What to get teens for Christmas?

I know its early but i have 5 kids and start chirstmas shopping now…what are you getting your teens? teens are so expensive and idk where to even begin


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to get teens for Christmas?

We take them on trips

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Following for some ideas :blush:
I feel you mama, it’s expensive and I never know what to get them :woman_facepalming:t3:

Ear buds. Phone accessory, gift cards, shoes, jewelry. Concert tickets


Photo frames with pictures of them and their friends/family or albums to keep for when they’re grown and move out they’ll have sentimental things to take with them.
Gift cards for clothes shopping.
Band merch from their fav singer or artist.

gift cards, let them spend it how they want

We try to do a family trip at Christmas. Indoor water park has been our go to for Christmas trips

Concert tickets, shoes, clothes they want, smart watches, etc

Gift vouchers, Rebel, culture kings, Ubers, Uber eats……

We do gift cards and clothes lol

They give me a list. And I pick things for it. They know they aren’t getting everything on the list.

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She sends me an Amazon wish list

Gift cards is what I get my teens. A blanket and 1 gift of their chose

We did “experiences” instead of gifts one year. A gift card to a place to pick an outfit out(maurices) A gift card for something artsy (pottery place). A gift card for a fun family night (local pizza place with a huge arcade). A night at a hotel Waterpark. A night for bowling. And she loved it.

  • graphic tees that fit their interests
  • an experience (concert tickets, movie tickets, etc)
  • a cool pair of shoes that fit their interests
  • video games or YouTuber merch
  • instruments or art supplies or a drone or telescope depending on their interests
  • a book that fits their interests
  • something they can all do together
  • write them each a letter expressing how much you love them … it’s something they’ll be able to cherish especially once they’re adults and possibly parents to their own children

Trip, gift cards, smart watch, anything they have specifically mentioned.

1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, and 1 experience (such as concert, theme park, activity they are interested in)


Mines usually do a list of things they want and I pick from the list

Gift voucher are always a Winner

My daughter will be 13 in October. She loves make-up, drawing, anime, clothes, and books. She creates a list on her cell phone over the year and adds to it when she sees something she likes.

I have teen boys so they usually get guns, tools, clothes, shoes or boots, gift cards. I also get the oldest oil, filters and tires for his car and the younger motorcycle parts he ask for.

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I’m going to start soon money is tight

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Gift vouchers are always a win.

What ever electronic they need is what I get. But thats it, mostly. I also get pj’s, boxers, socks. As I have 3 boys, they are always needed.

Clothes they grew fast

Gas cards
Dining gift cards
Movie tickets
Concert tickets
Gift cards for shopping
Coffee gift card
Then some stocking stuffers

We’re giving 200 bucks each.

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My oldest is 16 this year we are doing cash so he can buy parts for his car and some clothes so he has something to open

You can’t go wrong with gift cards. If your kids already have phones that knocks out a few choices. If not, you might consider a camera, film, photo album, batteries; if you know your kids’ interests, books are good; novelty T-shirts usually go over well; there are a number of fun card games on the market. Kids may get a lot of use out of those if they give them a chance. The Farkle dice game is also fun. You can find it at Walmart. Clothes go over pretty good-jeans and such. Stocking stuffers can be makeup, cologne, jewelry (a bracelet or watch), slippers. Whatever they might mention that they would like.


Fire pit expensive dart board in a cupboard, fortnight t-shirt s, is what I’ve started with

Cash money. Gift cards always end up getting lost or not used by teens. No one ever loses cash, lol

Mine will be 16 and her main presents will be iphone13 and cloud9 wireless straighteners. Other things will just be like clothes, jewellery, money etc

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Vouchers for movies, clothes stores, activities so they can keep busy in the holidays

I started shopping in February for one kid. Never to early.


I don’t have a teen boy. Not yet anyway, but I do have a teen girl. Last year I got her a subscription to IPSY. She LOVES it. She looks forward to getting it every month. Aside from that, I got her art supplies (she’s very artistic), haircare stuff, and clothes. When my son reaches that age, I’ll probably just play it by ear.

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Money, gift cards, movie/concert tickets, clothes, shoes, etc.

Laptop,Tablet,Phobe,Earbuds, Clothes

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It depends on the teen…

I’ll tell you that as a teen (and a young adult even) my favorite gifts were when our parents gave us cash then we all went on a day trip somewhere. Even if it was just to one of the bigger malls in our area it was always a nice time with the family. It was never a lot of cash (my parents were very middle class) but enough to either get something small or combine with our own funds.

Loved those trips.


Yeah that’s tough. Since my oldest was about 16 anything I bought him went unused. I had him make a wishlist on Amazon & add things all year. But then he’d buy things himself or loose interest in things. Christmas stops being fun around now :joy:

Drawing supplies
New video game
Nails kits
New room decor
Have them make an Amazon wish list and give a few guidelines of some things to add


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Christmas will be slim this year for us and our 6 kids as well! We decided to get them water park season passes! :grin:

My parents started getting me things that I would need for when I moved out on my own dishes sheets my own bed they weren’t exciting things but they sure came in handy


Gift cards and CASH is always king!!

I find teens to be happier if they can purchase their own birthday and Christmas gifts.

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Experiences. We are traveling this Christmas for a vacation.


Giftcards to their favorite places, makeup, video games, fake nails, clothes, shoes, led lights for their room, apple watch, different cases for their phones stalking stuffer lol, perfume, jewelry. Rollerblades, if they play any sports new equipment.

Different phone cases, gift cards to restaurants or stores.

I get my teens gift cards. So they can get what the want. I started doing that at 12.

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I’m giving my teens money as their “big” gift. I’ll get them stockings and clothes and stuff too but I’m not stressing over it this year.

We are going on a trip for Christmas I have 4 teens. But they will get a few things. Weights for working out, jewelry, clothes.

Idky people act like it’s such a shoker to start Christmas shopping now. Christmas is literally 3 months away and some people get paid biweekly. Not to mention not just their kids to buy for but mom, dad, grandparents, nieces and nephews etc. She asked for suggestions not judgement geez. Personally I’d ask them to show you things that maybe interested in and go from there. Get one thing at a time maybe. It doesn’t always have to be the exact same thing also. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I always like to get creative stuff no matter the age. People have so many toys or technology stuff already.

We have decided to take our kids on a shopping trip for Christmas. They will all have money to buy the things they want. I’m tired of getting all this nice stuff they don’t ever touch, so we will see what they choose to buy themselves.


I decided last year to get my kids experiences vs material gifts.
Last year I gave them concert tickets to bands we love. I also love concerts so it’s a win win lol. Plus, it forces them to spend time with me :rofl:


Go on a short holiday instead of presents… Presence. I’ve done this a few times now… new swimming cossies, a new outfit and new PJs off shein, and a short holiday… either camping or visiting friends far away. My kids are teens and love this time together. Last year we went to Caboolture in Qld. On boxing day we went to the beach at Bribie island… excellent adventure… you can do whatever your budget allows. A few years ago we were super broke so camped out at the river 30 minutes away from home. and had 2 minute noodles for our Christmas meal. The year of the bushfires we went to Nowra to visit family. We all remember that trip. We went to Jarvis bay for a picnic then the next day we went to Kiama to see the blow hole and lighthouse. Another picnic.

I’m doing more gift cards for them cause I don’t want to get the whole, well I didn’t even get anything I liked comment months later

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I’m starting with my husband :joy: we only have one kid that’s 3, and this yr I’m making it about my husband bc he’s been doing a lot for our small family. I’m getting him something he couldn’t even imagine having. I’ve been saving up and gonna order his main gift next month.


Gift cards prepaid visas

Savings account for when they turn 18.

I told my kids they get 1 thing they really want cause 1. They are expensive. 2. Shit is tight AF. My oldest is either getting a corgi (been wanting one for yrs, and as she works now can afford to properly care for one) or a gaming computer system. Youngest isn’t sure yet and idk what to get my niece. Probably just get her a 100 VS gift card

Gift cards, concert tickets or other experiences.


Mine asked for a new game system. I’ve had it for a couple months now!

I just get mine a visa gift card

I get my son a few gift card’s and I take him shopping. He picks out what he want then I buy a few a them later when he is not with me. He 17 now and I will be doing that this year to. It is hard to buy stuff for teen’s now a days.

My bonus daughter is about to be 11 and I always struggle with gifts. So far she’s getting a portable phone charger lol.

Ask your teens what they want lol.


I have 5 as well. We do a Christmas box w pj’s n hot chocolate candies and other random things… then I give them all cash and let them buy what they want. We spend lots of time shopping together lol. I love it.

New shoes, new clothes. Girls you can get makeup palettes, hair accessories, a gift card to get their hair done? Boys you can get a new game system, new games, new sports equipment. My mom had me (18) boy and girl twins (13) and a 5 year old boy this past Christmas

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So smart! Many people wait last minute, go into hundreds of dollars in debt. If you can start now, DO it! You’ll save so much money, the stress of finding the perfect gifts for everyone would be lessened too! Happy shopping.

It’s all about electronics / video games / consoles / phones :tired_face:

Money, gifts cards, clothes, shoes, candy

All my teens work and buy whatever they want when they want. Now I have no idea what to get them cause they have it all! Lol

Electronics, virtual reality games, nike, gift cards

I’m just giving him the usual Christmas box, with the hot chocolate, pj and a movie. Then I’m giving him money. He can spend it how he wants to

Clothes, shoes, boots, board games or trivia type games.

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

And experiences they can remember are always nice…like a concert, weekend trip to somewhere they are interested in, lots of options depending on budget and creativity.