What to pack in hospital bag?

Im 33 weeks and want to be prepared, what did you pack for baby and yourself in preparation for delivery? what did the hospital provide you with as far as post partum care? what didn’t you have that would have been useful?


Ask when you do your hospital tour what all they provide. I brought 2 different side outfits bc we werent sure on size. Yoga pants and easy access t shirts if nursing. I also HAD to take a shower lol so i brought my own shower stuff. I didnt tear or bleed hardly at all so I was actually in overnight pads vs those mesh underwear with the diapers lol

Jolly ranchers are great for when you arent supposed to eat anything

Just pack yourself pajamas or clothes if you dont wanna wear hospital gown. Your own hygiene products, maybe a book or music. For your baby, you’ll need going home outfit and carseat. The hospital will provide wipes, diapers, extra t shirts, blankets, and anything you’ll need for care of circumcision if having a boy. They’ll also give you extra mesh panties, long pads, and all the cleaning supplies, especially if you tear and need stitches

I packed a pillow and blanket, toothbrush, deodorant, a change of clothes, slippers, brush, ponytails, chapstick and phone charger (for myself)
For my husband I brought his toothbrush, deodorant, slippers, 2 outfits (complete with 2boxers and 2pairs of socks), phone charger, pillow, blanket.
For baby, I brought a blanket, coming home outfit, hat, & socks. And car seat of course!

The hospital had diapers, wipes, breastfeeding stuff (nipple cream and pads), and everything to help my lady bits (they had witch hazel pads, numbing spray and some jelly stuff- pads, mesh panties and the spray bottle).

If you plan on breastfeeding I’d bring nursing pads and nipple cream to be safe. :heartpulse:

Change of clothes and phone plus charger and a outfit for baby to go home

For myself: I packed a small regular overnight bag with toiletries, sanitary napkins, old underwear I could throw away, yoga pants, a flowy cardigan and nursing tanks. My own pillow!! Chargers, lip balm, nipple cream, small bills for vending. For the baby: breastpump, a couple of outfits and diapers. And take all the baby supplies in the room home with you!

Every hospital will provide different things. I brought too much, i used the following: a robe, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, deodorant, sports bra, swim top (for tub labor), nursing bra if you want one for under your gown, comfy outfit for leaving, going home outfit for baby (I brought a preemie and a NB size, he used the preemie), diaper bag (I live an hour from the hospital so I brought it in case), phone charger, slippers, and the car seat. I stayed 2 nights in the hospital.
Some people also bring a pillow and blanket from home.

I brought a change of clothes and a hair tie of course my tooth brush brush my baby book and had them stamp both of my kids feet at the same time they did do the hosp

Take your own shampoo and conditioner!! :weary::joy:

My hospital provided everything for me and the baby other than the clothes on our backs and toiletries like toothbrushes, deodorant and stuff

Pack a chapstick and hand or regular lotion. Believe it or not I was so uncomfortable due to dry skin and dry lips. Lol