What to pack in your hosptal bag?

Hospital bag questions.

How far along were you when you packed your hospital bag? What were life-saving essentials for you? Also, what are good things for dad to pack in his? FTM here! TIA


Im packing mines at 30 weeks.

*Socks (I was induced so when they broke my water my socks got soaked)
*Chap stick
*Phone charger
*Snacks (if you deliver late at night when everything is closed, they bring you a sandwich)
*Comfortable clothes to go home in & for hospital stay


Honestly, you wont need much… the hospital will have everything for baby. A comfy robe/nightgown and soft comfy socks with grips… a comfy pillow… lots of snacks… and depends underwear so you dont have to mess w giant pads lol

I waited til I was like 37/38 weeks and I packed tooth brush chapstick. I pretty much packed what I needed and for the baby I packed one or two outfits a bunting bag if your due in winter, carseat Wipes a few diapers and formula if you plan to formula feed. Although some hospitals provide formula diapers and Wipes depending where you live

I had mine packed and unpacked and repacked a bunch of times but I think I finally left it alone at 38 weeks with all 3 haha definitely pack chapstick and pack your own hygiene products for sure. Go out and buy the biggest thickest pads you can find also and pack them I personally hated the hospital “underwear” and pads

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My husband packed my hospital bag and he packed it while I was in early labor lol

Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, cute long gown , house slippers, hair brush , conditioner, shampoo , baby clothes , baby socks , camera , baby blanket , new car seat .

I always did mine the beginning of the third trimester incase baby came early…but definitely chapstick, adult womens diapers they are way better than that mesh underwear and huge pad the hospital gives you…headband, hair ties, and headphones music helped me thru my births…hygiene products for sure. those are a few great things to have… as for dad snacks, tylenol, and change is good for vending machines…a tablet, charger’s, an extra blanket and pillows

I think I packed like a week or two before my due date. Being comfy clothes, and in case of c-section, bring something without a waistband. I also brought a couple different sized outfits for the baby in case he was bigger or smaller than expected. For dad, snacks is the big thing, he doesn’t get meals like you do. Games, movies or books are good if you get bored.

I was induced with all mine… and never once packed a bag ahead of time :joy::joy: thought about it, just didn’t do it. I think I had my hubby bring me my things the next day.

30 weeks. Socks. Chapstick. Robe. Nursing tops. Granny Panties(you’re gonna need them for the giant pads). Phone/tablet. Chargers.

I packed mine while I was in labor at 37 weeks and 6 days because I was planning on doing it at 38 weeks :sweat_smile::joy: I also have birth at a birth center and was back home 5 hrs after she was born so I wasn’t expecting to have to be there long at all

Packed at 34 weeks
Snacks!!! Life saver, box of nutrition bars, canned pineapple juice apples and bananas
Hospital food isn’t my favorite

Toiletries, snacks, robe, slippers, baby outfit for pics and going home, comfy clothes for you to go home in/ wear.

I suck…I packed mine after my water broke, both times.


My labor was faster than we expected do I didn’t use everything, but… we made sure to pack our deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste. I packed a nighttime nursing bra just so I had something to wrangle the beasts, I wore that with a thin robe and cotton capris after baby was born. Socks and slippers. Adult diapers were the best thing ever for postnatal bleeding. Cash for vending machines or to send someone to get something for you.

I’m the weirdo who had it packed by second trimester and had it in the car or on me at all times. I worked in a store where I broke all the heavy lifting rules, climbing. Was on my feet the whole time. I like to be overly prepared. But at 35-36 wk I started double checking things

The day I had to go lol … boppy if you’re nursing, chapstick, charger, and comfy clothes

I packed mine last week at 37 weeks. I’m on baby #4 and none of my other kids came early so I figured I had time to wait. I packed 2 outfits for baby and 2 blankets(thin & thicker, weather has been funky lately) everything else baby needs the hospital will provide. For myself, I packed chapstick,hair ties, charger, robe, comfy pjs, 2 nursing bras, couple granny panties, slipper socks and cheap slippers and an outfit to come home in. Also toothbrushe & extra brush and small container of gel for my curly hair haha

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I packed and repacked about 4 times before I thought it was perfect! And i started at 32weeks and I’m 36weeks now.

My cousin sent me a list of things that worked for her and the baby…she has the mind set of less is more

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On my due date for all three. I brought going home outfits for both of us, and shampoo and conditioner. Phone charger. That’s all I needed.

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Im 36 wks and just barley packed the baby’s bag, but I have a csection at 39. I mainly bring clothes for baby since the hospital provides everything for them. And for me I’ll pack it in a week and I take loose clothes, chargers, brush toothpaste and tooth brush. Blanket and pillow.

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Hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, hair dryer, comfy pajamas, bra, underwear, pads, and going home clothes. Also whatever you want for baby clothes and baby blanket.

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I packed at 36 weeks! Took my robe, slippers, toothbrush, deodorant, nursing tank tops, giant cozy pants, ALL the hair ties, outfits for little babe, nipple cream, chargers, camera, and husband brought deodorant, toothbrush, clothes. SNACKS! caffeine free tea, chapstick!! take your own socks!! giant cozy underwear, (i hate hospital mesh underwear) i would say outside of hygiene items, tank tops, baggy pants & robe/socks are most important! & your own pillow.

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Flip flop socks stuff for your feet! Cash and a financial plan for pictures and the grocery trip on the way home. The hospital i had supplied alot so i cant really think of anything major.

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One thing for sure take your own pillow you will appreciate it after you use a hospital one

36 weeks tmrw. Just packed it yesterday. I packed myself comfy sweat pants, tanks tops, sports bra, socks, hoodie, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, eye liner and mascara (for baby’s photo shoot), and chapstick. For baby I packed outfits, socks, sweater, and 2 diff blankets. Phone n charger will be grabbed on day i go in

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I packed mine at 31 weeks.

Packed mine at 37 weeks. Pretty much need stuff for shower (shampoo conditioner body soap) hair ties,chapstick stretchy pants, charger and a robe.

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Packed mines at six months and i just had to have alcalado and well in our country daddies dont pack a bag…they not even allowed to be in birth room unless they completed the lamaze classes

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I think I was packed around 34-36 weeks.
Phone chargers for both of you! And snacks for sure!!!

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Don’t forget tucks!! Those are the best lol

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I packed at like 35weeks. I packed really light. I packed T-shirt’s (enough for 3 days) him basketball shorts, cash for the vending machine,toothbrush deodorant, chapstick snacks, hair ties. And for baby i brought two outfits (one premie one newborn) and a blanket for him. I skipped packing myself clothes, and I’m glad i did cuz i walked around in the hospital gown when i had company and naked when i was alone. And wore hubbys shorts and shirt home.
The white bags they give you for your belongings i packed full of everything i could get my hands on and would fit in the bags (mesh undies diapers wipes squirt bottles pads) if i knew they would toss it i took it :joy:

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Packed mine around 36.5 weeks. Packed clothes, robe, slippers, hair tie, socks and charger. Had her at 38.5 weeks!

I started throwing things together at about 34 weeks and finished at 36. Didn’t deliver until 40+4 but was happy to have it ready just in case he wanted to make an early appearance and definitely made me more relaxed when the time came!

If you don’t have extra long 10ft phone chargers, I highly recommend getting them for the hospital stay! You never know where the outlets are going to be. Also snacks are essential - especially once the doctor tells you that you can’t eat anymore :wink:

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Never on baby number 1 and because I knew what I needed for this one, I’ve had it packed for almost 2 months. And I get induced on Sunday. I have shampoo conditioner, nursing shirts, body wash, pouf, baby clothes, nursing pads, robe and loose comfortable clothes

I was 30weeks when I packed the diaper bag and I’m now 32 weeks and still need to pack mine and my finances bag

I packed for all 4 of mine when I was in labor…I dont recommend doing that lol


Comfy clothes for me, comfy clothes for my fiance, a few outfits for baby, a special hospital picture outfit for baby, my own pillow, flip flops, my shower stuff and my fiance’s shower stuff, chargers, money, snacks & drinks. This was what I brought in preparation for my 4th baby.

Packed for my first one when contractions got bad. Packed for my second one when my water broke. Hospital is an hour away. Had a list about a month before though so I’d have an idea of what I’d want. Don’t forget food/snacks.

For you: a pillow, a dress (cause nobody wants to wear pants coming home unless theyre loose), some snacks (cause youll be hungry and want more food than they give you, i promise!), nursing bras and tops, a couple loose outfits for the little one (so their stub isnt irritated), socks, slippers/sandals
For dad: pajama pants, comfy shoes,
For both: phone charger, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, hair brush, shampoo/conditioner, a book or something, undies and socks, and more snacks!

I packed at like 32, because my first was early. I liked having my own shower items, shampoo/conditioner, razor, soap etc. I liked having my own clothes and robe & slippers. I should have brought food for myself and my husband. They didn’t feed him there. His pillow and extra blanket. The boppy! Boppy was a must for me. Baby clothes in different sizes and a velcro swaddle blanket so they can’t squirm out and it’s easier to get them in and out every 10 seconds. I also brought I little fan and white noise machine to help me relax. Hair ties & brush and after shower items. Basically everything youd bring to a hotel. And then a carseat. And of course the boppy. I loved the boppy!

I was probably about 30 weeks? I found having a tank top/nursing tank top, my own pillow, a water bottle with straw (I had a c section both times and found it was helpful so I didn’t always have to sit up to drink!), a nursing pillow and a swaddle for baby (check out fawn and sage in Etsy for cute ones!). Good luck and congratulations!

Bring your own shampoo/ conditioner! Hospital soap is awful!

The first kid I packed the hospital bag in the first trimester with the second I waited till the week before my due date

I packed the night before I went in for an induction at 39 weeks. Bring your own soaps and stuff. Pillow. Clothes. And some snacks for you and dad (him during labor, you after). Bring phone and charger. And depending on the person, an outfit or two for the baby (along with a pack of wipes. They supply formula and diapers).

I packed at 35 weeks. I packed extra comfortable clothing for 2 days worth, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothbrush, socks, pads, underwear, bras, lotion, razors, charger, and I think that’s it, besides babys stuff in her diaper bag. I did bring makeup and a straightener and a blow dryer but that was never used lol

I always had mine packed around 35-36 weeks. I always pack my own shampoo and other hygiene products because the hospitals usually suck. Depends underwear are awesome for the first week or so post birth! Comfortable clothing and jammies. Socks and slippers. My own pillow and blanket. Chapstick!!! Phone charger. Things to keep me occupied like adult coloring books. Snacks…lots of snacks!!!

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Comfy PJs, and comfy shoes/slippers, charger cords, hair brush and outfit for baby to come home in. I always kept it simple cause the hospital will send you home with more and really you don’t need much else cause when you leave you’re going home and no one is going to care what you’re wearing.

Not sure when I packed it but I never used a thing in it!! I was in the hospital 4 days. They gave me those no fall socks and the most comfortable nightgown ever! I went home in the outfit I came in.

I packed around January (delivered March) and I wish I brought less! If I did it all over again I would bring just chapstick, phone chargers, and a robe for myself. For dad I’d pack a change of clothes. For baby just a few onesies. TAKE EVERYTHING THEY GIVE YOU! Diapers, wipes, mesh underwear, pads, swaddles, EVERYTHING! Leave with more then you came in with!

The one thing i was thankful for was my chapstick lol and my own shower supplies