What to do for teething baby?

Two questions:

Any advice on how to handle teething?
Favorite products. Soothing techniques. Pain relief. Anything and everything!

What do you mamas sleep on/with! I have “leaky faucets” if you know what I mean. I sleep on a towel (so comfortable right?) and milk gets everywhere and on everything and soaks through the towel and I’m like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I feed baby at midnight, 3am and then up at 6 and wearing nothing on top is just easier than fiddling with stuff middle of the night in the dark.


I was told to try vanilla extract with my first by his doctor at the time. You just rub it on their gums and it helps numb it at the same time helping pull the teeth through the skin. So it hurts them less, and less time being uncomfortable for them.

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And when I was breastfeeding I would try to pump after they ate, to get my boobs as empty as possible. It helps a little to not be as soaked waking up. Not a lot like I wished it would, lol but a little.

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Alternate Tylenol and Advil. Also, the a knot on washcloth, went and freeze know to chew on.

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Put an ice cube in a wash rag. Tie off with hair tie. Get it wet n give to baby

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Mine both liked frozen waffles. Worked like a charm. As for the tatas leaking, I had to same problem. The only solution I could come to was a bra with breast pads. Uncomfortable but effective

Hylands teething tablets. Was the difference between night and day

Frozen baby wash clothes

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I did frozen pineapple in a mesh feeder… seemed to do the trick.

Coconut oil rubbed on the gums
Frozen washclothe

Freezable teething rings are often helpful. There are teething preparations that give temporary relief. Sometimes letting them bite on a freezer pop helps. Baby Tylenol given on the dosage advice of your doctor is helpful. Unfortunately, mostly giving them the time to get through it with what help you can give is the best you can do.

I would freeze wash cloth and would help my children teeth.