What to do for flat head in baby?

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Seeking advice on four-month-old with a flat head

My daughter is now 4 months today. I had noticed around 2 months that she started having flat head. She was favoring one side more especially due to nursing. So at her appointment, they had pointed it out, and since then I’ve been so nervous about it correct on its own. I’ve been trying different methods. Anyone else have the same happen to their little one? advice or recommendations? Please and Thank you!


My daughter had a small flat spot, lots of tummy time etc, it corrected itself

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Yea put on belly and rub there head alot to reform that flat spot it works

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My doctor told me just do alot of tummy time and keep baby off the back of their head as much as possible

My 5 month old had that to I was told to pick him up more and he should start having tummy time

Make sure it’s not because of an underlying issue. My daughter had a flat head because one side of her neck had weaker muscles so she couldn’t changes head positions. We had to work with a physical therapist and got a corrective helmet.


My son had a flat spot. We tried self correcting and it didn’t work so he got a helmet for a few months. It helped so so much!! And it was pretty cute :heart_eyes:


Lots of tummy time, keep out of swings/bouncer etc. that keep his head flat

Most drs will not do a helmet, because insurance rarely covers them, and they aren’t cheap. Just do as much tummy time as you can, and make sure you have her move her head to the side she doesn’t favor, so she learns to lay both ways. My son favored one side when he was younger, but stopped by the time he was 5 months old. He also had a serious flat spot, but it’s pretty much normal now, and you can’t even tell.

Baby could have brachencephaly or plagiocephaly. (There’s a FB group for this) Helmet therapy can help. My daughter had brach Dr gave us 3 mos to see if it corrected or he was going to prescribe helmet therapy. Fortunately it corrected. But I’ve had a son with craniostynosis which requires skull surgery so I am def a head picker and over analyze babies heads! ,:thinking::thinking:

If she can hold her head up good you can start puting her in sit me up seats/a walker/ exersaucer things like that that way shes off of her head and it will help. My son had a bad flat spot and around 3 months we used one of those floor sit me up seats and lots of tummy time and it helped alot

My son had torticallis (sp?) which didn’t allow him to move his neck to one side. We had to do a helmet and PT. We also did chiro which shortened everything.

My niece did and my sister bought a sleepcurve mattress the health vistor said they are good…They help witg flat head reflux and other things…You can only get them on sleep curve website now

My 4th son ended up with a flat head…we tried for 2 months to correct it but we ended up with him having to ware a corrective helmet for 8 months. He had something called tortacollis (spelling?) where he had a shorter muscle in his neck on one side that kept him tilting his head to one side. We ended up doing physical therapy and the corrective helmet. It only took him 3-4 days to get used to the helmet but after that it never bothered him. The helmet worked great though he’s 9 now and has a perfectly rounded head :blush:

My daughter favoured one side because of torticollis. Tummy time and switching positions, as the doctor recommended, didn’t do anything. The muscles in her neck were too tight. She developed severe plagiocephaly that caused asymmetry in her face as well. We went to a chiropractor and physiotherapist for the torticollis, and got a helmet for the plagiocephaly (which indirectly also helped the torticollis). We also had her assessed for a tongue tie (associated with torticollis), which she did have and we had released. We noticed at birth, expressed concerns around 3 months, and got a second opinion at 6. That’s when she got the helmet. She wore it until about 15 months because of the severity.

Mine did, mostly because she only nursed on my left breast… she’s almost 9 months old now and her head is rounded, don’t know how it “corrected” it’s self but there we go :blush: might have been sleeping on her back