What snacks do you keep in the fridge for your kids?

Quick question for my mommy’s on here, what kind of snacks do you keep in the fridge for your kids? My kids are 6, 3, and 2. My 3 year old is super picky.

Fresh fruit, fruit cups, yogurt, go-gurts, applesauce, carrots…

String cheese and gogurt…

I use to keep cut up vegetables like carrots and raisins in the pantry also let him choose, I had a one bite rule when he was eating try one bite of a new food and if he liked it I would make it again and if he didn’t I never forced him to eat it but he always finished his food on his plate ,the doctor suggested one bite to judge if an allergy would develop then we could determine what foods to avoid.

We have one of those flex drawers in our fridge. I do daycare and I buy a huge pack of those disposable 5 oz plastic cups and fill them with jello, applesauce, oranges, pudding. Also string cheese, I portion out pepperoni’s and juice boxes. Takes some prep time but once it’s all done it is so nice they can grab stuff.

Blueberries, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, finger veggies with ranch dip or whatever dip they like.