What to do for morning sickness?

Every morning I am so nauseous that I cannot function for at least an hour. I am immediately overcome with the feeling that I’m going to be sick by about 6:30am every day. The doctors cannot figure it out. I do have Crohn’s disease, and I was diagnosed with gastritis last summer. I am on protonix for that. Anyway, aside from prescribed nausea medicine, what have some of you found to help for nausea? I’m miserable, and willing to try anything at this point. Thank you!


Anything ginger helps emetrol stomach settle candy

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Motion sickness bracelets!

I was like this with both my kids. Getting up early made it worse. High protein snack before bed helped some.


I am the same way.
Mine is an ulser that keeps coming back and driving me insane!!

This helps me. I have the same issue everyday since my divorce 3yrs ago

It taste gross, but helps. I also do Protonix and Zofran

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice hope you feel better soon.

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Look into CBD oils! Newsweek has a special edition out right now called, The Ultimate CBD HANDBOOK!

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I was also prescribed anti nausea meds, along with that I sucked on hard candy most of the day. Life savers, jolly ranchers, butterscotch.

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I tried nausea pills half my pregnancy and it didn’t work like cbd/ smoking one bowl a day… I would be sick from morning to about 7pm every day til I turned to cbd/weed. It helped me a lot and gave me energy and also helped me eat. Try it it won’t hurt uou

try a cup of peppermint tea, or suck on a peppermint.

I have Crohn’s as well. When it’s flaring and I’m nauseous (especially to the point where zofran isn’t helping much) I feel significantly better if I cut out all added sugar, cut out dairy, don’t eat any processed food, and cut back on fat.
Are you gluten free? My blood tests came back negative for celiac when I was tested a few years ago, but a few upper endos did show that gluten horribly provokes my gastritis.
Please feel free to pm me anytime, I’ve had Crohn’s for years and have been on many meds and had surgeries, so I know exactly what you’re going through :heart:

Vape some weed. It’s the only thing that made sure I ate for the first two trimesters with both my kids. I puked constantly.

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I ate ginger snaps. For some reason ginger snaps helps me with mausea

Are you on birth control? I experienced this…it was 100% my birth control.

Try putting a roll of saltine crackers or Ritz crackers it works wonders.It absorbes all of the stomach acid that builds up during yr sleep with a cold bottle of water to sip on .move around at yr pave .you hopefully will feel better the saw day

Peppermint gum helped me when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, hopefully this helps you?

Small Amount of toothpaste

OMG, I feel the same way, on most days. I also was diagnosed with gastritis last summer. Yesterday was the absolute worst, but I monitored what I ate last night and it wasn’t as bad this morning. I’m on Omeprazole and I hate taking it. I drink water with very little vinegar in it or alka seltzer helps me. And tonight I’m not heavy eating before bed, unlike most nights

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