What to pack in hospital bag?

I’m a ftm and I wasn’t to sure what to pack in my hospital bag. What do I need and aren’t going to need?


Everything you’d need for a hotel stay up to 3 days for mom and a baby

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Bring your own pillow(s)! Seriously I didn’t know this the first time and it was miserable for 3 days. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but I promise it makes a difference lol

My biggest thing was a proper hair brush. Most only give a small men’s comb.

Clothes 2 go home in and baby ur own pillow I called my hospital with same question to see what I needed oh and bring phone charger…

Just call wherever you’re going to be delivering and ask. Places are different like my most recent I only needed going home stuff and carseat they provided everything you could need or want. Just remember that they usually do newborn pics in the room so anything u want for those and anything u want those first footprints on.

After having my son my arms was so numb and tired from holding on to the bed rails and pulling the nurses :joy: a boppy pillow was the only way I could hold my son! I also used adult diapers instead of the huge pads they give you, bring a blanket from home so baby gets used to the scent, they will give you diapers and wipes and most of the necessities for the baby, just bring some comfy LOOSE clothing for you, and weather appropriate outfit for the baby. Travel sizes shampoo and conditioner of your favorite brand, same with body wash, it’ll make you feel more comfortable at “at home”

For you I’d pack underwear,bedroom slippers and night GOWNS.

I always went with if you were going out of town for a couple days what do you bring? I brought your essential toiletries, clothes, phone charger. Also agree snacks and drinks. Idk about your hospital but ours has the worst food. I’m sending my husband out this time :joy: and I was always thirstier than just the soda they give at your three basic meals so we brought a case of water to drink. I plan on bringing stuff to keep me busy when it’s quiet

A robe toothbrush toothpaste hair ties slippers body wash shampoo conditioner a boppy pillow for baby phone charger brush outfit for you and baby to come home in and pjs

personal hygiene items and toiletries… comfy clothes for you like yoga or pjs pants.if you get cold easily like me you’ll want to spring a blanket for yourself… onesies or any picture outfits you want for the baby

the hospital will provide you with items for your undercarriage and diapers, wipes ,formula (if needed) for the baby

I brought clothes and that’s about it. Hospital provided toiletries and hygiene items

Girl, I brought… for baby : baby lotion, 3 days worth of clothing, pacey (if using), &
a baby blanket.
For me; 3 days worth of clothing, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, spray, lotion for myself, my own blanket…(which I used for a pillow lol), deodorant, comfy shoes & socks, and a jacket. & my phone charger.

Pillows a cozy blanket warn sock or slippers… ur gonna need a camera… basically bring anything u need for yourself cuz baby will be covered for her stay… bring her clothes to bring home in and her car seat that’s about it

And definitely a charger for ur phone maybe even a portable charger

I only used a fluffy towel i brought, toiletries, brush, socks, nipple pads, my going home outfit and my blanket. I stayed in my hospital gown the whole time and i used their underwear. Also bring your own towel. The hospital ones are so tiny and thin.

Super comfy underwear, socks, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothbrush, phone charger, I just brought the essentials and some snacks

I packed like nuts, high fiber things because your first bowel movement will be difficult. Movies if they have a DVD player. Make sure you have your charger to your phone. I took thank you notes for nurses mine were amazing!! Good luck.

I packed socks. Nightgowns. Blanket. Phone charger. Extra clothes. Baby clothes. Shampoo n body wash. Snacks. N change for snacks. Comfy underwear

I packed toiletries, chargers, my laptop (to watch Netflix), and an outfit for baby and I to go home. Baby didn’t wear clothes until we went home because we did skin to skin the majority of the hospital stay.


Going home clothes for you and baby. Tbh you dont need much. Undies and night gown or 2.

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I didn’t take anything except something to wear home, the hospital provided everything I needed and gave me a ton of extra self care items to take home. Same with baby except add car seat!!

Not sure if anyone suggested but get yourself a few pair of oversized underwear in case you wind up with a c-section. You want a pair big enough that the elastic won’t sit on the incision. I had an unplanned C and was so happy to have had them in my bag. Good luck!

Clothes to go home in for both u and baby. if your nursing breast pads heavy duty if you dont want to use baby shapoo for you travel size bottles of your shampoo and conditioner toothbrush extra pads everything else hospital normally provides

You are not going to need a razor.

Take whatever YOU need.

With my first I took everything I could think of phone tablet chargers a bunch of clothes for baby, diapers, wipes, clothes for me, and a whole lot more lol I didnt use hardly any of it!
My second I just took 2 outfits (one for the day he was born one for the day we went home) I didnt take diapers or wipes because the hospital provides that! The hospital provides formula if you decide to formula feed, they provide a pacifier if you choose to let your baby have one! I just took comfy clothes for me and my phone and charger!

Pack extra underware. Anything that comforts you as u will be comforting your baby. Bring snacks you like as hospital good can be depressing.

Phone charger, clothes for your husband/ bf if he might be at work when you go to hospital

Your personal hygiene items, going home clothes for you and baby. Maybe movies, music or book to read. Try to find a long charging cird cuz its hell tryna charge your phone and use it lol Oh and STOOL SOFTENER

Charger. Hair ties. Slippers. Comfy clothes. Snacks. Your own pillow. Maybe a blanket. Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion - I bought a mini travel thing from Wal-Mart that had everything). Going home outfit.

For baby: going home outfit, couple onesies, pacifier (if you want to use one), receiving blanket, socks and hat.
If the hospital provides diapers and wipes you don’t have to pack any

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Chapstick, lol I know that’s weird. But also make sure you have your own soap and shampoo, the shower after birth is amazing so you want your own stuff. My own pillow was the only thing I forgot but had to have someone bring to me. Undies, clothes, maybe a few outfits for baby, you don’t need diapers/wipes there. And take some snacks.

Baby wipes, nipple cream if ur breast feeding, slippers

Bring stuff for only you they supply everything for baby unless you want him/her to wear outfits you have at home.

I was lucky to have my son where I did, I didn’t use anything in my bag except my phone and charger the whole three days I was there. I lucked out and they provided everything, even a pump. I also used a notepad on the last day to write down all info and appointments. And then going home outfits for me and baby. I’d say call your hospital and see what is provided.

bring your favorite toothpaste and mouthwash! Also if you have a favorite pillow, bring it so your more comforable