What to take for gas after a c-section?

Can you post anonymous plz
I had my csection 2days ago and there is too much discomfort due to trapped wind. My tummy is all bloated and swollen and hurts like anything.
Any tip that can reduce this problem.
Thx guys


they blow air in ur stomach. just trapped gas stay as active as possible and it will pass. i used a postpartum belly band. it was better especially in bed.

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An older nurse a long time ago, told me to ask for an enema…it was my 3rd…it was embarrassing , but, the Relief was worth it!!!

Just walk and fart and burp as much as you can

I also took prune juice, it helped go the #2

Had 2 csec just roll from side to side to break up gas

They gave me warm prune juice and milk of magnesia

I had the same problem when I had my gallbladder removed. (I know, not anywhere near the same level of pain) I had to do laps around my house to move the gas around. It was painful to walk but the relief was well worth it.

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I had mine 9 days ago now. Eat light foods . Take and chew what the gave u for pain and gas . It was the most horrible feeling in the world and my pain in all areas only subsided yesterday. I am so sorry just keep walking that’s what I did. It hurt more sitting around . Be careful though . I had to vag deliveries and then the c-section I would do vag anytime over c-section.

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when I had a c section they wouldn’t allow me to leave the hospital until was able to get rid of that I’d.be.going back to hospital if I was you

Keep moving… your body will dissipate the air… it’ll just be painful in all the weirdest places… and maybe get gas-x

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Hold your stomach or get a post partum belly band

Ask for a gas relief and walk funny to read this post was talking at work today about how awful the pain of gas was and to actually fart feels like you are going to RIP in 2 but it is felt sooo much better after words good luck it dont take to long to be back to a normal