What to pack in hospital bag?

Hi! I’m going to be delivering my first baby very soon! I have zero idea what to pack for the hospital back for both myself and the baby. Any tips?? How many outfits will we need?


You won’t really need anything except your going home clothes, your own toiletries, and your phone/camera and cords. Baby won’t need anything except maybe a couple of outfits if you don’t want them to stay in the hospital onesie.


Hospital typically has everything for the baby. And if you want anything extra for like going home. And for you you just need to pack like you’re going to hotel basically

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Don’t forget a some hair things and Chapstick!


Phone charger and speaker if you want music. Button down shirt if you plan on nursing . cute baby clothes for pics

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Your own slippers, phone charger, outfit to leave in for you and a couple choices of outfits to put baby in. Also There are lists online that will help you more

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I’ll be a ftm come September and I plan on using the photo posted as a reference for what to pack.

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10ft phone charger was a lifesaver! We also brought a bunch of snacks. Great for whoever will be there with you (and to potentially sneak a bite if you get too hungry!)

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From experience with my first I would bring extra clothes 30 mins before going home I found out my baby had a heart condition and we just brought coming home clothes etc so I recommend pack extra bc they had to fly to children’s hospital and we had no clothes so best to do so

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A blanket, SNACKS LORDY PLEASE PACK SNACKS, boy short undies for after i found more comfortable than the disposable ones,camera, phone, outfits or robe, go home outfit!,brush, tooth brush/paste, your go home sweat pants or shorts, definitely take into consideration prepping for aftercare when you go home too. Pads, cooling spray if your hospital doesnt supply it, etc.

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Check with friends or family who have had a baby recently to see what all the hospital supplies for baby! Where I live the hospital has the diapers, a receiving blanket, an outfit, diapers, wipes and formula if you formula feed! So with my first I over packed for baby! So with my second
Baby: a couple different sized outfits (my son was 7lb5oz and still needed preemie sized clothes so you really never know) and a thicker cover (he was born in nov), and took his carseat!
Me: my phone, my charger, night clothes, slippers and my own shower products and hair brush!

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For you:Toiletries,phone,comb,slippers, towel,clothes,adult diaper,undies,breast pump(if needed)

For the baby: baby clothes, nappies, wipes,diapers etc

Pack at least 1 change of clothes for you. A couple for baby. . chapstick. Lotion. Phone/camera. I brought a whole bag of snacks and drinks. Lolol

Baby 1 outfit to come home in, you will need a car seat when baby goes home, you-toothbrush, paste, deodorant, comfy clothes or robe, undies, socks, comb, hair ties, an outfit to go home in. Don’t forget phone/camera.

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I wanted my own nightgown and fuzzy socks, hair ties, toiletries and camera and I brought a little notebook. My mother in law was there and she made note of every little thing that happened, funny thing we said and things that happened when I was in a haze after labor. I journalled in it after the birth for the two days that we were there. I put it in the scrapbook. Oh we also brought a bag of change for vending machines for my husband and of course a little going home outfit for the baby.

How long is the typical stay after having a baby…if everything were to go as planned?

Comfy stretchy clothes foe you
Extra panties- hospital has amazing net onss but you may not like them
Hygiene supplies fir shower- your first shower after baby will be the best shower ever!!!
Perfume! I felt so dirty after birth and coukdnt shower till later that night 8 hours later
Charger and phone and camera

Baby bag
Few outfits
Going home outfit
A comfy blanket! I brought a fleece one igs her fav now

They’ll supply formula id you are formula feeding
Diapers and wipes ars supplied and so will lotion etc for her first bath!

Best of luck!!

Also- any extra wipes diapers formula takw with you as they have to throw it away if you dont take it!!

Comfortable pajamas snacks tylenol extra strength formula just in case plenty of outfits for baby. Slippers and socks phone charger. Suitable carseat blankets big underwear (trust me!) Tooth brush and tooth paste

Your own pjs, hair brush, toothbrush/toothpaste, body wash (if your room has a shower) an outfit for you to come home in, snacks. For baby all I took was a few outfits in different sizes, the hospital had everything else (bottles, formula, diapers and wipes). Phone and charger

Brush,pads , shampoo/conditoner, tooth brush, slippers, clothes, baby clothes ,charger, blanket, snacks

Newborn and 0-3 months size clothes my last baby was 10lbs unexpectedly, I kind of knew she was going to be a little big but was surprised when the nurse told me how big she is 3 now and going strong

Don’t forget daddies need a hospital bag too if he’s staying with you. My didn’t even think to bring himself one and had to go back home to get some things. But I took some travel size things to shower with. Hair supplies. Some house socks or slippers to walk around in. Phone charger. Change of clothes for myself and baby. Some lanolin cream for my breasts because mine were sore and dry at first but you could use your own milk too by expressing some and rubbing it around the nipples but the cream helped keep them moist and from scabbing better than milk. Camera. Burp rags. Breastfeeding bra, you won’t need panties unless your having a c-section. Baby mittens and socks. Extra pillows(hospital ones go flat). Extra bags for gifts(Dollar Tree reusable shopping bags work great- usually near the shirts and home supplies, also great to use as your hospital bag). Diaper bag for baby. Hope this helps. Congratulations

Bring a few pairs of clothing, different sizes, charger, clothes for you, shower stuff if wanted (a lot of hospital provide) chap stick, and please, bring your own pillow. It will make everything so much better