What time do you put your kids to bed?

What time do y’all put your kids to bed and their age?I have a one and two year old and I put them down at 8, but one of them is waking up some nights & staying up till 5 am. I just need some advice because the doctor just blames it on screens.


I used to put my kids down at 9 they only woke up at night if they were hungry as little wee ones

My 14 mo old goes to bed at 6 and wakes up at 6. My 4 year old goes to bed by 7-730 and is asleep within minutes and is up at 7am.

3 and almost 13 year old, both go to bed at 8-8:30. Both wake up naturally around 7:30-8 if they aren’t woken up, my oldest gets up at 6am on school days. My 3 year old doesn’t nap most days and I have no issues getting him down for bed at night if he doesn’t. If he naps, I usually don’t get him to sleep until closer to 10pm.


My oldest is 5 and is in bed by 7-7:30 falls asleep around 8. My youngest 4mths old I try to get her asleep between 8:30-9.

We have early mornings due to school and work so the earlier they go to bed the easier(most of the time) they are to get motivated in the mornings.

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both of them ages 10 almost 11 and a 12 yr old both go to bed at 9pm. the 12 year old when younger went to bed at 8 but wouldnt go to sleep until 7am when had to get up i had to go backwards to get her to sleep or later when that ended up being late .then when older one started preschool bed ended up at 9 and still and we get up at 5 am every morning.no electronics in room and dark.also gave like lavendar baths

We have kept the same routine since my kids were little.
Both 11 and 13 now. We do “wind down” time at 8, they go lay down and watch a movie and start settling for night. On school nights tv and everything off by 9-9:30

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We’ve always been a 730/8 bedtime routine and my son is 3.5 now. He goes though phases where is wakes up early, but usually it corrects itself within a week or two.

My 14yeard old puts himself to bed at 7:30pm and sleeps till 6am. My 12 and 11 are in bed at 8pm, with a 6am wake up.

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We have an almost 1 year old and almost 3 year old, birthdays 3 days apart in July. They both go down at 6 lol. Our oldest has slept through the night 98% of nights since she was a newborn and our youngest will still wake up once or twice for a sippy cup but right now she’s doing pretty well. They’ll both sleep until 7-8 as well lol they eat a lot through the day and play so much, and my oldest does NOT take naps! She hasn’t in a very very long time and my youngest has ONE nap in the late morning but no more than 45 minutes

My son use to do this. Not for a very long time but for a few months and I do believe it was because he was getting his Tablet all the time and then wanting to watch tv all night. I took away his tablet during the day and he only gets it on the weekends and sometimes during the week and it’s helped a lot.

My 3&4 year Olds don’t usually nap during thw day. They go to bed qt 9-10pm and up at 9am. Not in school til September, and then they’ll be in bed by 9 and up at 730am

My 3 yr old goes down at 7 but she doesn’t have a day nap. Hasn’t since she was 18months

My 12 yo starts bed time routine at 7-730 in bed and starting the process of sleep by 8 on weeknights during school. Weekends and summer(if no commitments the next day) is 10 pm bedtime.

8 6 and 5 years. All go to bed at approx 8 and wake at 6. I did find screen’s were affecting sleeping so we do not do any TV on a school day and the kids don’t have devices at all. We do quite reading at about 7 each night as a family.

Mine are almost 2 and 5. They both go to bed between 7:30-8 and sleep until 6:30-7. The younger also naps once during the day around 1-2 until 3-4.

15yo - 8:30 (she gets up at 5:30 for school)
1.5yo - 9:30p - 8:30a (nap 1p-3p or 2p-4p)
4yo - 10p - 9a (no nap)

4 year old and he goes to bed at 730pm every night and falls asleep by 8pm

My two yr old goes to bed at 9 wakes up at 7:30 am with a nap at 11 am

8 yo goes to bed at 830
6yo 7
5yo 730
All wake up between 630-7am