What to feed a 10-month-old?

Meal ideas for a 10 month old?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to feed a 10-month-old?

Gerber toddler meals

Anything you eat minus obvious choking hazards like hot dogs, popcorn and whole grapes, etc etc


I did baby led weaning and my babies ate what we did. From the time they were 6 months old and they are now 23 months old and love almost every food.


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Cut up pieces of soft stuff like avocado, tofu, banana etc.

I make my baby’s food. Mostly fruit purees with whole milk yogurt.

Mashed potatoes, beans, all vegetables, diced meats and poultry, diced fruits, rice.


Pancakes, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast, Mac and cheese, cut up lunch meat, shredded cheese, yogurt, spaghetti, watermelon, bananas, green beans, steamed carrots. Just make sure everything is small enough to not choke, and the consistency of the food can easily be squished between your fingers that way you know it’s soft enough for them to chew up without teeth.


Silverbeet patatoes and carrots mushed up my boy loved it would make a pot and freeze some aswell so handy cheap and easy to make

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Soft peas …diced carrots…diced ham …easy peasy lol

I gave our kids (10months old) what ever we were eating, cut it up real fine & put on plate… help thy self, if they didnt like it they would spit it out :woman_shrugging:


Just about whatever you eat. Just run it through the blender.

Boiled egg, boiled vagetabkes, soft fruits

Baby-led Weaning

Finger shaped foods when possible, nothing small or choking hazards and they eat what you eat. I swear by this. 3 kids and none are picky eaters.

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If he/she passes all the check marks, anything and everything you eat minus raw honey.

What you eat.
Baby lead weaning

Pretty much anything at all.

You can make your baby whatever you have you can put fresh food in the blender. Add a little water or milk to thin it out. You can do that or cut everything up as small as you can get it including meat

What do you eat? They will eat the same just smash it up

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Same things that you eat

Everything you eat except honey.

Everything you eat but in smaller bites.

My daughter ate everything when she was 10 months old lol

My great Grandaughter turned 9 months old and she ate everything we ate I suu it d make her fresh applesauce
And fresh sweet potatoes