What to do for back pain in pregnancy?

Good morning all. Im 32 weeks pregnant and my back is KILLING me LITERALLY. It’s been two days ,and the weird part is that it’s not even my lower back, it’s like in the middle of my back. I can hardly move and went I take a deep breath in, It really hurts even more. Just wanted to know if any mom’s experienced this before I go have it checked out at the doc… TIA. :sparkling_heart:


Sleep on the floor. Straighten your back out.

I had pneumonia and plurasy it hurt to breathe or even sit straight up

Sounds like gallstones possibly. I had them the last month or so of my pregnancy. Please ask about them at your doc. Mine told me my pain was nothing out of norm and yeah it was gallstones. Have since had a host of problems because they weren’t treated.

I had that for about 4 days I’m 24 weeks tomorrow… Still don’t know what exactly it was…

I agree with gallstones. I put off going to the doctor bc this was my first pregnancy. After a full day of it hurting to breathe or move around I put my foot down and demanded to go to the hospital. There was no way this was Braxton hicks or regular contractions.

I would suggest a drs appt. It could be any number of things.