What to pack in my hospital bag?

What did you pack in your hospital bag that you did not end up needing? What didn’t you pack that you wish you would have?


Pack hair ties, backscratcher, and chapsticks
Also oversized pajamas like this style, keeps your butt from hanging out in a gown and easy access for breastfeeding

Each time I brought 50 some hats for the baby that never got put on. For both kids I forgot shampoo and conditioner. All they had at the hospital was the baby shampoo.

I wish I’d packed fruit because the food was so carb dense and you really don’t want to get constipated after having a baby. I also took an MP3 player loaded with upbeat music which I listened to during labour at night. Easier than juggling playlists on your phone. I also brought a TENS machine which was the only pain relief I ended up needing as it was so effective.

The hospital should provide you with everything you will need. (Besides phone chargers)
Anything you take is optional and personal preference.
Personally I took comfy clothes for me, dad and baby, a diaper bag that was packed with all the essentials, my breast pump, a nursing pillow, and personal hygiene products.