What to do for lower back pain in pregnancy?

Hey moms! I am a stepmom to a five-year-old boy and am pregnant with my first baby girl! I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. Just wondering what are the best ways to help with lower back pain and Braxton Hicks! Mine are getting SO BAD! THANKS


Google sunny side up baby! I promise you all of the tips and tricks to flip a sunny side baby help with back pain!!!

Sounds like your about to pop…:upside_down_face:

Belly band helped my back pain. Also a chiropractor visit

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Warm baths, I used a heating pad but not on high and on15 min intervals, stretching.

Hi, Consume seeds especially pumpkin, muskmelon,sunflower seeds as they help with cramps and provide calcium for mommy and the baby!, do not lie on your back for long period, do not stand for long periods as they put pressure on your lower back. Hope this helps you!:sparkling_heart:

Laying down on your side periodically to take tension off your back. Proper Stretching too.

Honestly, I just complained. :joy: And hot showers/baths.
I also did some weird stretch (it looks like Jasmine from Aladdin worshipping Abu as sultan).
I had back labor with both my pregnancies and it’s AWFUL

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I would go in to be checked!
I had really bad back pain at 35 1/2 weeks, turns out it was back labor. Started on a Monday, had my daughter Friday night at 36.4 weeks

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U could try a birthing ball or a pregnancy belt to help take some of the weight off ur back etc…ur in the home stretch u got this mama!!!

Get a belly band. It can help take off some of the pressure on your back

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Look on YouTube for how to relive Sciatica with a tennis ball! Helped me so much.

Drink plenty of water and use heat packs and just put your feet up when you can. Maybe some slight stretches will help loosen everything. If the pain is getting too much to bare then you need to talk to ur doctor .

I was only about 27 weeks when my Braxton Hicks started constantly. Dr had me taking Benadryl as needed to calm them. It really did work. But did make me sleepy. Definitely check with your Dr though.


Your best bet would probably be just find the best position for whatever you are doing and ride it out. My 3rd son was my biggest and i gained more weight than with my first two and nothing helped for me.

Yeah the heating pad, warm baths. Watch the videos on YouTube about the feet and back massage, there are pressure point

Also it might seem a little weird but your prego it only gets weirder and messier from here with a tiny newborn
But massage your butt muscles and closer to your tailbone, make sure your man or the person doing it(my mom did mine) that they go slow and soft at first. You gotta get used to it be less tense

Look up stretches that help.

My Braxton hicks got bad at 33.5 weeks and became constant at 34 weeks, I went to the hospital because the lower back pain was awful, turned out I was in labour, had my kiddo (4th and last) at 34 weeks. If it gets really bad see the Doc. In the meantime take a warm bath and ly on your left side, it helps relieve the pain a bit.

I’d get checked. Personally. Labour is possible at this point in pregnancy, i gave birth at 30 weeks. All i had for about 2 weeks prior was lower back pain!. If you’re in the clear their. Then safe stretches, heating pad, nice rubbies should alleviate some of the pain/pressure.

Heating. Pad.

End of story.

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Sounds like baby is in your back

Drink a ton of water for the contractions. Stay very hydrated. I had such bad Braxton hicks for the last 1-3 months of my pregnancies. I would go in to get checked and they would make me drink lots of water. Being dehydrated irritates the uterus. If it’s the real deal rehydrating won’t stop the contractions.

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I had the same with my first born had to have emergency C section but what I found that works is laying on your side and bringing your knees up as far as you can alternate hot and cold pads

Belly band, prenatal massage, and chiropractor all help me

Your ligaments are softening in preparation for birthing, so your support system to your muscles there has changed, your pelvic floor has changed, everything is changing to accommodate your birthing. However it is a little early for this to be happening - get a proper check-up with your OB/GYN to make sure all is OK there. Your baby has to be considered a part of this problem and home remedies are definitely not the way to go.

:pray:t3: for safe and healthy delivery! It’ll be soon!

Rest as long as u want .

Drink water and lay on left side and rest a bit.

Hot baths helped me amazing xx

I went to the chiropractor

Find a massage therapist that specializes in pre and post natal care. Get recommendations from mom groups in your area…you will need this treatment after delivery and they are lifesavers!! Congratulations on your soon to be new addition :clap:

I had all back labor pains if it keeps going on I would definitely go get checked out my son was born at 36 weeks which which back in the day that was pretty Norm soak in a warm tub looks like you’ll be having a baby soon

Get yourself a massaging heating pad, biofreeeze cream or icy hot and drink lots of water.

The ball you sit and bounce on. They work wonders I don’t know why.

Also sounds horrible and weird but having an orgasm will help. It release oxytocin which is your body’s natural feel good hormone

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stay off ur feet as much as u can and lay on ur left side


if you have insurance, your doctor can order a hardcore back brace for you

Laying on my side (If I’m home).

If I’m at work, sitting down upstraight for a few mins and lifting up my belly.

Also, laying on your back with your feet on the wall lifted above your body helps too.

I would just be sure and talk to your doctor about it. I mentioned it to mine around 25 weeks, she tested me for a bladder infection, and sure enough I had one. Literally no other symptoms besides horrible back pain!

Heating pads and having enough support between your legs with pillows while laying on your side. I couldn’t lay on my back when I was pregnant because it hurt way to bad. My doctor also put me on bed rest for the last two months because I wasn’t okay. My daughter took everything out of me. Also had really bad swollen feet and ankles. So it was hard for me to walk around because it hurt so bad. My doctor told me not to take anything for pain. So I just had to use heating pads which help a lot. Hope that helps you out.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do besides rest as much as possible with my other Littles running around. I’d been having BH every day and the worst pain in my lower back to where it was difficult just to stand or walk for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. Delivered at 40 weeks. Good luck

Chiropractor :upside_down_face: I saw her every week for the last two months of my pregnancy. It helped my back pain so much, and helped prepare my body for labor

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