What to pack in my hospital bag?

Im having my baby on May 31 so its coming up fast. What do I need to pack in the hospital bag. I will be having a c section. Also the hospital where I am delivering u does not let u take or give u anything to take home.


If I was you I would just sneak and put stuff in the diaper bag!


Bring yourself, someone will bring up what is needed

They should provide the essentials to clean yourself up with but if not Tucks, dermoplast spray, panties large enough to hold those massive pads. Some women wear depends. Spray bottle because you cant wipe. (They should give you this too)
I took my robe and slippers. Couple outfits. My breast pump (if you plan to breast feed) so they could teach me how to use it. (If you dont have one they will let you use one also) My own towel because the hospitals are the size of a damn wash cloth. Lol.
Essential toiletries. Charger, books/magazines. Dont forget the Car seat for the car seat study.
I’d pack dad a bag and some snacks/change for vending machines too.

I took stuff home with me but the nurse I had was really nice and always brought extra stuff in and told me to put it in my diaper bag. I just brought a change of clothes for myself my charger for my phone a brush toothbrush toothpaste deodorant & shampoo. For the baby I brought a blanket 2 outfits, a pair of pajamas and hand mittens

I had a csection. Bring comfy clothes for the ride home, slip on sandals, socks, your own pillow if you want, make sure to ask for a binder as it will be a life saver when it comes to walking, extra clothes for the baby, diapers, wipes, shampoo and such for when you shower. That’s all I can remember right now.

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I brought a few changes of comfy pajamas that allowed for easy nursing (plus a comfy going home outfit for myself), my own toiletries, a couple of outfits for the new baby, my own pillow, and comfy slip-on shoes. I used their diapers, wipes, and blankets while we were at the hospital. I also had a c-section. :blush:

I used Depends instead of their huge uncomfortable pads after my csection

Take it anyways… they are just gonna throw it out. Grab as many packs of mesh underwear you can fit in a bag. And the squirt bottle! Life saver for the first week so u don’t have to bend so much.
I packed baby’s clothes a phone charger hubbys t shirt deodorant and extra hair ties. And clothes for my husband.

I’m just throwing this out there too cuz they won’t tell you… DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE UNTIL YOUR POST PARTUM CHECK UP. No one told me and one side of my incision got red and puffy due to the pressure❤️

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Clothes for you
Clothes for Bub
Blanket/wraps for
Phone charger

Super stretchy pants. Tons of tank tops. Shower stuff. Phone, charger, pillow, a couple outfits and jammies for the baby.

If they wont provide one to you GET A BELLY WRAP!!! It saved my life I wore it for 3 almost 4 weeks afterwards.
My mom some how got them to give us an extra and it was life changing

A nightgown for yourself and granny pants…a few outfits for babes…they supply diapers

Oh and use the water bottle they give you…truuuussst me

That’s a messed up hospital lol
The hospital my son was born in gave me EVERYTHING that touched his body, including a blood pressure cuff that hooks up to the hospital machines (what am I supposed to do with that lol)

I had 2 C-sections take clothes with the will not put pressure on your stomach