What to do about my mother?

I've always had issues with her like this, so it's not new but this is something that im really struggling with. When I found out I was pregnant, I had said numerous times that I didn't want it posted on Facebook, well she posted it anyway and it was up for about 6 hours before I seen it, I then told her that I didn't want it posted and she got all angry and didn't talk to me for weeks. I then found out that things were wrong with my baby. A few weeks later I gave birth to her, she then posted about it on Facebook yet again. She has since made a big canvas with about 8 photos of my little girl and has it on her wall by her front door so everyone sees it. She never asked me if she could do it and those pictures are special to us, they aren't for everyone to see what she looked like, that's our memories. If I say anything, she turns it back on me, that why am I allowed to choose what happens etc. Anyway skip forward a few months and I've found out I'm pregnant again, she kept saying she was going to post in on fb, I told her we don't want it on Facebook, she then said how I'm taking the excitement away from her for not being able to post it and that I'm controlling her and if that was the case that she would take her life to give this one life and then messaged me saying goodbye and I haven't heard since. Honestly I'm at my wit ends, obviously there's alot more that she says and does but this is the brunt of what's bothering me even stuff gets said like for example My daughter also stayed there the other night and when I picked her up she asked if we could go home now and straight away my mum said to her, since you don't want to be here, next time you ask I'm going to say no I don't want you here. What do I do? I'm sick of the run down comments and attitude and not listening to my wishes etc