What to do about greasy dandruff hair?

My daughter is 9 almost 10 and she is starting to have puberty changes. She has extremely bad dandruff and her hair gets greasy after a day of it being washed. I tried to not wash it as much but that just made things worse. But I k on washing it to much isn’t the best choice either. I have tried several different shampoos and conditioners but have not been able to find one that helps. So my question is what are the best treatments/shampoo&conditioner that will help with both dandruff and greazyness? Any help/advice would be extremely appreciated!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to do about greasy dandruff hair?

My husband has to wash his hair with this!


Try head and shoulders and make sure she’s only putting conditioner on the ends of her hair not the root.


I use head and shoulders shampoo. After several washes they disappear. But have to keep it up though. She may need to wash her hair every day because no one likes greasy hair and other kids may start making bad remarks about her hygiene. Also check for psoriasis. Mine started out that way When I got older it turned into psoriasis

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Try a dry shampoo in between.


Make sure she is washing her hair properly my kids got lazy right at puberty I had to flat out tell them I can smell them. It wasn’t horrible thank goodness but I definitely could smell it when I hugged and loved on them.

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Make sure she’s using shampoo twice and use tgel a few times a week.

I have had no luck with any shampoo that is geared towards women. I went and got dove for men and it works great.

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Since with lemon slice in final rince

Head and shoulders and shower/wash hair every day.


Make sure she’s rinsing completely


Scalp Synch from Biolage is great!

I use either head and shoulders and then use a few drops of dawn once every 2 weeks or I buy the expensive biolage cleansing shampoo. Regardless she needs one that is labeled as “cleansing” and it’ll help. Dawn dosh soap when it’s really bad


Make sure her hair is being rinsed well. Sometimes kids get lazy and don’t rinse it thoroughly and conditioner will make your hair greasy and heavy if it’s not rinsed out. I’d try a dry shampoo in between washes too.


I would take her to the dermatologist. They can help with all this


My son had lots of flakes and Antidot Pro scalp shampoo helped him. It will balance her scalp and help with the over production of oil too. Look online to order it

Have you tried dry shampoo?

Oil and dandruff isn’t caused by puberty, it’s caused by an overgrowth of fungus. Take her to the dermatologist for a prescription antifungal shampoo.


We have that issue here too with my daughter. We found a shampoo and conditioner for oily hair. It’s much better.

Do a scalp cleanse and use a scalp massager / spikey brush silicone thing. Sprinkle baking soda all on scalp then spray diluted ( half/half water) apple cider vinegar , scrub with scrubby use a fine tooth baby comb to brush up any dandruff then wash with tgel or head and shoulders letting it sit on scalp for 5 mins and rinse. Afterwards there may look like way more flakes , take the time with tiny toothed comb and go thru and pick out what you can. Repeat cleanse once a week and wash hair with medicated shampoo 3 days a week. In between washes use a dry shampoo .

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Baby powder when greasy

There are a few different things that may work. If it is buildup and oil, neutrogena clarifying shampoo or anti-residue( one is orange one is clear) or if it is actual dandruff something with salicylic acid like selsun blue works well too( and helps with back acne/scalp acne that comes with prepubescent changes… season blue can help with the oily hair too as it tends to “dry you out” so to speak

Try prell from Walmart. It works great and at times we use rubbing Alcohol for extra care

Don’t use conditioner


vinegar on her scalp once a week leave on for 20 mins it will get rid of dandruff and also washing up liquid for the oiliness x

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Head and shoulders works great

There’s a mint conditioner that is especially for greasy/oily hair. I can’t recall the name, but a beauty supply store, like Sally’s might help

Dry shampoo for in between washes and I use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner once every 2-3 weeks

Paul Mitchell tea tree special shampoo. Also recommend a dermatologist I have psoriasis on my scalp and have medicated shampoo and scalp solution as well I alternate

Tea tree shampoo! It’s minty. Wash twice, no conditioner. Make sure to rinse very well. Clean your brushes or buy a new one!

Try putting a bit of tree tea oil in her shampoo

Mine was that way kinda still is. I use prell it’s cheap and my hair is very healthy

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I have this problem. I have super thick hair. (Native and Spanish). The only shampoo and conditioner that work well and I only have to wash my hair every 2-3 days is Aussi. All others that I have tried have left my hair greasy and scalp itchy with dandruff after only 1 day of not washing it.

I have to unfortunately wash my hair everyday or it gets super greasy

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My hair was like that growing up, selsun blue was the only one that worked for me

Pail Mitchell clarifying will help with the oil, don’t put conditioner on the scalp, wash her hair for her a couple weeks to make sure her scalp is getting really clean, should clear up. If not, ask a doctor

Have her seen by her pediatrician. Let them know all you’ve tried.
You can get Ketoconazole shampoo prescribed from her pediatrician or dermatologist.

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Talk to person at a beauty supply store

T-gel from nutragena helped me my whole life

I use head and shoulders. My hair gets real greasy and I would have an itchy scalp and it helps so much. It also makes my hair nice and soft!

I had to get my son shampoo from the dermatologist.

I put baby oil all over my daughter’s scalp, she’s 10 turning 11, and has had terrible dandruff lately. Let it sit for 10 minutes, washed her hair and it was completely gone when I combed it. It was a little oily for a few days but it worked wonders!

I have always had bad dandruff and greasy hair. I tried expensive shampoos and conditioners, I’ve also tried medicated ones and to be honest, the ONLY thing that has worked has been Head & Shoulders w coconut oil…. My son has also has the issue and he also uses head and shoulders and since then he has been doing great.

First…it greasy because of the dandruff…the scalp is dry signaling it needs to create extra “grease” to fix the dry scalp…use a medicated dandruff shampoo…the head and shoulders worked for my oldest when he had that issue it does not work for me but I have a skin condition I use salson blue medicated


Head kandy shampoo. Either the flake line or the stay salty

See a dermatologist. This actually could be psoriasis. Otherwise, they could recommend the right kind of shampoo or prescribe a topical liquid or mousse.


As a hairstylist looking only at the information you provided my recommendation is if it’s dandruff see a dermatologist as that is considered an actual skin condition, but if it’s truly just dry scalp clarify the hair twice a week and only condition the ends of the hair . Typically dry scalp occurs from over washing or over stimulating causing sebum (the natural oil hair produces) to build up and this can happen from washing the hair daily or not enough. You can also do a cleansing hair mask which may help. It takes time for hair to adjust to any change you may make so keep in mind that a month or two of using the proper products is needed. Tea tree also can help.

If you have a sally beauty supply store near you go in and talk to the people who work there. My hair goes through that randomly and they helped me find the right shampoo immediately and it worked the first wash.

My son has seborrheic dermatitis. When it’s flaring up it looks like he’s got horrible cradle cap-scales and everything. The extra strength selsun blue is the best thing we’ve found. He will also use a capful of Listerine on his scalp overnight and wash it out in the morning.

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Maybe a cowash in between wash days! I personally use the asiam brand!

Nizoral shampoo . And start buying her oil control washes

Paul Mitchell tea tree line has helped mine

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Tgel works well get her some of that.

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Tea tree lavender got my daughter & ME through that stage… She hated her hailoomy greasy after just washing it and the build up flakes (not dandruff!). I thought she was being lazy skipping a throughly washing but nope it was crappy shampoo conditioner and her body changing. It made a world of difference almost immediately, her confidence was enough for me but no more greasy yuck no more flakes and I didn’t have to buy shampoo or conditioner for another 6 months with her and I both using it. Another bonus no tangles in sight!!

My daughter has the same issues. I found Garnier Pure Clean works best for her.She doesn’t usually need to wash everyday. Also we don’t use conditioner.

We use the Neutrogena medicated scalp wash

My daughter was the same way. I got the TBH line. I ordered it off Amazon. Her hair hasn’t been greasy since!

I have the same problem as your daughter and dinorex is the only thing that helps me

Tea tree shampoo or anything with mint helps mine. And also blow drying after washing not air drying.

Tea tree oil shampoo

My boy has psoriasis and has a special shampoo (prescription) that really helps

My 13 year old granddaughter had the same.issues.her pediatrician recommended head and shoulders shampoo 3 times a week.No longer an issue

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Check with Dr. as blood work could prove an underlying issue ! Best to catch it early, NO? ?

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T-Gel or you can get a prescription shampoo. Try to let her hair get through the greasy stage even if you have to use dry shampoo. The more you wash it the more oil the scalp will produce, so it’s a vicious cycle. Definitely try T-gel and if that doesn’t work them a script should treat it.

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Tea tree shampoo or head and shoulders for greasy hair. Also try a week of not washing it as too much shampoo and washing it too often can make it go greasy far quicker.

I agree Tgel I actually found the Tgel dried my hair whilst treating the bad dandruff so it could help with both problems

Use a 1/4 cup of Listerine and massage it into the scalp then wash. Do this every other day.

Nizoral is amazing!!

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I have to buy dandruff shampoo for oily hair. It’s hard to find but generic works better than name brands for my daughter.