What table foods can a 7-month-old eat?

7 month old table foods, that are safe?
What is to be held off until a year?

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Honey and milk. Everything else is allowed!


^this but it is also recommended to only introduce one new food every three or four days.

Fully cooked foods at appropriate sizes are fine and yes honey and milk are definitely a hold off

Scrambled eggs. Sliced banana. Mashed potatoes. Peas.

When did your baby start food?

I was told to stay away from common allergens before 1. So no peanuts, or shellfish, that type of thing. And to only introduce one thing at a time so that if your child has an allergic reaction, it’s simple to pinpoint what it was and avoid it

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Sugar, salt, honey and milk are to be avoided till they turn one. At least this is what they recommend in Europe

My daughter is 10 months now but i fed her everything i ate except meats cause they are harder to chew. She had plenty of teeth though

I been feed my son certain same since he was three to four months old like mashed potatoes

My 7 month old has had almost everything fish, meat, eggs, peanuts, yogurt, dairy, fruits and veg, pasta, bread, chocolate.
The only thing she won’t have until 1 is honey on the CHN advice

Honey, milk, and peanut butter (although there are some new study’s about peanut butter) should be avoided
Mashed potatoes, and eggs. I also heard something about cooked carrots. Crackers
Anything that can be mashed easily