What to take for the flu while pregnant?

Has anyone had the flu while pregnant? If so what did you take ? I work at a daycare and one of the kids got me sick …:confused: if you have had the flu did your stomach cramp alot like hurt bad and did you have really bad diarrhea nonstop ? I’ve had it for 3 days now I want it to end :sweat:


Tylenol and cough drops

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You need rest honestly. Having the flu while I was pregnant had me stuck in bed for two weeks straight. Xx

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You’re supposed to contact your ob if you get the flu while pregnant its dangerous they can tell you what to do.


The flu is respiratory in nature with fevers …and it isn’t really the season for flu, chances are it’s a stomach virus and you will have to just stay hydrated and let it pass


When I was pregnant with my twins I got the flu bad. They had to give me (?sp) compazine to stop me from throwing up.

Consult with your ob/gyn. Never take any medications while pregnant without consulting with your ob/gyn.


See a doctor dont play the guessing game and loose your baby


Drink lots of water and juices. It should soon. Call dr if concerned

The hospital gave me tamiflu while I was preggers, I got the flu from my son. I talked to my Dr before I took it & he said it was fine. My baby girl is a healthy wild 1 yr old

Sounds weird but drink some metamucil. I have had it stop diahrea

I got dehydrated so bad I had to go to the hospital. I was bedridden for days

Sprite crackers tylonal and that’s it

Get to the dr you cannot be getting enough fluids if you are still vomiting and have diahrea after 3 days.

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If you become dehydrated, blood flow to the uterus is reduced, causing uterine cramping or contractions due to the lack of hydration. … please see your OB

I would definitely contact your doctor especially if you’re in pain