What to feed picky eaters?

Any recommendations for picky eaters. He loves pasta. But making pasta everyday gets boring . Has anyone tried maybe cutting food into shapes and it worked . Any advice would be appreciated


Maybe try calling some foods by a different name. My daughter wouldn’t eat green beans when she was little unless we told her they were “greenies”.

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Try mixing pasta with new foods and slowly take away the pasta

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We told my son that broccoli were little trees and it worked lol. Also that rice were baby pastas.

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Maybe if he helps to prepare his meals, he’s be more inclined to try new things.


not sure what age the kid is-- but my kids know they have to try everything each time it is on their place-- my youngest will tell you it takes at least 7 tries to like something… and we don’t tell them what it is till they say if they like it or not. – if it is something I know they don’t like (my middle hates tomatoes and peas) I don’t make them eat those

I used to cut my boys food w cookie cutters

I eat the same as mr 3 and encourage him, we play little games like who can find all the orange foods, how many can u put on ur fork, iam a big hungry dinosaur etc… lol. Its tiring but it seems to work mostly…

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My kids wont eat alot of stuff unless they have ranch on it

I purée veggies and put it in pasta sauce and buy veggie pasta. With my picky five year old she gets to decide what’s for dinner 2 times a week, I ask her what she wants the menu to be “do you want carrots or green beans… do you want chicken or pink chicken(steak)… do you want pasta or mash potatoes” She has to eat what she’s picked, I always try to do 2 veggies, a starch and protein. We also use divided small storage containers and i put fruit, trail mix, crackers, string cheese in them and that’s their “snack” for the day. I decide what’s available and they get to choose what to have.