What to do for hernia pain?

I have a hernia that is not extremely painful but it’s uncomfortable to have I went to the dr and she told me that it is a really big one and that I can get a surgery but the thing is I just had my baby about 3 months ago and I look 3 months prego and Thats including losing weight more than what I weighed before I had a baby and dr told me that if I do the surgery and want another child it will just pop back out maybe not as intense as it is now but it will come back. Anyone deal with this before and any suggestions advise I do want one more child in the future but not now TIA

I had mine repaired and have had 2 kiddos since and it never popped back out.

I would get a 2nd opinion.

I had a Hernia right above my belly button and it got painful when I was pregnant looked like she was always poking me . I had surgery when she was 2 they just did stitches instead of mesh because I was in child bearing years still. Currently 19+2 baby likes to sit right at my belly button and its not bothering me at all.