What to do for anxiety while pregnant?

Hi mommy’s! I am 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. My anxiety is awful . To the point where I can’t hardly function. I can’t enjoy anything without worrying so bad that I physically feel sick . I can’t sleep , I’ve lost weight, cry constantly . I have had anxiety and depression my whole life but since I’m pregnant , I can’t take any of my medicines . I just want to enjoy spending time with my other kiddos and being pregnant . Does anyone have any tips to try to help . I feel like I’ve tried everything i know and that my therapist has suggested . P.S. I’m on a mild sleeping pill prescribed by my psychologist.


Talk to your OB about meds?

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Many antidepressants are safe during pregnancy

Maybe talk to you OB about checking your thyroid levels. My tends to elevate when my thyroid is off!

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Following because I’m feelin like this atm not sure if it’s hormones but anxiety is high x waiting for counselling x

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I would suggest a spa day for some relaxation.

I feel the exact same right now, but no help with sleep :frowning:

Yup there are safe Anti d’s to take during pregnancy hun, look into them xxxx be kind to urself, your doing the best you can and you WILL get better :heart:

I’ve had anxiety and depression since I was a teen. I took Lexapro throughout my whole pregnancy.

Essential oils saved me during my last pregnancy which was #4! I too have dealt with depression and anxiety most of my life but it was intense during this last pregnancy. Seriously essential oils saved my life. I prefer a natural approach to things. I hope this helps. Whatever you do hang in there. You will get through this!

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I was prescribed Zoloft during my second pregnancy due to still having postpartum depression from my first. It’s perfectly safe. Your OB should be doing depression screenings on you regularly at appointments. If not, please ask!

Hey Girlie! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. They had to change my meds from what I was on but I am still able to take something for both so you just need to talk to your Ob/gyn.

Why can’t you take your meds? I took mine my whole pregnancy.

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Pray, ask God for belp. He is waiting for you and loves you very much. God Bless

Buspirone worked wonders for me while I was pregnant with anxiety.

Following because I’m feelin like this atm not sure if it’s hormones but anxiety is high x waiting for counselling x

I took my medication even though not considered safe in pregnancy and my kids are fine. I would take whatever has worked for you in the past as it only gets worse when the postpartum depression hits…especially as it gets so much worse with each child!! I would never have 4th baby to scary!!