What to feed a picky eater?

I really need advice! My daughter (almost 7 months) refuses to eat anything without bananas or bananas in it. Absolutely nothing with meat at all. But now just after eating bananas for breakfast her face is getting all red like it’s irritating her skin…is she allergic? I don’t know what to do at this point since she’s so picky. I know she will be fine with just formula but she really does love eating.


First of all, definitely bring the rash up to your pediatrician. Sometimes allergies can develop over time and get worse with exposure to the allergen. If your good to move forward. Start trying to slowly phase out bananas by phasing in other fruits or veggies. Take away a little more banana, and add in a little more of the other foods each day. My daughter was tube fed for the first year of her life, but she was SUPER picky when she started eating orally, and that’s what I had to do, because she would only eat apple and banana baby foods.

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I don’t believe meat is requirement at this age. They’re getting most of their nutrients from the formula/breast milk. Veggies and fruits should be plenty. But as said above… try transitioning. It could also be a textural thing, so adding multigrain oatmeal to thicken to the consistency could be worth a shot.

Are you giving her real mashed up bananas or baby food jar bananas? Baby food jars have citric acid added for preservative which can cause redness if it gets on her skin, my babies never had baby food jars, just real food mashed up like avocado, banana, carrots etc…


They to back off on the fruits and get some baby oats for breakfast. I would lay off the bananas and make an appointment with the doctor if your seeing a rash after she eats them. Veggies should be first for introductions when it comes to solids. Kids love the fruits and then will stop if they don’t get what they want.

Neither of my kids ate the meats either. And the lady at the wic office told me most kids don’t because they’re bitter. 🤷‍♀ bring the rash up to her doctor. We can’t tell you if she’s allergic or not. Always introduce veggies first. Fruits are sweeter and in my experience, they won’t eat veggies after having fruits. And bananas were both of my kids favorite.

My son was the same. Id just add other things to his bananas. Like oatmeal or avocados or beans. Meat isnt really necessary.

She’s only 7 months. Most of her nutrition will come from her formula. Eating is fun and practice right now, that’s it. Try mashing a real banana and see if you have the same issue.

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Food before one is just for fun" don’t worry baby will be getting all required nutrients from/ breastfeeding/ formula…

Mix bananas with everything :woman_shrugging:t3: but eat much of something can cause an allergy to it. Definitely take her to the doctor and get her tested for allergies

I would ease up on the bananas, they can cause constipation. Much like the rice cereal everyone is recommending.


This link will help you.

Cut down on the bananas, it may be building up to much potassium in her little body, it’s ok that she doesn’t eat meat yet but try offering other fruits but too much of one thing can cause a reaction and high potassium foods can be over done.

My oldest was so picky we have him protein shakes and I swear he lived in peanut butter, each kid is different. He ate his first hamburger when was was 10 ( just like I did as a kid) do the best you can. My son hated textures of food. ( me too)