What to do for separation anxiety?

How do you help with separation anxiety? my son is six months old and wont let me leave his sight. he wont sleep long unless hes in my arms. I have tried to let him cry and fuss it out. He will just cry and cry and cry until hes picked up. my husband can take him for about 20 minutes than hes yelling for me 2 help with the screaming baby. Please help I’m very tired and drained.


Try laying him down with the shirt you are wearing… Also… White noise…

Strap him into a baby carrier around your chest and buckle in for a little longer…hell grow out of it eventually. Start leaving him for little bits at a time, gradually…and leave him with your clothes when you do

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Following, my baby is the same

Following with a 2 yr old

Leave him with dad (or a family member) more often. Only way to break that cycle is to get them used to it and more comfortable around other people

Peek a boo is a fun and great way to get their anxiety to ease gradually. A health visitor advised it with my second eldest.

Oh all I know is pray I went thru this many years ago with mine

Anxiety from change I am sure

They go through phases, just enjoy them while they’re little :heart:they grow so fast.

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I put a playpen in the middle of the living room. Settled her in and went about my morning chores. Every time i went to another room id walk to baby and pat her foot or give another toy, always saying be right back. And off I’d go maybe doing dishes or cleaning, but always walking by baby, and a word or song from the other room is reassuring to baby. She got use to me buzzing in and out. No real time to cry. I folded laundry in the Lv. Rm. and did anything else there i could. Toys, bubbles as i walked by. Soon she was looking forward to my coming and going. Make it fun. Not a prison.

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