What to do for itchy skin?

My son is 4 and CONSTANTLY scratching his private area… he doesn’t have a rash, and I had him seen for a UTI and it was negative. If he pulls or scratches it enough then it does break out alittle but I’m not sure what kinds of creams would be safe to put there? I tried hydrocortisone and it helps but not much. Every time I turn my head he has his hand down his pants :woman_facepalming:t2: Is this normal?


Little boys grab a lot from outside their pants, but I’ve never seen a kid mess with it to that point 🤷

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check your detergents.


Same boat as you momma! Boys will be Boys!

I don’t really have any suggestions but would rele love an answer to this question also… lol… my son is 4 also and does this alot and it’s the same situation as ur talking about… I figured maybe it was the heat cuz he does it more now that it’s summer time so maybe that was y he was doing it but when I asking him he says no and when I ask him y he’s doing it all he tells me is “jus cuz I can mom” lol…

My son is 4 and wont stop touching it. It drives me insane. Keep touching it, its gonna fall off… ya doesnt work lol

He is probably curious but if he’s made himself raw down there you could put a little calmoseptine on it.

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Its normal my son too and he also loves to make his “wiener dance” have fun raising a boy they’re pretty wierd and gross lol


How old home remedy my grandma shared with me was to take some flour and fry it in a cast iron skillet until it burns. It will stink up the whole entire house but let the flour cool and apply it to the area overnight and something about the burnt yeast helps

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My son used to pull his out while watching tv and let it hang. In public he told everyone he saw “That i have a panis” :expressionless:

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Curiosity and baby bum rash cream

Seems pretty normal I have 2 boys they both do this

Could be yeast. The doctor has a cream or powder for it.

Of course it is look at their dad

Yes it is normal. Lol and once they discover it they never leave it alone

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It’s probably “baby chub” (mini erections). Both my boys did this when younger. My youngest- “Mom! My penis is pointy!” Or “It’s acting crazy again!”

My boys used to pull on theirs. I thought they were going to pull it right off. I mean, look at grown men, they do the same thing


Curiosity maybe the type of underwear he uses if he doesn’t have any irritation I always used corn starch for bum rashes.

Gold bond medicated powder. I raised 4 sons. A typical problem for young boys (that women wouldn’t understand) is the lack of body hair there and sweat cause their genitals to actually stick to themselves. Let him sprinkle some powder in his underwear and it’s likely to resolve the issues.


My son had his hand down his pants more than he didn’t. I asked his doctor about it because I thought he had a problem. The doctor told me and I quote " well Mom, he has discovered a new toy. And he touched just right it feels good " lol it’s perfectly normal. He will out grow it. Mine did. You just have to look the other way and try not to laugh. I mean as long as you check and make sure there is no rash or anything that is. Good luck.


Totally normal. Encourage him to keep that to his bedroom and bathroom

Yes mine does too hes gonna be 4 in July he does it more when he has his underwear on when he has his diaper I dont see him do it

Eucerian will be the best . The cream in the tub . Good for any small or big skin irritation and sensitive plus non allergenic.

Is he circumcised? It might itch due to a build-up of skin and dirt- you have to pull the skin back to clean it out.


Yep… just keep talking to him about it. I remember I was getting gas with my six year old when he FINALLY GOT it! He’s 29 now lol!

Umm he is a guy.He will never out grow it just teach him there a time and place to do it.


You could put any age on this and the answer would all be YES!:rofl:


Bad, but normal. I am a boy mom and each one does/did it.

Ph may be off… Yogurt?

My girlfriends son had wrapped a rubber band around his penis. Hes was 3. He was trying to get it off.

my daughter (3) discovered her vagina… So now i have a penis puller and vagina scratcher! :joy:

Normal for his hands to be constantly down his pants but I’m not sure about scratching… Does he have dry skin or maybe his underwear is itchy to him… lotion is safe on the groin area just don’t put it on his actual private because if it gets in his pee hole it will burn and sting when he urinates… my son got soap in his when he first started showering all by himself and we thought he had a uti… doctor visit for no reason! I have 2 boys 10 and 2 they both are obsessed with there private… Totally gross but normal boy thing!

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My son is 5 he doesn’t scratch it but there for a while around the time he was four he would always have his hand in his pants. Tell him if he keeps touching it it’s going to fall off! it worked for me lol. Good luck

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Mom to 4 boys here, they all did it. :woman_facepalming:t3: my youngest Gunner is 4 and I’m pretty sure he’s the worst. Not only can I not keep clothes on him, but I’m convinced he’s gonna pull it off.


Too much soap. Use less.

Once they discover their penis, they hold onto it to make sure it never disappears for oh… let’s just approximate 40-50 years…

Bigger underwear…change detergents, soak in tub without any harsh soaps- hypoallergenic

self stemming, normal for little guys… self discovery

Hes a boy…lol…I have 2 boys and they STILL go after their penises. Guys do it all the time. Does he do lots of bubble baths ? If so, stop. He could just be dry, and he is a boy, so hands down the pants is 150% normal.

My son can’t keep his hands off the damn thing… I hear it’s normal but the itch? laundry detergent change maybe?

My 45 year old boyfriend still does this​:roll_eyes::laughing:


Could be a parasite . Pinworms .

I have two boys, 18 and 13, neither ever did this when they were young! Maybe try a more gentle laundry detergent and milder body wash! Baby ivory for laundry is very gentle! Good luck!

It may be getting hard and he really doesn’t understand my son gets like that when he needs to pee

My 4yr old is always pulling on his too🙄…
I have a 14yr old son as well and he didn’t do this.

Habit, unfortunately. More than likely will grow out of it.

Nice to know these things

My 2 year grandson diddles his winky too


I’m trying to break my 10yo of that… but I have a feeling it’s just gonna get worse :rofl::rofl:

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Everyone is talking soap. If he’s not reacting on the rest of his body with itches or dry skin like his tummy or even chest/shoulders it’s probably not soap or dry skin. Also saying one child did or didn’t do this doesn’t make it an issue. Have you asked him why he scratches, pulls or touched his privates? Let him tell you. Also have him come to you the next time he is bothered by something in that area. You might see if he is reacting to the norm for a little boy or there is something itching him. Just make it as matter of fact as possible.
Is there a father or grandfather figure in his life that he can talk to about it?

Is this your first son, is he circumcised? If not, then maybe his foreskin is tight and this can cause tugging and scratching at his genitals…He may need his skin stretch back, but if too tight you may need to see a doctor…

Make sure he doesn’t have a yeast infection( yes boys can get yeast infections) make sure you shower him daily or every other day no bubble baths or if you’re going to give baths use something that is safe for babies.

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Boys always check to see that it is still there

Sounds like my grown husband. Lmao. Men just like playing with themselves apparently. Our 2 year old has his hands down his pants all the time too.

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My Boy done it so bad I had to take him to Doc cause he rub it Raul.

He’s probably just aware it’s there, all boys have an obsession with it at some point! If the doctor can’t find anything wrong but he gets rashes, sounds daft but try sudocreme or something similar that you’d put on a nappy rash… clears right up!

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My son did this when he was younger, they do however grow out of it. My son did it till he was 4 and has fortunately grew out of it, he’s now 6.

They may sound weird but use vagisil on his private parts

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Well yeah they know it feels good plus they winkys get an erections many times a day. All natural.

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It could be heat powders with aloe could help desitin is also good

When my son was younger he use to tell me it was sticking to him so he had to fix it because it bothered him. For the most part hes grown out of it and hes 10

Not normal. I have three boys 6, 5 and 4 they really don’t touch it other than to pee.

Cuz that’s more sensitive cud be soap

I can’t count the times my boys had their hands on it. :woman_facepalming:t2:
It’s SENSITIVE. It feels “different” to them and it’s attached. Sometimes it might feel like it’s stuck to him and he needs to adjust it like grown men do. Try vagisil chaffing cream. Or monastat. You don’t want a thick ointment or it will feel gross as you can imagine. You can even try baby powder to help keep it dry for him. That will prevent a lot of itching and sticking.
Make sure he has cotton underwear on if in underwear. If not let him spend a little time in some a day to let it breathe. But trust me… ITS COMPLETELY NORMAL and it doesn’t stop they just learn to not do it in front of anyone as much :woman_facepalming:t2:

Grabbing and playing with it yes but scratching is different. All 3 of my boys constantly have hands down their pants. They never grow out of it :laughing:

Sounds like my husband :expressionless:

Gold Bond spray powder maybe could help? It is invisable but relieves itching.

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Dove soap no fragrance is great too.

Try gold bond powder in the green bottle. With it being summer it could be sweaty and itchy. Gold bond will help keep him dry and from chaffing.

He probably just discovered they there was something I in his pants to play with. Just tell home it’s not nice
to do that and hope he stops on his own. If it becomes irritated try A and D ointment.