What to do for sciatica nerve pain?

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second child and I’ve had really bad sciatica nerve pain with this pregnancy. The doctor told me to use a heating pad and tylenol 500mg to help with some of the pain. but it’s gotten to the point where my left lower back, butt and inner thighs are always so tender and sore and most of the time it hurts to walk, on top of it I’m cramping on and off. When I lay down in bed, I cant roll over to either side without pain radiating down my left leg… the past two days I’ve felt nauseous and today I’ve had random cold chills. Has anyone ever experienced this?


I did but I was about 37 weeks along and doc told me to keep an eye on it bc it could either be preeclampsia or about to start labor soon. I’d talk to your doc again to be sure what’s going on. I’m not trying to scare you but that’s what my doc told me when I had same exact pain

Yes I honestly feel like I wrote this post myself! I’m in loads of pain this time round with sciatica. I never experienced this with my first pregnancy. It’s so extremely painful when it hits that spot it’s just instant sharp excruciating pain!! I totally feel you. I’m always in tears from it. I find when I over exert myself doing too much in one day it really makes it worse. Rest up mumma!

I had sciatica with my first pregnancy and just suffered through it. This time around I started seeing a chiropractor at 20 weeks… Went for about a month and I haven’t had any issues since. Definitely worth a shot.

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Not sure where you’re located but ATI Physical Therapy helps pregnant women with sciatica. Your OB would have to send a formal request to them for your insurance to pay.

The stretches helped me

I had sciatic pain with my twin pregnancy. Everyone said it would go away after birth. I could barely walk. Had them and still had the pain. Turns out they caused a bulging disk that was pinching the nerve. I had scans, injections, therapy. For 2 yrs after their birth I could walk maybe 15 steps. I used a cane and Walker. Finally last summer I had 2 spine operations to fix it. The nerve pain is finally gone but I have back pain now. I’m currently in physical therapy but I dont think I’ll ever be pain free again. It was awful

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Go get checked for a UTI

I had the same thing and got a referral for Physical Therapy and they worked with me and taught me stretches. My pain became managable and went away after baby was born. I didn’t want to take a lot meds but did take low dose Tylenol. It might not make you pain free but help bring it down to managable levels.

Go to Chiro but yes to get checked for uti. You wouldn’t be getting chills with sciatica.

I did, just dealt with it, couldn’t barely move but at that time, I got off of work, thank god, bcuz I couldn’t keep doing my duties, it was rough… but didn’t stop me from having 2 more :woman_shrugging: however with my last one, barely had any issues, so idk

Get a tennis ball and roll it along the wall right on the spot that hurts. It helps a lot

I went to the chiropractor when pregnant and it worked wonders.

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You can also use an individual tennis ball to relieve lower back, buttock, or even sciatica pain. Place the ball under your back, buttock, or upper thigh while you lie on the floor and gently move yourself around to find sore muscle groups. Once you find a tender spot, you can focus and press there, but not too hard. I’ll see if I can find a picture so you can see how to do this. My doctor recommended this as well as my physiotherapist.

Go to the chiropractor life saver for me

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Look up sciatica pregnancy and it should have stretches for you to do. I had it and it was horrible!


Look up stretches to do they work .

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Yes I had it with my second and third pregnancy. Had to use crutches some days it was so bad. For me it seemed the more I sat down the more likely it was to start hurting when I got back up. Honestly tylenol didn’t help so I didn’t even take it. Just dealt with it. Usually would rub the area really hard with my fist that seemed to help a little. And I kept the crutches by my bed at night. When I’d get up to use the bathroom it always seemed to hurt to the point I couldn’t walk.

Might try Chiropractic.

The cold chills are probably from the pain,I know the more I hurt the worse the chills. The heat can help but my mother and I both suffered with it for years and we never really found relief until it finally eased up with age.

I had sciatic issues from 6-9 months. At my 40 week checkup I was literally BEGGING my midwife to induce me cause I could hardly move. At first she told me no, baby would come on her own. Then she came back and said she felt bad and could see how much pain I was truly in. So she induced me the following day. My only advice. Just rest as much as possible. Maybe try some stretching. I luckily worked in an office when i was pregnant so sitting down all day i was fine. But when i had to walk, you might as well had carried me. Lol. Good luck sweet heart. It’ll be worth it when baby arrives.

I am not pregnant but have had the same symptoms for two days

I’m not pregnant but i have a bad disc in my lower back. Awful sciatica pain same as you hon. I also have a bone spur. Waiting to have back surgery on hold because on blood thinner from PE blood clots in both lungs. I know what you are going thru. I hope it gets better as you advance in your pregnancy. Try a hot bath with epsom salt and lavender oil. Also get a bunch of pillows and elevate your legs. Sit in bed legs in a v lean forward as far as u can and stretch your back. See if this helps. Nobody knows how painful this is unless they live with it. So sorry your in this pain while u are pregnant. God bless you hon.

Yeah but it really helps to stretch and do light exercises that concentrate on the area, heat and pain medication are nice, but massages and exercises help the most. It is still there, but doesn’t feel as bad.

I always have sciatica pain. Massage therapy helps ease it til its tolerable for me.

Get a pregnancy girdle it helped me tremendously I was able to move again nd walk nd b on my feet for 9 hrs

Make sure there’s someone there to help you but a yoga ball is amazing for those lower back issues

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Couple weeks ago Ended up at the chiropractors the nerve was pinched

I did and it was relieved when I had our baby. Mine started around 31 weeks and I had her the day I turned 37 weeks. I know what you are going through. She is now 7 months old. Born Oct 21 2018

cool they can post your sciatic question but not mine

Sacroiliac joint pain is also common in pregnancy and produces similar symptoms. You should get the correct diagnosis from a physician before trying to treat it. SI joint is more common in younger people. Nerve impingement (sciatica) is more common in older people.

I got really bad sciatica while pregnant to where it literally took my leg out. I started foam rolling my thigh all the way up to my lower back and it went away

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massage, stretching, foam rolling. its tight muscles causing the pinching. They need to be worked out

A heating pad can help but also try ice packs.
Your best bet is Physical Therapy and massages.,:green_heart:

i’d say it’s time for a second opinion,

Pregnancy belt helps and have your very low back /butt bone massaged daily. I had this last time and again already at 21 weeks this time.

yes chiropractor helped me too physio did nothing but check with your doctor first.