What size clothes should I buy my son?

Hey! I need some advice. My son turned 2 in June, he’s currently wearing 2t/3t shirts and 2t shorts/pants. I’m wanting to start buying clothes for the colder months for him to put up until we’re ready but I don’t want to buy them now and then him hit a growth spurt and not fit anything! My question is would you buy 4t clothes for the colder months? Do you think there’s even a small chance he would be in 5t by then? Do you think 4t will be to big around that time? This is my first kid and I’m hoping some of y’all could give me advice on what to do! Please no hate, I just want to be ready.


My son is a slim fit so pants tend to fit size for awhile longer. However my son basically skipped a size :confused: so I had a bunch of stuff that he barely wore. Normally I do a mix. Some of his current size and some of the next size. Then as winter gets closer we move towards the next size more

I always do a size up in winter so they can easily layer clothes

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Size up one size and try to get pants with the elastic waste that you can pull tighter and button off on the inside.

I always bought a size bigger


The eternal mystery. I have 3 boys. Second son at 5 now weighs more and is thicker than 7 year old. He also has slightly bigger feet and is less than an inch shorter. I’ve tried to buy clothes in advance for all of my kids when they’re on clearance and it rarely works out :rofl:

Always buy a size up. I have 4 boys. Make sure the pants/shorts are adjustable.

Even if they’re a little big on him, buy a size up. You can always roll up the sleeves and pant legs, & he can wear them longer.

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Things like jumpers/ jackets/ shirts doesn’t matter if they are a size or two bigger. It’s really only the pants that matter. If he’s a 2/3 now id be getting 4/5 tops and 3/4 bottoms

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I’d get him the bigger clothes. And if he doesn’t get a growth size most clothes have the little band thing inside the waist so you can tighten them up if he needs to. Mom of 3 here so I know I’ve definitely used them

I always bought a size bigger than current size.

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I would do a mix of 3t and 4t with more being 4t. That way you have enough to get by if he isn’t quite there yet

Go to a used twice kids store and save some money on the growing times. They have really cute stuff that’s barely used because they grow so fast :blush:


Not sure if it was mentioned but keep in mind that at some point-maybe soon, he will start potty training and underwear are less bulky than diapers so you may find him in that 3t size even longer if the length is still ok! We always bought the next size so if in a 3t now I’d buy mostly 4 but maybe one or two 3 and 5 just in case…not foolproof because you can’t predict those growth spurts but if you shop off season and consignment/thrift shops you can usually find deals so a couple items not used a lot won’t put you out too much money!

I always buy one size up for my daughter she’s 3 tiny but tall my boys are 6 and 11 I usually go two sizes up for them because they eat alot and are a bit bigger

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It’s pretty logical isn’t it?

3T pants and probably 4T shirts.


I’m sure 4t would be to big on him I would stick to 3t in pants

Why don’t you wait until like beginning of October and see what size he is in and go from there


The way around pants is to always buy them with the elastic waist. If you want to buy for the next season always buy a size up. But only buy 4 pairs. When they are wearing those, buy another 4 pairs next size up. That way you are prepared if kiddo gets a sudden growth spurt. Different clothes always fit a bit different too so keep that in mind.

I’d go with 4t
If too big or too small you could probably exchange them

One of my sons was a 4t for a year, the other basically skipped 4t. I’d just wait a little longer as it’s hard to tell!


Buy a size up as well. Same as above


If we know where you are located it might be easier to help. I’m in MN and cold months are like right around the corner. Just buy a size up from the bigger size he’s currently wearing though.

4T should last you close to a year at this age, it’s what I would buy, always one size up, I’ve had 5 kids and this is always what I’ve done to make the clothes last longer

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Kids grow so fast and every kid is different. Hard to answer this for ya. I wouldn’t buy any toddler clothes ahead of time as they grow so fast.


I would say it really depends on your kid. Kids have a tendency to slow down in the rate they grow. I would think a 5t in pants would be to big. But then again that depends on your babes. Id only size up 1 size because if you end up to big. Hes not going to be able to wear the stuff.

Ahhhh imo 5 t would probably be too big, way too big. This has ways been a struggle with me, my daughter turned 8 in June she’s wearing size 6 small to 7, 8 is shorts and pants still to big for her in the tummy. I try not to dwell on it much and get the size she’s currently in and one size bigger. Most stores have a return/refund policy usually one to three months just keep recipts and keep clothes in mint condition with no smells. I say go for 3 and 4t maaaaaybe a couple 5 t. It really depends on the clothes brands too. Depending where you’re located it don’t get cold cold till end of Oct Nov. Also depends on his current size/growth pattern, is he more husky or petite. Don’t over think lol

It depends on how quickly ur son grows , my second son went from 2t to 4/5 in a month … id def get some 4t stuff

Go to goodwill or find friends to trade with.

I’m going through this exact same thing with my 16 month old daughter. I’ve bought 2t/3T stuff thinking she’ll have room to grow and some of it just barely fits her. 2T pants are too long and a little big around the waist but otherwise fit her great. 18 &24 month pants the length is great and waist fits great but are just way to tight. It’s hard knowing as this is also my first. Good luck :peace_symbol::purple_heart::green_heart::blush:

Put the money up somewhere safe and forget about it. Then when he needs winter clothes buy them the right size .Simple . Children grow at different rates to others :blush::blush::+1:


With my boys, I have always put them up a size higher each year - sure, they be a tad big, but it gives them more room to grow. I’d rather the clothes be a little big than a little small.


I try to buy clothes at the thrift store for my kids because they grow so fast. That way if they never end up wearing it I only spent .50 or a dollar on it. My son grew super fast. He was always in the 90th percentile. I always bought 2 sometimes 3 sizes bigger so he could wear them for awhile. My daughter is a very petite baby so around the 50th percentile. She is pretty true to size and can fit in some of her smaller clothes so I buy one size up. If they are a little big that is ok.

I used to buy the pants that were adjustable at waist. But that was 25 years ago lol.

It really depends on the child and their growth rate. My oldest 2 generally went up 1sizey youngest has pretty well been the same size through a full year. If not on massive clearance and limited on space 1 size up is the most I would go and make sure the pants have adjustable waist bands. I had the space and often caught end of season sales where items were .50¢-$5 at most and would buy one in each size up that was available so they were available when needed.

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My son is 3 never touched 3T shirts straight 4T tees … winter I started to buy 5T only because hoodies and stuff I don’t want them snug

Wait until the season gets here to buy the clothes. Kids change and sizing isn’t the same for every brand

Find pants with that adjustable elastic strap inside the waist. My daughter is tall, but really thin. She’s 5 but to get a pant length that’s not up her butt in a few months I have to go up a size or two which means it’s too big in the waist. I buy pants that are larger but have the adjustable straps inside so I can get away with them lasting longer.

Literally no one can answer this. Some kids grow fast and some don’t. One of my kids could get a full year, sometimes two out of a lot of their clothes, even at that age. My other was going up in size every 6 months or so at that age, sometimes even just 3 months.

Thrift store shop so if he zooms through a size you won’t have spent as much & your ecological footprint will be less. I try to buy stretchy clothes with legs & sleeves you can roll up and down as your child grows. Hannah Anderson brand was great for this, also sweat clothes with elastic at waist leg bottoms and sleeve ends so you can push them up or down or pull tighter or looser as the kid grows.