What to bring to the beach for toddlers?

We are taking a family vacation in a week and i have never been outside of ohio or to a beach…we have 1 year old twins…are there hacks for taking kids to the beach? what should we know? what do we bring?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to bring to the beach for toddlers?

Beach umbrella or beach tent for sure.

Baby powder it’s great when the sand dries to rub off their feet and bodies before getting in your car


Some people with young kids take a small 2 ring paddling pool just the small round ones and put water in it so the kids can play with water without going in the big open sea… Sun cream/hats. Pack up and drinks unless you are just buying that their. And a umbrella or something for some shade. Set of spare clothes


Depends on what beach some don’t allow tents so check with the beach rules first

Beach umbrella and sunblock

Beach tent for shade, beach toys, baby powder to get the sand off, a cart to lug all the stuff , blow up pool, sunscreen, beach chairs, boogie boards

I love the beach I been taking my kids since 5 months old they were both born in the winter carrying a stroller on the beach and bring sunblock and umbrella at that age there just chill in the stroller or in a tent now there 4 and 6 and now I bring balls beach toys water guns but a 1 year old just chill on the blanket

Baby powder sprinkled and rubbed all over sandy body parts makes the sand literally fall off.

One of those pop out wagons are awesome too to lug everything

If you’re packing a cooler, I’d put juice boxes in the freezer the night before. You can use them as ice packs, bring a few straws so you can slurp them up like slushies, or drink them when they thaw. Baby powder, definitely sunscreen and water shoes. I’d opt for a beach blanket rather than chairs. It’s easier and lighter to carry. Besides, with toddlers, you probably won’t be sitting much. I prefer to use a flat flannel sheet. Between the hot sand and the potential for rocks or shells, you’ll definitely want their feet covered. I typically use a laundry basket to carry toys, towels, sunscreen, etc. in. I’d also line the trunk, with a sheet to catch all of the sand for easy clean up. Also, load up your car with everything except for food and drinks the night before, that way you can just get up and go. You’re also less likely to forget anything that way.

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A fence and lots and lots of sunscreen. Also, if you sprinkle baby powder on them before you try to brush the sand off, it will brush off easier.

Depending on what beach you’re going to … keep in mind that there’s usually not a lot of close parking to any beach … so when you’re packing all your supplies, make sure you’re going to be able to get the kids AND the supplies to and from the beach in one haul. That’s a lot to carry a long way. I’d recommend getting a beach wagon with oversized tires. They aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it. You might even need 2 … one for supplies, and one for the babies!

Of course you’ll want shade & sunblock, beach toys for the kids, lots of fluids to hydrate and maybe some chopped fruits & grapes in the cooler. Changes of clothes & towels … baby powder, wipes … don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Baby powder, a fitted sheet, bath toys, sunblock

Big umbrella shovel and bucket
Small pool to contain them with or without water. Extra towels
A helper
I’ve seen people with a fitted sheet. Stakes or buckets for corners to keep kicked sand off site

Umbrella, sand toys, snacks, sunscreen, snacks, cooler of drinks and cheese sticks, towels, snacks, water, shovels and more snacks. Enjoy!

Portable play yard for them while on the beach. With a blanket for them to sit on, and a shady umbrella as well, cold drinks and snacks/foods etc, and plenty of sunblock!

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