What time do your children go to bed?

What time does your kid go to bed? Do you allow them to take naps when they get home? My son’s school doesn’t have them take naps…he’s so sleepy when he gets home. He goes to bed at 8:30/9 pm and up at 7 am


My daughter doesnt take anap when she gets home she goes to sleep anywhere from7 to 9pm and up everyday at 6am with her mayb waking up once through the night

My 3 year old is in bed around 9:30 and up between 6:30/7:30. She naps at day care but not really at home- it’s hit or miss

My 1.5yo goes to bed at 8pm with 1 nap. My almost 5yo goes to bed at 9pm and no nap.

My 3 year old goes bed at 2100 no naps and wakes @ 08am 9 ish

My 10, 6 and 1 year old go to bed between 8-830 but I also have to be at work at 6 am.

My 8 year old goes to bed at 8, but he reads in bed and then goes to sleep around 9. He wakes up at 7:30. No naps.

My 5 month old goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7 with one bottle around 4. 3 naps during the day

2year old takes a 2hr nap and is in bed by 8/8:30, up at 8am…
My 5 year old doesnt nap, goes to bed 9/9:30 and up at 9🙌

My 6 month old goes to bed at 10 and up by 5/6 then naps at 8 beck up at 9 then takes a nap at 12 and then back up around 1:30/2 then doesn’t nap afterwards and then goes to bed at 10

My 2 yr old goes to bed between 730/8. Taking 1 nap most days. Is up around 7/8

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5/8 yr old bed at 8 up at 7 no naps

It depends on them. My oldest is fine going to bed at 9:30-10, and getting up at 6, my youngest (2 years younger than oldest) goes to bed between 7:30-8, and gets up at 6. One requires more sleep than the other.

10 year old in bed by 9 and 15 and 17 year olds are in bed by 11:30. All are up at 8 to start remote learning at 8:30.

Almost 4 year old son is in bed around 7to9

Kids are 2, 11, 13, and 14. All settledown at 8 as that is quiet time. After the youngest crashes, I play games with the older ones and they to bed at 930 due to an early morning. If they have to get up when I go to work, they get up at 5 if they dont have to get up with me they are up by 7. It also strongly depends on behavior for all. If you’re going to be a butt, you’re going to bed early with the little one. But that’s just me :woman_shrugging:

So whats the issue exactly? Sounds like a perfect schedule to me

Needs more info… what age. Requires different amount of sleep

My 4 year old usually goes to bed 8:30pm-9ish & wakes up 8-8:30am but she starts school on Monday so I’ve started getting her to sleep by 7:30-8pm & be up for 7-7:30am as she has to be at school for 8:30-8:45am. She does not nap & hasn’t for like a year but I feel like she’ll probably nap when she gets home from school in the beginning

My 3 year old son is in bed between 9 and 10 and typically asleep by 10:30 latest, may take a nap around noonish IF were in the car but if not he wont nap I try to get him to some days he just refuses, and is up by no later than 8 monrings.

Each kid is different. My 14 is super cranky if he gets less then 10 hours and my 16 year old can make it on 6 hours.

My kids are 2y, 4y, and 2 weeks. They (except for the baby) eat lunch around 11 and go take naps at 12. They go to sleep at 8. 7-7:30 if mommy’s had a hard day lol.

5 year old in bed between 7:45 and 8:30, we try for about 8. She usually needs a nap about twice a week.

My 3 year naps at daycare. And goes to bed at 7pm on school nights and stays up later on weekends and gets up between 6-630 on school days and 630-7 on weekends if not later.

7:30 for my 7 year old and 9:30 for my 12 year old.

My kids are 11,8,6 and 4 and they all go to bed at 730. In bed for chill time at 7. We get up at 6. They need their 10/11hrs. No daily naps but sometimes they crash and I let them have an hr. I feel em, I get plenty of sleep as well and I’m forever exhausted :joy:

My kids are almost 2, 3 1/2, and 8. On school nights we go to bed at 8:30, my daughter and I wake up at 6( she catches the bus at 6:50). My boys will wake up between 6-8 depending on the day. Weekends we stay up till 10, 11when we are feeling crazy. my boys are always up between 7-9:30, my daughter will sleep till 11.lol

My daughter is 2 hers is like almost 12 and my son like the same or he lays down by 11 or so

My 12, 15 and almost 17 year old kids go to bed between 10 and 11.

I know what you mean. My daughter started kindergarten last year. They did not do naps. She was so tired when she got out of school. She was grumpy, Everyday. So I would try to get her to take a nap when we got home. But even then she would just fight it. I had a her on an 9pm bedtime.

9yo typically goes to bed at 730 so he can watch his 30 mins of cartoons…never makes it through an entire show :joy: he’s up at 7 for school

My 2 and 7 year old boys both go to bed between 7 and 8, typically. Both sleep 12 hours and the 2 year old naps 2-2.5 hrs in the day, 7 year old doesn’t nap. Honestly everyone’s answers are probably going to differ greatly, it’s really about what works for your family and schedule. Personally it seems you should maybe move bedtime up a little if he’s just moving away from taking naps. He’s usually getting 10 hours based on your post and he likely should be having closer to 12. I still feel like on days where my 7 year old doesn’t get his full nights sleep it really affects his mood and energy level for the whole day.

Depends on the age. My kids and children I have taken care of always slept average of 12 hrs at night. Plus a 2 HR nap early afternoon until about 3 yrs old. After that no nap still 12 hrs. Mine were usually 730 am till 730 pm.

Mine are 9, 5, and 2. Bedtime is usually between 8 and 9. No naps allowed after 3pm because they won’t sleep until 11 or 12 and then will have trouble waking up or they’re cranky the following day. There’s definitely a relation between poor sleep and cranky kids lol


6 year old asleep by 7.30pm, up at 7:30am for school, weekends bed by 8:30pm, waking up 8:30-9am :slightly_smiling_face: she’s always needed 12-14h of sleep so don’t need naps during the day

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Normal school days: (last year speaking)
bed at 9:30 pm.
Wake up at 6:30 am
school from 8:00 - 4:00 pm
Bedtime at 9:30.
No nap

She was in kinder

This year:
First grade
up at 7:30 school at 8:00 and 2:00 pm only online. School work during the day so no nap
Movies at night so she falls asleep at about 10:30 most nights

Weekends: definitely nap!!! I need my break during the day.

My daughter is 7. She goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 6:50 am, no naps.

All kids are different though…


Depends on the child’s age.
My 7 year old doesn’t take naps. He hasn’t since he was 2. Once in a blue moon he’ll take a nap or when he’s sick. His bed time is 8:30-9pm the latest. He wakes up around 7:30am.
My 3 year old rarely has a nap. He’s in bed at 8:30pm. His wake up times are different every morning. Some mornings he will wake up at 3am. Sometimes he wake up at 12am and goes back to sleep at 4am. Other times he will wake up at 6am or I will wake him up by 7:40am the latest. My boy is Autistic, I believe that is partly why he wakes up at different times but then again it could be because he just wants to play.
My 1 year old goes to bed at 8pm sometimes he won’t go to sleep till 9pm or even 10pm. He just lays in his cot playing with his teddy. He wakes up between 6am and 7am.

My 9th graders (twin boys) are in bed by 9pm. They’re asleep fast and up early. This maybe an unpopular bedtime (because they’re older) but they rarely fight it and kids need sleep :slightly_smiling_face:


My 3 year old goes around 11 and gets up around 9-10 the next morning. My husband works 2nd and it lets him sleep in. My 11 week old twins go down around 10 get up for a 5am feeding before I leave and than back in crib and sleep another 3-4 hours. My first was taking a nap around 4-5 pm and I was fine with it. She doesn’t really nap anymore unless we are driving in car somewhere

My 13 and 6(almost 7) at 8. But im going to change my oldest since hes been waking up and doing everything he suppose to in the morning. He was having a hard time getting up so i switch it to 730 and increased it til 8. Now that I barely waking him up I am ok at 9 or 915.

9pm sometimes earlier if he’s tired from his day at school/daycare, he doesn’t take naps. Every child is different tho.

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My 5 year old is in bed by 8 or sometimes 830. And on some nights when I work until 11, my parents will keep him up until I get home lol

My 16, 7 and 6 year old are in bed by 9pm on weekdays an up at 7:30am an between 9pm an 10pm on weekends. No naps unless they are sick.

Mine is almost 3. She naps during the day for 2 hrs then goes to bed at about 845. If she doesnt she goes to bed at 745

Depends on the age I guess and lifestyle my 10 year old is asleep by 8:30 but we are up at 5am weekdays

My kids are 7 & 10 and on weekdays they are in bed by 8 and up by 7:30 …on the weekends they are in bed by 9:30-10 and are up by 8 … and if they wanna nap i let them take a nap and have them back up by 2

My daughter is 10. In bed by 9 on week nights up at 6:30. Weekend in bed a 10, up at 7-8 and a nap for an hour or so on the weekend days.

Both get up at 6:30 every morning on school days, sometimes 5:30 if I have to start work early. 13 year old bed 8pm 9 year old bed at 7:30pm

My son is 14 and I have no idea when he goes to bed. :woman_shrugging:

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Unless something special is going on not really ever after 9:30

My 6 yo is in bed by 8 she is up at 615

3.5yo between 8 and 9 and up usually btwn 7 n 8 or maybe 830.

9pm kids are 7 and 11 both up at 7am

4 year gets out of a
School at 11:30 takes nap at noon then bed 8:30

My 7yr old goes to bed at 730pm.

2 year old 8pm. 8 year old 9pm.

My kids are 9,2,1 my oldest doesn’t nap during the day
My 2 yr old does if we know she’s very cranky and my 1 yr old has to otherwise hes very shitty lol they all go bed between 8-8.30 and get up between 9-9.30 except my oldest she’s up at 7

When my son was in the early grade school years there were times he was in bed at 730pm…I never let him take naps when he got home…their sleeping patterns will level out and fluctuate

My son is 4. Sometimes he will nap at daycare sometimes he won’t. But they are made to lay down in a dark room so its kinda like an hour of relax time. But he goes to bed between 8-9. Wakes up around 7am.

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My almost 5yo is up at 7am, home at 410pm and goes to bed around 7-730. Once in a while she stays up until 830-9 but not often. I do not let her nap when she gets home or else she’s a hyper ball of attitude come bedtime.

Depends on age and the kid themselves.

My 6 month old goes to bed atb7:30 to 8 ans wake-up between 5am and 8am-naps throughout day of coarse.

3 year old is same. Bed at 7:30 to 8 I wake her up at 6:20am on weekdays she sleeps until 7:30 on weekend with a nap from around 1 to 3

12 year old school nights 9 up at 5:45.

There is nothing wrong with putting him to bed earlier. If you have to wake him up, he mag not be getting enough sleep. Everyone is different, but listen to his little body.

2 1/2 year old:
Wakes up at 6:30.
Naps 2-hours 1230-230. Bedtime 8pm
can become unreasonable around 4pm if he doesn’t get his nap lol

My daughter is 11yo, and on school nights her bedtime is 10:30 (we get up at 6:30). On weekends it’s midnight.

I have a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl both go bed between 7/8pm and both wake up between 5/6 even if they go bed later they are still awake at that time and no sleeps in the day :sleeping:

My 3 year old doesn’t take naps anymore, she goes to bed at 7pm and my 20 month old has a 2 hour nap 12-2 then goes to bed at 7pm too

My 16 months old goes to sleep between 10:30-12 & wakes up around 8:30-9 :yawning_face: wish he could fall asleep earlier! Naps around lunch time for like an hour

Every kid is different. My niece would go to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am no matter her age (14 now). My son is 8 and still goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 every night and gets up at 7 every morning. If a kid is tired allow them to sleep.

My nearly 2 yr old goes to bed 630/7
My 5 yr old goes to be 730/8

On a typical day they’re up at 245am to drive 3 minutes to my moms and go right back to bed and sleep until about 9 (unless there is school then upbeat 730am)

No naps for 5 year old .
30 min or less nap for my nearly 2 yr old .

My son is 2 (3 in Dec). He’s in bed at 8Pm. He has a nap at daycare but, the rest of the week he might have a nap during the day or he might not. He wakes up at 6Am.

I have a 3 year old almost 4 she is in bed by 7:30 weekends by 8:30. My son is 11 months have him asleep by 10 he wakes by 6

My kids are 7yrs and 15yrs old and they go to bed at 830 on school nights and 10 on weekends

My kids all go between 830-9. Ages 2, 4, 6 , 9,10 n 12. The 2 small ones do nap, usually 2 hrs.

I am 71years old and go to bed at nine get up at 8am and take a hour nap in the afternoon not trying to be a smart Alex but My kids are grown and I still like to go to bed early !!!


3 year old wakes up at 5:45am. Nap from 12-2:30 and bed at 8:30pm.

My daughter is 19 months goes to bed at 7pm and up at 6pm to greet Daddy before he goes to work sleeps right trough the night

All my children are adults now so I have no say

That’s a good bed time for school nights.

My 2 and 4 year olds nap from 1p-3p and go to bed at 8:30p, up between 7a (my 4 yo) and 9am (my 2 yo)

How old is your son, mama?

My kids are 13,12,9 bedtime is 8, we get up at 5am


My son is 9 and his bedtime is 9 pm. He wakes up on his own at 6 am or 7 and is on the bus by 815.

9 year old goes at 9pm on school nights

Weekends No Bed Time
School Week Honestly idc you just better get your butt up for school the 1st time I call your name

(daughter is now 12)


My son is almost 2. His bed time is typically around 830 or 9 o’clock, depending on his mood. Hes up around 730 or 8 am and then takes a nap at 1pm until anywhere between 2 or 4 pm. All depends on what the kid needs. You do the most growing and healing in your sleep

When I was working 12hr shifts i had to get them up at 430-5 to go to sitter and they would go to sleep at 8-830pm

Now that I am home they go to bed between 8-830 and get up at 630.

But when its the weekend we let them stay up a lil later but they still are up between 7-8am so they don’t sleep-in really lol

My 3 year old goes to bed between 6-7.30pm

My daughter has never been easy to get up at 6am. I always had her in bed no later than 8. But on fridays, she’d come home and crash and she’d sleep until the next morning.

My 5yr old gets up at 6:45. She goes to bed at 7;00. Sometimes she puts herself to bed earlier. School does her in.

At 8 I tell my 5year old is bed time lights off tv off. No issues wakes up at 6 in the morning. Weekend I will leave him till he falls asleep. But he can go to bed at 11 at night but he will still waike up by himself at 6

1 year old 8:30pm (we start at 8)-7am. Naps 12-2.

10 year old. 9:30-7am on school nights. 10:30-8/9am on weekends.

My son is 3 and daughter is 1 both take a nap at 2pm and both in bed at 830 or 9pm up between 730 and 830am everyday.

7 to 7 every day except special holidays or birthdays, I have 3 kids under5 years old, so schedule is key, my 1 year old has a 3hr nap during the day, my 3 year old has a 1hr nap a day and my 4years old has no naps due to being in school fulltime