What to pack in the hosptial bag?

Question! What week did you pack your hospital bag? And what are some things I need?


Pack it by 32 weeks or so, Incase baby comes early. My baby cane early and I was not prepared! My husband had to pack my stuff for me while I was on the monitors at the hospital. He had to put the car seat in and everything

A must is bring your own pillow and bath products cause the hospital provided stuff sucks lol

I packed around 35 weeks. and overpacked. all I needed was my own hygiene items, pillow, extension cord, phone charger, house shoes, comfy clothes to go home in, and a comfy robe to wear while in the hospital.

Around 34 weeks and finished it the day before haha. Baby they will have mostly everything. For you just act like you are going to a hotel. But chapstick and a giant yeti type container is recommended lol. And I packed a lunchbox with sugar free jello for snacks but ended up being fed actual food

Chapstick, hygiene stuff, phone charger, pillow a changs of clothes for leaving

Chapstick, underwear, hair ties, gum/breathmints, baby jammies/gowns, and Your own nightgowns and robe :blush:

I’m almost 33 weeks and I still haven’t packed mine! I started baby girls but have just been putting mine off. Which is kinda dumb cuz I’m pretty sure she’s coming early. My ambition level is lacking lately.

An item or picture to focus on when you are doing breathing exercises, nail polish for someone to paint your toes, a clean maternity outfit to wear home ( I brought a cute pre-pregnancy outfit and it did not fit at all, had no idea it could take 3-6 months to start to feel like me again), warm socks, a headband or scrunchy to keep your hair out of your face, a good book to read, comfy underpants, large menstrual pads, witch hazel cream for sore areas, chocolate or favorite candy, deodorant/body spray, toothbrush/paste, cardigan or robe, slippers, tervis for water, lip gloss/chapstick, body lotion and your phone charger. The baby will need a car seat (local police or fire station will help install correctly), going home outfit, mittens so not scratch at itself, socks and a hat. Most hospitals will send you home with formula if you request it.

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A camera…A brush … tooth brush… a nice big towel theres are thin an rough … some socks or slippers… an some comfortable outfit or night to change into after…just simple things … the baby will have all it needs at the hospital an they will let you take some pre made bottles an diapers home … hospitals have a cafeteria when it’s time to eat … I had a burger so good lol…

I did mine around 30-32 weeks,in stalled carseat. All last min stuff, bring comfortable clothes, shower items, and something to keep you occupied while you wait, not only for you but for SO. My major suggestion is own underwear and pads I never wore the ones hospital gives you.

I’ve gotten her base to her car seat installed already and I’ve got her outfits out that I’m going to take. I’m 32 weeks today and I’ve been procrastinating on packing! I’ve hit a major exhaustion streak this week! :weary:

I’m so last minute, I did mine with my daughter 2 weeks before I was due and did mine for my son the day before I was going In to be induced

Between 31-35 weeks… Slippers, charger, snacks, pillow, blanket, shampoo conditioner, brush, toothpaste/brush…clothes for me and baby… I.D… health insurance cards

I just turned 33 and will be doing that this weekend.

Dont forget to pack cute going home clothes for yourself too.

Thankfully I found this ,I really only packed a bag for baby and did not even think about a bag for me !