What to do for congested baby?

So my son is almost 3 weeks old he is my 2nd child n my 1st summer baby I have a question he is congested it’s not all the time. One minute he sounds like there’s no boogers or anything then 10 to 20 min later he is congested… I have been sucking the boogers out n keeping him elevated and he does not Have a fever. He has a little cough doesn’t sound bad at all almost like he swallowed ring n is clearing his through that only happens once in awhile. No other symptoms I will call his Dr they said it could be cause babies don’t have nose hairs n that it’s August n it could just be him adjusting to all the new things in life. Has anyone’s little’s had this? It it gets worse or he gets a fever I will bring him in but at the moment he seems great. WHAT else can I do for him? The DRS don’t think he is sick or anything TIA


Curious are you running the ac constantly? If you are it could be dry air so you can try adding a humidifier to his room or your house in general. I know the kids and I get stuffy at times with all the dry air if we have to have the ac on nonstop

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If you to much humidity in the house or apartment and no dehumidifier for the summer month and a humidifier in the winter months he should be free and clear of those nasty boogers. :heart:

Sounds like allergies. Keep the windows closed and the air filters in the furnace changed. And run the humidifier to help keep the air moist and the pollen down in the house. Good luck. If you have indoor animals like a dog, you may want to wipe it down with a damp cloth before you bring it inside. Especially its feet. This may help. Just a suggestion.


My little guy sounded congested all the time after he was born. He is now 4 months old. Dr.s said it was normal and to run a humidifier in the house to help

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Instead of using a suction bulb which can cause further irritation try an oogiebear or baby plastic nose tweezers to remove snot.

Did you have a csection or was your delivery fast? My second came very fast so didnt have time to get all the mucous pushed out in the birth canal so was congested for about 4 months… I just used a humidifier at night but eventually it went away on its own

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Sweetheart in the winter you are either running a gas furnace or electric heat so the air is to dry so you would run the humidifier to put moisture in the air.
In the summer it is the opposite, the humidity isn’t set properly so you run a dehumidifier in the summer. Average humidity in a house is around 35- 45 %. Conditioned air puts moisture in the air.

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Sometimes they get a bit congested when they are first born. And if you use the sucker all of the time it will only make him more congested.

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Humidifier and room hepi filter would be my first suggestions. You don’t happen to have pets do you?

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Probably dry heat? Moist air will help. humidifier I think. Don’t know where you live. A/C will dry the air.

He probably has allergies tbh

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This is totally normal all my kids were congested upto about 3months purified seawater nasal spray is for babies it was amazing

He may be sensitive to perfumes or allergens. Try to not have fans on in the room too that might help

My daughter sounded the same doc told me it’s allergies and season change

My daughter sounded the same doc told me it’s allergies and season change

My baby had the same problem but she was born in April, doc said it was normal for the first couple months. The bulbs arent used for noses anymore here in az, just for if they get fluid blocking their throat, cause they said it was making it worse. They told me in the hospital not to use it in her little nose, but it’s also so dry here that it may still be done differently in other states.

Could be from the warm air/air conditioning. Going from warm to cold can do that to anyone. Could also be dry in the house. You can try a humidifier. Steamy bathroom is always good too. Or use saline rinse in his nose once or twice a week.

Can you ask the dr about vicks or something like that?

I used saline drops my baby girl has the same problem nothing was working, I tried steam in the shower, humidifier an she was struggling the little remedies saline drops immediately had the boogers coming out of her nose

Any allergens around? Pets, dust, pollen sources? Othes have mentioned humidifier/humidity adjustment. Change filters frequently and then try air purifier.