What to pack for a beach trip?

I’m going to the beach next weekend, for two adults and one kid what all stuff will I need?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum! What to pack for a beach trip?

Clothes, swimsuit, sunscreen, sand toys, towels

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Towels, sunblock, water to drink, snacks, a pop tent if you have fun (and are going somewhere in the south), depending on the age of the kid some sand toys…

Don’t take too much. Enjoy

Don’t overpack! Think if you’re gonna spend more time in the water or on the beach. If you’re not gonna be in the water forget all the floaties. Always bring a couple buckets and shovels, kids like to share!

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Sunblock, towels, blanket, water, snacks, sun toys… ( shovels and buckets, etc) maybe a sun umbrella. Extra clothes to change into. Bags for wet clothing.

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Baby powder…as weird as that sounds. When you leave the beach sprinkler baby powder on your legs it helps the sand come off easier


Sunscreen, hat, swim suits,umbrella or a tent for shade, snacks/food, plenty of water or drinks, first aid kit, towels, change of clothes!

Sunblock & baby powder (to get sand off) some play toys towels sunglasses . Snacks and drinks

Clothes. Swimsuits. Towels. Toys. Sunscreen. Hats. Ice Chest for drinks n food. Umbrella. Hats. Bug spray. Flip flops. Chairs. Beer. Water.


Baby powder! It is a godsend in getting sand off!


Bring me along.

If your an over packer . Make a bag for your car for things "you might need " :joy: and another with the basics to enjoy your trip. And your just in case stuff can always be in the car

Definitely umbrella or beach tent if kid is young or if one of the adults doesn’t have a good base tan. Don’t forget cooler with drinks and snacks

Extra set of clothes

Chair, sublock, umbrella, cooler with drinks and snacks/food, towels, toys, boogie board, and water shoes(sand gets really hot up by the dunes).

Google could have easily answered this one lol


Baby powder to keep sand off :grimacing:

Beach chairs, beach blanket, umbrella, cooler without wheels- one you can carry, snorkels, bag for shells, sunscreen, hats, shoes or flip flops,

Are these real questions ?

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I saw a thing that showed a fitted sheet on the beach with like coolers in the corners to hold the corners up and a bucket of water outside the sheet so you can get the sand off your feet before stepping on the sheet. I will forever do that when I go to the beach after seeing it lol

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Small hand broom and baby powder to get the sand off. Aloe. Ice packs. Bags to put wet things in. String/ clothes pins to hang wet things.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum! What to pack for a beach trip?

Baby powder to get the sand off before getting in the car etc!


Bug repellent, umbrella, brush to brush of the sand before getting in the car. Garbage bag for wet or sandy items.

Sunblock, beach chairs, large umbrella(they usually come with a big stake that goes inti the sand)cooler with ice and drinks(water, gatorade, juice) baby powder( this is a life safer for getting sand off your bodys to put shoes or other clothing on) sunglasses, water shoes depending on which beach you go to. Sand toys, water guns, towels, snacks, fitted sheet, to have a nice area to eat on without sand. Large blanket to lay on with towels. Thats all i can think of


We bring a utility wagon that folds to haul everything down to the beach. It’s a lifesaver!

Wagon to help carry items to the beach. Something to keep sun away. Snacks cooler. Wet wipes for hands. Sun screen. Trash bag for wet items after. Hand towels for the kids for there eyes they always end up getting sand on there face somehow lol

A spray bottle with water in it to rinse the salt water off your hands and face. Salt water makes you feel gross and getting it off just your hands and face makes a huge difference.

A parent doesn’t know how to pack for a trip? :roll_eyes: Some of these questions are for attention


Really swimsuits towels gas in the tank and a few bucks not hard

Swimsuits, l set of dry clothes each, towels, sunscreen, gas in the tank, money, lots of water to drink, pajamas (if staying overnight), toys for the beach.

Life jacket for kid, swim suit, sun screen, towels, snacks, drinks, wagon to pull stuff

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Baby powder rub on the sand when dry on ur legs and feet sand just falls off saves child crying from trying to wash it off some towels to go on ur car seats in case u can’t change out of wet swim clothes a pop up tent and potty in case there is no toilets u can pop up tent put potty in and hold something over the opening so nobody can see in put a nappy on bottom of potty beforehand all spills mopped up a bag for rubbish a flask which u already warm up to put hot food in just butter ur rolls or sandwiches keep em seperate then put together when ready some towels change of clothes each a big umbrella for the sun one of those fence things to block out the wind a picnic and sunscreen and a small blow up pool if ur kid is small money for ice-cream on the way home some bags for sea shells if ur kid likes collecting them a jumper each in case u get cold

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Toys(beach, toys), kite, swimsuits, towels if you want them, sweaters just in case, sunscreen, water plenty and drinks, snacks/lunch, sunglasses

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow:… baby powder? Explain.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum! What to pack for a beach trip?

Bring pack n play(easier to carry then a stroller.tad heavier but definately a better option bc chances are baby will be done by the first hour

Sunblock, umbrella, chairs or towels, when my son was younger I took a fitted sheet elastic towards too n placed bags on 4 corners n it was a make shift corral n no dirty sandy feet. Fresh water to rinse feet before getting back in vehicle, sandcastle toys or toys ur child likes.

A small garbage bag. Freeze your bottled water the night before. It will keep everything in the cooler cold and your water will be ice cold.


Sunscreen towels water sun glasses hats sand toys if you’d like and snacks if you plan on being there all day. Maybe one of those beach umbrellas and a bag for shells/rocks

Everything but the kitchen sink.:joy:

Baby powder it will help get the sand off you

If it’s oregon or washington coast definitely bring warm clothes.

We just took towels,sunscreen and sandwich stuff in the cooler and drinks for the trip.

Bring baby powder! When little hands(adult ones too!) Get sand on them it’s hard to get off a little baby powder in the hands and rub it all over them dries up the sand and knocks it all off ! Great for when your wanting to eat a snack and not sand!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum! What to pack for a beach trip?

1 large blanket, packed lunch, foldable chairs, 3 towels, clean underwear. Go in your bikini underneath your clothes. Thats it you don’t need much

Just a suggestion. I like to use flat sheets as beach blankets. They’re light, fold up easily and the sand comes right off with a good shake. When my kids were younger, and I needed more stuff, such as toys. I loaded everything up in a laundry basket. Much easier to gather everything up in.


I don’t know how the weather will be there but don’t forget your sunscreen.

Snacks. And a cooler full of drinks for hydration. Sunscreen. Change of clothes. Towel. Water shoes if the beach isn’t sandy and has more of rocky texture.

Why go to the beach if sand bothers you

It’ll be easier if you just stay home🙂


Who doesn’t know what to pack for a beach trip?? Hint going to be sunny and wet 🤦🤦


Sometimes y’all ask some stupid ass questions. If you don’t know what you’ll need for you and your family on vacation, then you have no business going on vacation in the first place. Jesus Christ, common sense isn’t that common anymore

I like to bring an old flat sheet or quilt to set up our base camp.

Whatever you want lol

Baby powder, put a bunch on you feet (or where ever) before getting into the car and it will help get the sand off easier

…A mini keg and a babysitter?