What size mattress does your child have?

If you have a double/queen bed for your kid (under 5) because you just already had the mattress would you just keep them in that so you don’t have to size up as they age? Or would you get them a new twin size and then size to a double or queen as a teenager? My son is almost 5 and we have an old queen mattress but not sure if we should just keep using that or downsize


Entirely up to you and the space you have. Mine are all grown now, but did all have twin beds growing up due to small bedrooms.

All 3 of my kids started out with a single bed.

If you have it and it’s available let him have it.

He can put stuffies in it and have all the comfort.

I bought my then 4 year old a queen size bed. There’s nothing wrong with a big bed.

My 8yo has been in a twin since age 2. My 15yo has a full size futon. Both are comfortable and happy with what they have.

Mine all have king sized beds

I would just keep what you have saved from having to upgrade in the future we have 3 littles on twin size beds and then our oldest who’s almost 12 has a full size

My nearly 18 y/o has a “twin” 3ft mattress. You don’t need to size up. It’s potentially unfair to give them an old mattress as it won’t support them properly. They’ll probably need a new one by 13 or 15 so you could size up then if necessary.

My son is two And has a full size bed because his grandmother bought it and then moved into a different house and could not bring it so she just bought another one and let him have her

My daughter was in a queen at 3 because that’s what we had and had room for. She never had anything smaller than a full. My boys have rotated between fulls and twins as space dictated and availability allowed. If a bigger bed is already available why spend money unnecessarily to purchase a smaller.

If you have the space, keep it. Spend the money on something else they need. :hugs:

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If you have the space keep the queen. If it takes up the entire room and there’s no place for toys and playing I’d get him a twin for now.

Im not sleeping on a used mattress. I would buy a new twin mattress.

My son is 3 and uses a toddler size still because his room is tiny. My daughter is 8 and has a twin loft bed. She had a full bed for a year or so, but it just took up a lot of space in her room.

My son has a double and always has since he was able to sleep on his own. If I had the money I would get him a queen but mattresses are so expensive and I won’t get him a used one. So if you got a queen size one I would keep using that for him honestly plus it’s more room too

I had a twin size bed well into my teenage years . I’ll prob do the same for my kids unless we move to a house that can actually fit queen .

Mine is 9 years old and has a full size canopy bed

my kids when they were little & teenagers always just had a twin bed, as I did ,

Growing up my kids had twins each.

My daughter has a queen and love it. No point wasting money on 2 different sizes.


Mattresses are important. Old ones have probably molded to the size of the person before your toddler got it. I’d down size the bed to a twin (there are more fun character sheets for them to grow with too so it makes changing up their rooms a little easier and it’s easier for them to make as well).

My daughter was in a twin until she turned 15. She just upgraded to a full bed this year

All three of my kids have double beds (ages 15,12 and 3)

I would say it depends on how “old” the queen mattress is.

If it was your mattress and you upgraded or downsized and it’s been on the attic for 6 months, then use it.

If it’s been sitting in storage for 5 years, then no.

Assuming that it’s in good condition, then use it. It makes no sense to buy a twin, followed by a full and then a queen or king.

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We got full/queen sized beds for both our daughters when they were 3.

If I already had the queen size, I’d just give him the queen size. (If the mattress is in good condition)
My 11 yr old has a queen size.

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Nope if I already had the bed I would let them have it. It’s not worth buying a new one.

mine are 4 and 6. their cribs converted to toddler bed to full size. both have full size mattresses

We gave our Queen set to our oldest when she was 5 bc we got a king. She is 10 now and still uses it and loves it. It’s like a big princess bed to kids.