What to do about engorgement while breastfeeding?

Tips / tricks to help with engorgement while breastfeeding. My baby is 3 days old and my breasts are extremely engorged!

Frozen cabbage leaves help and pump or nurse lots!!!

Pump mama’s and freeze it… will come in handy in emergency…


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Pumping is the worse thing you can do and will cause an over supply amd an imbalance in your fore and hind milk. Nurse on demand. In between feeds if you get engorged then warmn press/massage and hand express just enough out until your not hurting.

Got to get through it.
Your body is trying to figure out how much to make right now.
After 1-2 weeks it’ll level out.
Don’t pump it out because it’ll cause your body to make more.

Yep pump between feedings

Pump. Use frozen cabbage leaves.

Pump, nurse, pump, nurse!

Hot showers help, also frozen ice packs, Tylenol, and nurse/pump as much as you can. It will go down, also try dangle feeding!

get a hand pump and express some of the milk to get a proper suction with an automatic pump (babies have difficulty nursing on engorged breasts) if it gets to bad stand in a warm shower beating on the swollen breast and express some milk with your hand… Pump and save. Stays good in fridge for 3 days, freezer for up to a year so mark the dates you pumped

Pump and save, i went the same thing because my girl slept sooo much when she was a newborn. It got so bad before I had a pump I had to milk myself into the bathroom sink :rofl:🤦

If you’re breastfeeding, feed on demand and hand express when you have just too much between. Don’t pump so early as it can cause oversupply and make the engorgement worse. If you’re formula feeding, hot showers and cold packs for discomfort, but you’ll have to power through a couple weeks until you’re dry. Good luck, momma. :heart:


i know that hurts!! i massaged, used hot and cold compresses depending on what felt good… if you want to save the milk, i suggest pumping with the assistance of a lactation consultant who can give you directions on how to do this efficiently… or because i was dumb and tired, you can be like me and relieve your boobs in the shower :joy::joy: i am sad (later) that i didn’t save the milk, though! good luck! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR FEVER and chills and go in immediately to your OB if you start to feel lumps and aren’t getting relief from pumping or squeezing out milk! I had mastitis twice :flushed::pleading_face:the worst!!!

It takes a month for your body to adjust. Just feed on demand. Do not pump


Cabbage helps with the inflammation, sounds crazy but really helped me

Hot shower and pump literally helped me a lot

DO NOT PUMP! Oversupply is awful! You really shouldn’t pump until after 6 weeks. Hand express, warm compresses, massage, and cold compresses. Hand express helps a lot.


If you’re planning on breastfeeding then start pumping every 3 hours. I’ve heard cabbage leaves help dry up your supply if you don’t want to breastfeed.

Pump, every three hours

Pump for starters. Freeze bags. Breast milk is good for 6 months if in deep freeze. Date bags. It’ll help.
Hot compresses. Hot showers. Maybe even a little bit of pain meds (never was able to breast feed so I would talk to dr about acceptable medication to take)

Pump & save it! Then keep on nursing!