What to pack in the hospital bag?

FTM Due July 3. What do I put in my hospital bag and what type of bag is best to bring, suitcase, duffel bag, diaper bag, tote, etc.?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What to pack in the hospital bag?

Honestly the only thing I used out my hospital bag was my phone charger, hair brush, tooth brush, and an easy dress to throw on. If you don’t want to use the hospital soap and shampoo then I’d bring your own


Stuff for your partner


Something big enough to take all of the hospital stuff home with you lmao


I did a like duffel bag. Pajamas, nursing bra, shampoo and shower stuff, phone charger and snacks.

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The most important thing for me was chapstick.


Duffle bag… you really only need phone charger, comfy set of clothes for leaving, tooth brush and hair brush. They provide everything else you’ll need

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Don’t overpack. Hospital has most everything, including fans, water bottles and such. Bring a long phone charger, comfortable shoes you can slip on, wear clean clothes in and then just wear them on your way out too, I just wore a hospital gown and a robe.
For baby just a going home outfit and maybe a special blanket.
Remember whatever you take you have to unpack when you get home. Less is more


Snacks, pillow and blanket for your partner. A change of clothes to go home in for you, and pj’s. Make sure your clothing is loose. Phone chargers, tablet if you have one.

Nothing. They give you everything you need. I have four kids. I never brought anything but three outfits for baby and cash for vending machine. Phone charger.

Clothes and socks for baby (they only wrap them in a swaddle with a diaper), comfortable clothes for you, underwear, nursing bra (if nursing), hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, phone charger, snacks you like

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I took a cheap pair of Walmart flip flops to wear in the shower cause tbh you don’t really know how often they get cleaned immediately after use , and tbh we all know were expelling a few different things/fluid/blood. I also bought my own night gowns from Walmart easy access to your mommy diaper & more comfortable than theirs , great for pictures. & Get multiple just in case that one gets stained etc. If the hospital doesn’t give you enough freeze pads target / Walmart has a line that sells them! A whole line of post birth products!

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Duffle bag, charger, anything for entertainment like coloring stuff if your into that, maybe your game console if you want to watch your fav shows or movies or what ever you use to stream your stuff blanket and outfit for baby a clean pair of clothes for your self and shampoo and body wash if you plan to take a shower there as soon as your able

The one thing I wish I packed was a nice shirt for me and my hub.
Reason-the hospital offers a professional photoshoot.
Our pics are amazing…I only had a oversized hoodie and my hub had his infamous sleeveless t-shirt! Lol

Small suitcase easy for partner/ nurse to haul in hospital …. Definitely your own shampoo and body wash a nice comfy robe maybe 2 one thick and one light the baby’s going home outfit and definitely snacks and drinks oh and can’t forget your own pillow I hate flat pillows lol

A small Suitcase or duffel bag if u want to pack light. I personally put baby’s things in her own diaper bag. For my bag I took 4 sets of loose fitting clothes (yoga pants/ leggings, large top, slip on dress, oversized night gown, fuzzy socks, slippers, hair ties, brush, make up if u use it for when u have visitors, phone charger, camera, paper/pen, snacks, money) for baby pack a couple of comfy outfits that are warm but not hot, hats/mittens/socks. The Hospital really gives u the most important things so u don’t need to bring much. I recommend ur own shampoo or soap if u don’t want to use the hospital provided ones. They’ll give u diapers/wipes/formula/baby soap & hygiene items for yourself. DON’T FORGET YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE AND maybe your ss card just incase. Money for baby’s first pic if u want the ones from the hospital’s contract ******** if ur ob had u bring a baby book to each appointment take that and meds u may need unless the dr already said they’ll provide those while you’re in their care. Your own pillow/quilt/two baby blankets.

Bring a pillow. And a long enough charger to reach the bed. I also took my own shampoo and stuff like that. Didn’t care for the hospitals.

I was in denial about being in labor because I was supposed to be going out of state to my grandfather’s funeral. My attitude was I did not have time for this, this was not happening right now and wasn’t going to happen for 7 more weeks, I had stuff to do to that day and childbirth was not on the list. My husband insisted we take something with us when I went to go get checked out just in case. I put my bathrobe and a phone charger in a walmart bag and that was all I took with me :joy: come to find out my water had broken and I was indeed in active labor. 8:40 am the next morning twin A was born followed shortly by twin B


You bring what you think you’ll need. I recommend comfortable pajamas, slippers, flip flops (for the shower), 2 phone chargers (incase 1 gets lost or stops working), toiletries (US hospitals will provide you with baby shampoo/body wash, gross toothpaste etc), depends disposable underwear (trust me you’ll be comfortable), a flowy dress to go home (if you have a C-section pants will irritate your incision, I learned this the hard way),

Lip balm
Comfy clothes for you and baby to go home in
Flip flops for the shower slippers and or slipper socks for the ward
Hair ties if you have long hair
Glasses case and or contacts case and solution
2 robes I’m taking 1 thick one and 1 lighter one
2 nightgowns with nursing features.

I had slippers, a robe, my preference of pads, I even had my own quilt, but that was a comfort thing. If it’s a girl I had head bands for mine. Clothes to go home in for you and baby.

I took extra robe
And clothes to wear home
Note Book pens
For me

For baby took
Going Home OutFit
and my body wash shampoo hair brush tooth brush mouth wash

For my husband extra clothes
Whatever else he needed

Bring a duffle bag, put some comfy clothes in it for your travels home. Maybe some slippers or slides. Bring your own soap and shampoo, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Glasses/contact stuff if needed. Phone charger and chapstick! You won’t need much for baby because the hospital should provide everything for your stay. Take an outfit to take baby home in and a blanket for the car ride home. Also take snacks in your bag!

I’m due July 4th. Main thing for you Is comfortable clothes and some shower supplies and a phone charger dont bring pillows blankets or anything like that 3rd pregnancy for me and bare min has been best honestly (I did make sure to have food/snacks because I refuse to be told I can’t have them.)

Your own wipes (the ones at the hospital near me you have to get wet.) Clothes for you and baby. Phone charger. Toiletries.

Your own pillow and blanket! I swear it is soo worth it. I brought 2 robes one fuzzy and one light. Baby bag with all clothes, pacifiers and socks and hats. I brought my tablet and charger. Sweats! My own underwear I didn’t mind messing up with fluids lol.

I ended up going with my second child with nothing but my meds and favorite stuffed animal. The hospital and nurses took great care of me and my baby.

Clothing for baby, blankets, nappies wipes tight undies for yourself, comfy slippers, robe, toiletries, comfy pj’s , snacks

Duffel bag and whatever diaper bag you’re using is plenty. People are going to tell you to pack this and that but it’s overdoing it. Milk the hospital for what they have. Towels etc. use their‘s. No they aren’t the nicest but you’re going to be bleeding and it’s not for a long time. Bring Chapstick bring no slip socks a nightgown and a summer dress to leave. Travel size toiletries and face cleaner. And for baby bring like two outfits some diapers and some wipes so when you leave you are good to go. And a long charging cord.
I did bring my own pillow but used the hospitals boppy pillow 

Tank top and soft pants or shorts

Nursing bra
Nursing gown.

Shower supplies.

Flip flops


Depends! (The disposable underwear) saved me a ton! Chapstick!

Does it really matter what type of bag you use?

Lots of good suggestions but also get some baby nail files and take them with you. When I had my babies the hospital did not file their sharp little fingernails tonails. They scratch up their faces. You can’t use a scissor on newborn nails but you can use an emery board. I had little ones that were meant for babies.

What’s helpful and comforting to you might not be a necessity to someone else. I see an above comment says not to bring your own pillows or blankets, those were a must for comfort for me though. Make a list. I’d rather have it and not need it than want it and not have it.

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No matter what you bring you’ll always wish you had something else packed :laughing: that happened to me all three times. This last time I got myself a delivery/nursing gown so I wouldn’t have to wear a hospital gown and I am so happy I did. I still use it! I found mine on Amazon. Also bring an extra long length charger for your device.

Pack of newborn and size one diapers
Pack of non scented wipes
A couple sleepers with zippers
Lotion for you and baby
Soaps for you
6 full sized underwear get a size bigger so theyre comfy but don’t fall down
Overnight pads ( bigger the better )
Or you can use the adult diapers

Comfortable clothes to lay in.
Plenty of Underwear
Toiletries - shampoo - cond - body wash - toothbrush an paste - brush - hair tyes - deodorant.
Slippers an socks
Pads - maternity (I took 3 - 4 packets - You need enough to change constantly

Snacks - I loved jatz biscuits - an some sugary lollies.
Phone charger.

Nappy bag
Baby blanket
Changes of clothes

Have car seat in ready, pram ready (usually they don’t let u carry the baby in ur arms out the hospital - I guess In case of trips ) - we used a pram

I know an extra long charging cord for your phone is a must, lol

I had a duffle bag dedicated to food. Microwave macaroni, granola bars, chips, pudding, Vienna sausage, etc. I like hospital food, but I wanted to be able too eat whenever I wanted. Most maternity wards have areas with microwaves.

I’m due 3rd July too :slightly_smiling_face: id say the type of bag dosnt really matter as long as u have everything u need. This is my 3rd babba and both my other 2 I ended up staying in hospital a few days so it’s always best to be prepared. So hears my list of what iv packed, hope this helps.
For baby - pre prepared bottles, towel, blanket, shampoo, moisturiser, sodocrem, body wash, nappies, nappy bags, baby wipes, dummys, 5 vests, 5 rompers, going home outfit, scratch mitts, socks and hats.

For mum - mini toiletries, towel, maternity pads, breast pads, pack of Bridget Jones knickers, lose t-shirt for giving birth I stole one of hubby’s, soft comfortable pjs x2, loose fitted going home outfit, bed socks, dressing down, charger, book, snacks and drinks.