What to do for kids with allergies?

My son has been sneezing like crazy, literally flinging boogers down his face every time. Drug store medicine hasnt been helping him and I’m not sure what else to try. He isn’t sick, just has bad allergies otherwise hes fine. Does anyone have any suggestions to alleviate a nearly 2 year olds explosive sneezing?


Ask his pediatrician for allergy meds


Use this combo & a nose sucker! It works.


Those meds actually make it worse . Lots of Distilled water

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I got a humidifier and it helps our allergies.

Children’s Claritin helps our kids this time of year

Consult your pediatrician!!!

My 2 year old son has awful allergies. We use a saline spray and daily OTC allergy medicine as recommended by his dr. He is also on a prescribed singular medicine.

Loratidne at any pharmacy 5 mg daily

We’ve got a bad case of the seasonal allergies with my 16 month old and we’ve been using baby Zyrtec prescribed by his allergist. Works okay but not perfect.

My daughter was prescribed zyrtec and singular by her doctor, they work good for her

Mine was prescribed zyrtec and claratin worked great.

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my 8 yr old has same issues litterly has to have the tissue box at had i give mine claritin

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I’d go to the health store and let them recommend something. Over the counter allergy medicine is bad for you and especially more for men. It dries out their prostate. Prescription isn’t much better either, too many side effects.

Sometimes drs will reccomend a combination of allergy medicine and steroid medicine for severe allergies. Mine have gotten before and the steroid is just at the start of allergy season, dont want to prolong that. Its a great way to get everything out. Then after for the duration allergy med is needed they gave you give just the kids allergy med daily. If night time stuffiness gets to be too much try Benadryl. But not too much with this stuff it’s not great with blood sugar.

When my daughter spent a spring/summer allergic to the sun, her doctor prescribed Claritin and Allegra 12 hours apart… It really helped.

Any antihistamines Benedryl Claritin or Zyrtec it will dry him up. Local honey also

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