them all the love you can give. Guide them to “their dream” fight for them,don’t give a shit what others say,Don’t give them two institutions at a time that is a sure sign of their ADHD they get confused with to many words. Buy the book Indigo child it will help you understand these SPECIAL, GIFTED Children.
YELLING will frustrate you and anger them. They feel deeply because they don’t fit in, and can’t understand why we don’t understand them.
Know you have this wonderful highly intelligent child, and with God Grace he or she will will rise beyond your expectations.

My son was 4 when diagnosed. He is 12 now.
He isn’t able to sit still. He is very fidgety. Always moving. Talks very fast. He can not keep track of items he just had in his possession. He can only do one thing at a time and has to finish it before going on to something else. If his sock is on wrong it can ruin his day. He likes things the same way. Doesn’t like change. Message me if needed

We grow out of it mostly meds make you a zombie and adhd add meds are super addictive bc they’re a narcotic obviously so yeah my kid got it from me and everyone is a pain in the ass about it at home w me n my son but trust me just try anything but them meds I’m still fucked up from them alot of people I know who took it as kids are fucked up

I had my kids kindergarten teacher keep notes on him and when he turned 6 his drs put him on meds it helps a hole lot

I have my daughter’s teachers telling me they think she has adhd. I just got all the forms from her pediatrician. She is not hyper at all just can’t focus on school work when she is working alone. She likes to daydream. She also has had some traumatizing experience with school too. She focuses great when teachers work with her and in small groups. She soaks things up like a sponge. She has a hard time staying on task at home too. I do the same thing and feel as though I get on to her quite frequently because of it. She is a great kid and so affectionate. She is caring of her friends and other people.

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This is all bs adhd is just Extreme boredom.

I have 2 sons both with different types of ADHD, one is very absent minded, would lose his head if it wasn’t attached. Other one hype focused on some thing, but unable to cope with change or disruption to schedule. We went through different options like diet changes, herbal medicine, therapy for them and me, they ended up on meds, both have out grown meds now. Do want is best for your family, people are going to judge, meds no meds, preservatives in food, clean eating etc. be strong and be kind to your child, love them and yourself. It’s all going to be ok.

Has issues with sleeping either cannot fall asleep cannot stay asleep and sleeps little wakes up early