What to expect with your first pregnancy?

Please help…
First pregnancy so I’m basically clueless
I had an ultrasound done at 21 weeks and it stated that my unborn 's EFW was 428g I want know if this is the correct weight ? Because I’ve been told that I’m underweight by the local Clinic and its not good for the baby and when I go to Hospital and then my doc tells me baby doesn’t seem underweight to her…
Can you please give me your opinion by the EFW theultrasound stated :pray:


I wouldn’t worry about it as of right now! The little thing is so tiny still!! Before you know it he/she will be 4 lbs!!

When I was 20w4d my baby’s weight was 366 grams… So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Ur little one’s weight…

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Some women just have a small frame, it doesn’t mean you’re underweight. My first no one could tell I was pregnant till about 6 months in. I was already tiny to begin with but I was also walking 10miles total up and down a hill to get groceries because I did have a car. As long as you are eating right you should have no problems. And babies grow by the day. If the Dr in the hospital says you look good and baby looks good, don’t worry.

I’m 23 weeks. Before pregnancy I was 117. Now I’m 112 and baby is 1 pound and healthy. Everyone is different. With my first I barely gained any weight and was all baby. She was 8 pounds. As long as you’re eating and taking vitamins and baby looks good I wouldn’t worry

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Your weight and the baby’s weight are totally separate subject.

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I was measuring 30 cm at 38 weeks and they were concerned too but my baby came out 7 lbs 3 oz. Some people just carry the baby better my tech said.

They don’t go by weight. It’s an under estimate. They go by growth.


I wouldn’t worry its still early. Hell i was only like 82 pounds when i got pregnant (im very short and always been tiny) i lost down to like 70 from sickness and was only 112 at time of birth… I did give birth at 32 weeks but she was healthy for so early… As healthy as she could be did spend time in the NICU but only 17 days… My second born i put on more weight no sickness at all and was less weight at birth but had a larger baby at 34 weeks… I tend to have them early…

They’ll tell you when to worry. I’ve lost weight throughout my pregnancy (now 31+5) and brought it up a few times, no one’s worried, so neither am I

Your babys weight is different than your weight. Ive seen a lot of tiny pregnant girls who barely get a belly and give birth to healthy babies. You still have a lot of time to grow baby in you too, just keep on top of prenatals, eating well and being hydrated.

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I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I’m a mom of 5 I was 108 when I got pregnant with my last and delivered at 144 with my baby weighing 6 lbs I’m 6 weeks PP and I weigh 132. I didn’t even look pregnant til I was 7 months.

The day I had my son they said he would be lucky if he was 5lbs. He was born 6ish hours later 8lbs 7oz. They arent always accurate unless they’re concerned I wouldn’t stress.

At mine I was 22 weeks with my 4th she was in 30 percentile she was born at 39 weeks weighing 5lb 14 oz and 19 inches she s tiny but healthy