What to feed a picky eater?

My 14 month old son is suddenly refusing to eat anything except crackers, puffs, and bottles the last two days…is this a normal phase?? I think we’ve tried almost everything to get him to eat oatmeal, solid foods, baby food- anything he liked before just to get a decent amount of nutrition into him. He is teething and now has one bottom tooth and his two top teeth…but I don’t think that’s the reason. I’m just concerned because it seems like suddenly a switch flipped somewhere because he was eating a substantial amount before.


It’s just a phase. Just keep offering him food of different kinds. Fix it and put some on his plate along with puffs and crackers and let him eat.

My son does this… he’ll have a few days or a week where he doesn’t want to eat, he just snacks :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d say it’s normal.

They go through food regression. It’s normal

It’s a phase with many more to come!

Most likely a phase but if he is getting to much milk in a bottle that will fill him up

I’m going to tell you the same thing our GI doctor told us. My son has a ton of allergies, so when he gets hooked om one kind of food we are praising God. Be thankful they are eating. Let them eat and they will eventually get burned out. Try to offer something dofferent once a day ans if they don’t take it, move on

Completely normal. My 2.5 year old goes through it often.

My son went thru this phase. I started putting out new things for him while taking away the stuff he would always eat. Eventually he was hungry enough and ate what I put out.

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totally normal. this will happen quite a bit. sometimes eating a ton, but mostly when teething crunchy or cold and crunchy feels great. i’m pretty sure we lived on cheese and cold cucumber for a while

My son does it too. He will only eat the pasta or breads on his plate :joy: just weird because he really loves fruit.

Every kid goes through that phase sometimes u have to let them eat what they want we have a 2 year old that sometimes just wants to snack all day and that’s fine as long as they are eating and staying hydrated

Yeah I would solve that real quick because it’s simple to fix stop giving him anything except what you want him to eat I guarantee he will eat it maybe not the first couple times but by the end of the day he will eat


I think it’s a phase. My daughter is the same way. She’ll have days where shes eating everything then days she barely eats. But she’s steady on her weight and has lots of energy. So I know she’s fine.

It’s normal. If you are to worried about it you can get some pediasure. It has various flavors. My son was a very picky eater and we got the chocolate one. It has protein ect in it.

Its typical right around a yr or so that babies appetite and eating habits change. Their growth slows down and need for certain calories lower.
With your littles diet needs changing right now, try a new diet approach… Maybe scrambled eggs for breakfast and allow him to have finger foods rich in the meals he’d usually have… Think smaller portions at a time.
If his teething is bugging him more frozen foods could help like popsicles frozen fruit ice cream.

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Welcome to motherhood. Its going to be another 17 years of them bitching about what you serve for dinner. Try freezing some very ripe bananas throwing them in a blender with peanutbutter and a little milk, plys anything else you wanna sneak in there, some spinach or probiotics maybe. Make a smoothie and call it a milkshake.

My son will be 11 months on the 12th and he went through this for a bit. He has 7 teeth now and eats everything and anything he can get his hands on lol

Stop the bottles. Those could be filling him up. Or he’s just picky.

Wait till he hits puberty then there will never be food​:grin::grin::grin:


Most kids go through a phase like that

My 10 month old won’t eat anything but those too. He has 8 teeth and has 2 more popping thru right now. It most definitely can be from him teething. My son has been refusing to eat any of his softer foods.

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It’s called a food jag and is completely normal.

My granddaughter is 16 months. Some days she eats good a couple of times a day. Other days she eats like a bird. She loves her bottle too. She was almost weaned until recently she was sick and that was the only way she’d drink. Now we’re starting over on that.

Look at babies molars. Its normal fort hem to be picky eaters. They are cutting big teeth from 1-2

My 3 year has been the same way for what seems forever I hate it and feel like she’s starving but she’s healthy weight any everything . Just only wants to eat what she feels like eating I guess lol

They make ensure for children. Give him three a day until you can find foods he will eat. My daughter was like that. She is a very picky eater to this day…she’ll be 12 at the end of the month. Also give your son whole milk. It will help.

They go thru all kinds of stages. Mite as well hang on for rollercoastal ride

My 3 yr old is doing this now. He’ll eat hot dogs and eggs but he refuses to eat anything else most of the time. He says he wants pizza so we get some and he picks off the toppings and eats that. I have tried giving him his favorite dinners and nothing. I dont know what to do other than feed him what he will eat.

Girl at one point my kid would not eat anything unless it was a chicken nugget or a French fries… They will survive

Totally normal. His mouth is probably sore

Its a phase he more likely will eat when he ia hungry