What to do for breast pain while pregnant?

When do your boobs stop hurting during pregnancy?!


After you stop breast feeding and the milk dries up lol… seriously


While pregnant? NEVER lol

Shit mine still hurts even after lol

I started wearing sports bras to make mine stop hurting because if I wear regular bras, they leave dirt marks where the strap is that look like bruises.

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When you stop nursing

During pregnancy and after they hurt till your supply is dried up. Comfortable bras with full support definitely help!

Well mine was about 3 months of really hurting. Im still pregnant into 4th. Doesnt hurt much. But i remeber last pregnancy i never experienced anything. But as soon as i had the baby they hurt so bad i couldnt take it. One of the worse pains ive ever had.

Sports Bras are awesome
And they will completely stop hurting when your supply dries up

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The only time mine didn’t hurt was part of second trimester. I’m 31 weeks now and they hurt all the time.

Mine were sore until around 23 weeks. Now just randomly. Not often at all.

Lol never, it’s even worse after birth

My youngest is 6 and my boobs still hurt. Pretty sure it just a part of me now.

they hurt the whole time. And if you breastfeed they hurt even longer. -_-


They stop hurting from pregnancy then start hurting from nursing, stop hurting from nursing and start hurting from random bones being shoved into them with kids climbing on you, stop hurting from that then start hurting from footballs and soccer balls, then you’re a grandma and have grandkids crawling on you :woman_shrugging:t3: then you die.

After you give birth and stop breastfeeding lol


After I had baby, and the milk dried up. So about 2 weeks postpartum?

This trick question right​:joy::joy:

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After you stop breastfeeding…right after the baby they get worse…ohhh I don’t miss that for sure

Never… my youngest is 18 months old. Mine still hurt. Not as bad, but they hurt.

Mine stopped hurting after the 1st trimester

Never :joy: currently 22 weeks and have been hurting since day1

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They will be always be sensitive and sore during your pregnancy but that’s nothing compared to breastfeeding. Nothing more painful then breastfeeding a teething baby…

Whenever they feel like it they have a mind of their own :joy: