What to pack in hospital bag?

I know I have a long time before delivery but I want to know what should i pack in my bag when its almost time to go? Im a new mom and cant ask any of my family for help due to me being so far away from the advice id need.


chapstick socks! nursing bra or tank top

Comfy clothes, books/activities, own pads, shampoo conditioner body wash, snacks

Outfit for baby to go home in

Something to bite on when contractions get tough

Loose clothing
Nursing bra
Soap/ tooth brush and paste
Thongs or slippers
Hair tie

I packed diapers, wipes, going home outfits (even though my husband had to go buy newborn clothes cause what he had were to big), binkies… and for me I had going home outfit, cell phone/charger, robe, slippers, snacks/drinks, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, crossword puzzle, etc.

Diapers, baby clothes things for you

Bring your own blankets and pillows, they’ll help.
Chap stick, you’ll definitely need it.
Bring your own favorite snacks, cause hospital food.
Slippers, loose clothing and cool nightgowns.
Books, coloring what have you.
Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste/shampoo and conditioner and your own towel- hospital towels suck.
Bring extra bags too, you’ll go home with more than you came with.
Baby clothes/blanket.
Baby mittens so he/she doesn’t scratch their face too much.
If you’re nursing get a nursing bra, or just don’t wear one lol.

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Comfy clothes, outfit for baby to go home in, essentials for you like toothbrush toothpaste etc, phone charger. That’s all I took I got anything else I needed from the hospital.

Snacks n a few baby outfits… Baby will puke on a few for sure

Loose clothing , house coat/robe , shampoo, pads , full underwear, slipper , snacks for after birth :blush:breast pads , nursing bra …if nursing. Baby clothes , diapers , wipes, swaddle blankies and a hat for babe

Comfy granny panties!

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Toothbrush. Maxi pads

I put 3 days worth of clothes, swaddle towel, I bought a spare phone charger, all my wifes favorite stuff. Like spas and her own shampoo so that way it made her feel good. I had the baby car seat and everything right where it needed to be.

Pjs snacks 1 going home outfit for the baby and bring an extra bag for all the free baby stuff u get in p.p room!!!


It’s different for everyone. Myself personally I packed the following:
Hair brush
Hair elastics
Body wash
Lots of Gatorade
Cell phone charger
Comfy underwear
Pyjama pants
Night gowns
Fuzzy socks
*For the baby I packed:
Receiving blankets
Boob pads (if you’re BF)
Outfit to go home in


Nipple cream and your favorite pillow

A loose fitting gown. I wouldn’t recommend pajamas because the doctor will need to examine you after you have the baby. It’s easier with a gown. Toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush. The hospital should provide a lot of things.

Might be a bit T.M.I. but after an unplanned c-section 15 months ago, I suggest Depends undergarments. They work way better than the mesh panties and huge pads the hospital provides.
Also, they are high waisted so they don’t rub on any bandaging. You also won’t have to worry as much about accidental leaking.

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Mine came a whole month early, so I didnt have my bagged packed and had to leave it to my husband and niece…lol pack yours in advance.

Loose clothing, hair brush and extra hair elastics, wash cloth, chap stick, socks/slippers, housecoat, toothbrush/toothpaste, nursing bra and bra pads, shampoo/conditioner, gum, phone/charger, earphones for music, deodorant, your own blanket and pillow, book to read, get some big ass underwear lol. Then for baby a few outfits and a bunch of diapers, hats, blankets, baby wipes.

My first was born in a birthing center so I was only there for about 6 hours and all I had was the things for my daughter. My son was a different story, I had his diapers, clothes, blanket, burp cloths, a change of clothes for me, hair brush and toothbrush and a book. Didn’t really have much down time between the baby and family lol

Few pairs of Clothes for you
Few pairs of clothes for daddy
Go home outfit for munchkin and a few onesies for your hospital stay
Pillow (you and dad)
Cash for dad to get snacks

Chap stick! You’ll thank me for this later!

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Do your kegels faithfully :worried:

I’m packed in case of me having another unplanned C-section so I understand if some of these don’t sound necessary. I have an outfit and a pair of pajamas, depending how I feel coming out of the hospital. Socks, slippers, toiletries, phone charger, a maternity pantie, a robe to throw behind my gown in case. Baby outfit, a couple hats mittens, blankets, sleepers

The hospital will give you a johnny, elasta panties and pads. Guard you clean PJs for home and your laundry. One set of baby cloths to go home with including outer wear depending on the season. Your own toiletries. Your own pillow and boppie for feeding to get practice using it with the Lactation Consultant (ask for her) Your choice of play list

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A change of clothes for you. Shower stuff. Panties. Pajamas. Pads (always overnight 5). Toothbrush and toothpaste. Sandals.

A shower bag, a robe, going home clothes. Plenty of large underwear. A sports bra. For baby: diaper bag with diapers wipes alcohol and q tips, and going home clothes and socks, and an Extra baby blanket.

Comfy clothes to go home in (something you won’t mind bleeding in on accident), toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant), chapstick, snacks, a book or something to entertain yourself during contractions and the baby sleeping, an outfit or two for the baby, and anything else for your comfort. The hospital will provide you with pads, mesh undies, diapers, wipes, formula, recieving blankets, and hats but you can always bring your own too.

Oh, and some women have mentioned adult diapers for the bleeding. Not a bad idea, though I never used them myself.

Honestly I overpacked a loooot. If I could go back;

for baby- going home outfit, one sleeper, one blanket, pair of mittens and socks, hat and bottle/binky you want them to use. That’s it. Most hospitals supply plenty of diapers and wipes.

For myself;
Comfy going home clothes, a few pairs of granny panties, nursing bra, phone charger, cheap flip flops for the shower, make up for pictures, ponytail and brush, travel shampoo, deodorant and body wash and your own robe. Don’t overpack. It’s just more crap to hassle with and once you get home you’re not gonna feel like unpacking it all.

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I overpacked alot when I went in for my first, so I suggest just packing bare minimum stuff. Its supet overwhelming trying to drag all the stuff with you after you have the baby, expecially with being so exhausted.

A change of clothes for you, snacks, water!!! and a drinking bottle with a straw so it is easier for you to keep hydrated during labor. Tooth brush, and baby items in the multiples as babies do puke. Phone charger. And fyi if you have a playlist that calms you or settles the mood for you, have that either packed or ready to go (huge helper in calming during labor so you can create the correct hormones to kick labor into gear)

All of these things mentioned are great, I take a cheap pair of flip flops to use in the shower and throw away after!

Idk what to say but Pack at 25 weeks. Had my daughter out of the blue at 30w and had nothing for her😂

Don’t forget to bring an extra pillow!