What to bring to the beach with baby?

It’s summer time!! I’m a first time mom and my son is almost 8 months old and I’d love to have a nice beach day. What’s a must have essential to have when bringing your baby to the beach?


Talcum powder… helps to gets sand off :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some sort of shade like a beach tent or parasol.

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Dry onesie for nap time on the beach

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Wipes and a complete change after you get done at the beach I took my son out to the beach when he was about that little and he ended up getting a rash from like a couple of pieces of sand so make sure talcum powder and wipes are very very very important

Infants should not be wearing sunblock it could be harmful… a hat and light linen or cotton clothing to protect baby from the sun

Kids 6 months and older can use sun block


Everything. Just pack the entire nursery and you’ll be fine


We are at the beach rn and my kid is 3 months. He’s chillin in his tent .

Life jacket!!! Shouldn’t be near water without one

With my youngest we put her in a full long sleeve rash gaurd, washable swim diaper, with a hat and glasses that have a goggle type band on the back. We only have to sunblock her legs because the upper half is covered. Babypowder to get the excess sand off. Muslin swaddling blanket and extra diapers for nap time, depending on the beaches rules we did either a sun shade or umbrella and hung a battery operated fan.