What to do for restless leg syndrome?

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I have restless leg syndrome to the extreme. It’s driving me insane. This pregnancy and the pain has been horrid. I have tried exercising. Heat and ice. Hot showers and making sure I’m hydrated. Nothing has relieved the pain from this. My question is have any of you used compression socks and did they actually help you?


magnesium and potassium help with restless legs. i took a supplement of both while pregnant and it stops it. im not sure compression socks would help with restless legs

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No, you problay have a pincek nevce im on lurca 25 mgs three days a day.

Stretching legs, bananas, salt baths, make sure your iron is good, my son also is prescribed gabapentin but idk if any of that is safe for pregnancy

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Tonic water! Or CBD lotions!

Epson salt baths! It has magnesium and try the lavender kind to relax.

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I have them so bad right now as I write this :cry: almost 36 weeks pregnant loosing my mind I’m so tired


I have that to those socks makes my legs hurt worse.

That new spray theyvd been advertising for leg cramps would probably work. It’s called something like Therma… I cant remember the name, if you pm me tomorrow, I can get the name. The stuff is amazing, but it’s out in my car. I use it at dialysis.

yes banannas and magnesium pills are awesome

You could be low on iron.

I had to have people sit on my feet to make it stop. It actually worked.

My grandma used to put dive bar soap in between her sheets she always said it helped

Oh my god you poor thing. I know your pain. Potassium can help. Lyrics too but not great while pregnant

I used to have it all the time, untill dr. Put me on ROPINOROL. I HAVE NOT HAD ONE SINCE. ASK YOUR DR. IF IT IS SAFE FOR PREGNANCY. I BELIVE IT IS. GOOD LUCK.:blush:

Idk what your definition of RLS is, but ive had it all my life and it’s never caused me pain. I think the pain is probably from something else

Tonic water I have the same thing. And there is something in tonic water that actually controls it

Magnesium tablets and magnesium lotion

I put a bar of Ivory soap under the sheet…works for rls and cramps

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I’ve used them but not for issue. I’d try it. I think your cause may be several nerves being pressed on. Perhaps a chiropractor, light bending exercises front back, side to side may realign the vertebrae. Ice packs on your lower back may help. It really does feel good

I did epson salt baths and I got the ones with eucalyptus in it. Hard to find for some but it’s super relaxing.

Compression socks are amazing. When I was pregnant I would have my lightest child walk up and down on my leg