What to do for pelvic pain while pregnant?

Anyone have issues with pelvic pain? I’m 28 weeks pregnant and the pain is TERRIBLE! Dr said it’s round ligament pain. Anyone have any good remedies to help?


Sleep with a pillow between your legs. That helped me

Chiro, stretching, RMT, warm bath in Epsom salts, pregnancy pillow.

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Tylenol and a warm soak in the bath

Don’t over do it and make sure you spare time to rest.

Dr told me to sit with my feet touching each other it helps stretch your ligaments and it helped me a lot I had a lot of pain to where I was in tears

Nothing helps me I’m 24 wks and on baby num 5. My doc said my ligaments are toast lol

Literally 10 min of yoga before I go to be. I pass right out after and then I sleep with a pillow it got me through the last couple weeks with my pain. Days I don’t do it affect me the next day

Drink water and lay down on your side with a pillow

Chiropractor and get on your hands and knees and raise your hips up and down side to side…it’ll help move baby off that ligament too

I did in my 2nd pregnancy. Rest was all I could do to help.

Lay on your side w a pillow in between your legs drink water and relax :joy::rofl:
Try some easy gentle stretching on the floor and relaxed breathing . . but it’s really just pains that are going to happen after awhile you get to use it.

I’m having this now. The only thing that helps is rest and water.

I go to physical therapy for SPD and sciatica, it was recommended that I get a belt specifically that goes across my lower back/hip area, I had both with my last pregnancy as well and nothing really helped at all until I gave birth, all of my pain went away after having baby. It was rough to go through because I had to use a walker my last pregnancy and had 2 other kids to take care of at the time.

I’m 23 weeks and having the same issue. My doctor told me the same thing and nothing has helped so far. :sob::sob:

I’m 29 weeks and the pain is killing me! My hips now make a noise when I walk and walking is painful my doctor just tells me it’s normal. But it doesn’t feel all that normal. 3rd pregnancy and first time with this pain. By the end of the day I can’t walk. Im gonna try that yoga!

Heat pack / pad or cold pack

Yes I did. It was brutal. I bought a belly band off Amazon that gave me a little bit of relief.

Exercises that help with opening your pelvic floor and work your pelvic floor, so yoga that’s focused on your core and lower core, stretching your hips. Pillows that support your lower back and hips. Belly support bands. Warm not hot baths, and over the counter pain relief your doctor recommends

33 weeks and also suffering - I did find the belly band very helpful, but can’t use now as baby is breech and it’ll prevent her turning :frowning:

38 weeks and suffering. Nothing is really helping at this point. Warm baths, heating pads on a medium setting, just try and relax as much as you can.