What to do for morning sickness?

Im very early into my first pregnancy-less than 5 weeks. Is it normal to have “morning” (all-day for the last couple days) sickness this early? Also, what are the odds of miscarriage? Im only 19 and ive had some heart issues (tachycardia) but I’m not sure if that can effect the baby? I have a cist on my ovaries. Will that effect tge pregnancy?


I had morning sickness at 3 weeks .

I’ve had tachycardia and a full cardiac catheter and ablation as well as a cyst on my ovary and it never affected my pregnancy or my son

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All day sickness started around 4 weeks lasted months

I was sick almost from conception. That’s the whole reason I took a test. For about 3 weeks my co workers kept telling me i was nauseous cuz I was pregnant. Finally took a test and yep! I was 5 weeks.

I have tachycardia and it didnt affect the baby at all. I went and was seen by my cardiologist at one point because i was scared and everything was fine. If youre ever in doubt, call your doctor

You can have morning sickness all day and night up to your 40 week mark or you can have it in the first trimester. You’ll really just have to wait it out and see what happens.

I had morning sickness at 2 weeks. All day.

I had morning sickness from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed my entire first trimester… with my first all I could eat was gold fish crackers, with this pregnancy cheese its. Good luck mama it does get better :heart::heart:

Even tho they call it morning sickness it can last all day I had sickness But it was never in the morning with this pregnancy it was in afternoon when mine would came around until it was time for bed

I had morning sickness the whole 9 months with my daughter, and 2 months with my son I would just keep in touch go to your Dr app regular you should be good, good luck.

I had ALL DAY sickness w my Daughter… Try to get you some crackers & something chilled by your bed side & before you start your day, TRY TO EAT AT LEAST 4-8 crackers & take sips of something in between… If you have 2 get up to go to pee, try to HOLD OFF & EAT at least 3-8 … GD LUCK!!

Yes, it’s usually one of the first symptoms

Morning sickness hit me at two weeks with all of my kids how I found out so early with them and it lasted the entire time hopefully you have better luck but your medical concerns should be addressed with your doctor and not Facebook everyone if different

Not sure about the heart thing, but had both the other. Morning sickness started at six weeks and didn’t let up until she was born. Cyst on ovary didn’t cause any harm to baby but should be monitored as the hormones can make it grow. Mine was quite large and the only problem it caused was increased pain as the weight of it pulled at muscles and ligaments. But perfectly healthy baby, just an uncomfortable pregnancy

I’m 37 weeks today and spent all night Wednesday throwing up… getting sick at any time is totally normal.

That’s how I found out I was pregnant lol

Very normal. Don’t be surprised if you lose weight as a result. I lost 10 lbs. You can ask your doctor for Zofran. It will help a lot.

Morning sickness can start as early as 4 weeks. My first pregnancy it began in the 5th week. It came early, got worse, around 9 weeks is when it is in full swing. Another 3 weeks of it being steadily horrible, and it slowly starts to lighten. Some get lucky and it stops by 12 weeks… mine was closer to 16 weeks. And sometimes it stayed thru the whole preganncy. Or it’ll pass at 12 weeks, be great for the 2nd trimester, and it’ll come back for the 3rd with a vengeance!!! Mine stayed gone, but I ended up with such bad reflux for the whole 3rd trimester I may as well have been sick… but at least I could eat. “Normal” MS is usually worse in the morning (hence the name) bur can be all day and night, and is worse when dehydrated or needing food. You’d be surprised how hungry you get too, every few hours even for people like me who didn’t use to eat but once or twice a day. I was so sick but soooo hungry… but eating also made me sick. I lost a lot of weight in my first trimester due to that, they monitored me closely. When the sickness faded I gained my 30 lbs though.

There’s a few miscarriage odds calculators online, I wish I could find the link I had to one in specific. There’s many factors that go into it, but maternal age, previous miscarriage, any known health issues, etc make a difference on the odds. Once you make it to 12 weeks, the chance of miscarriage goes WAY down, and after 20 weeks becomes nearly impossible aside from previous miscarriage history (at that point it isn’t even termed a miscarriage anymore, it’s considered a stillbirth)… during my first trimester, losing a lot of weight was rough on me and baby and could’ve increased my miscarriage chnace, so remember to take MS very seriously if it makes you unable to keep down even small amounts of food and water (or hydrating solution)

See a Dr. not facebook