What to take to the beach with an infant?

Can someone give me their favorite tips on staying at a beach condo/being on the beach with a 3.5 month old? We will be on vaca for a week with him and it’s his first trip. I’ve got a small baby pool for him to lay on with a gallon of fresh water I will dump in there so he can stay cool, beach tent, battery operated fan, baby powder to remove sand…it’s only a high of 82 or so where we are going but I want to be prepared. Thanks!

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Sunscreen!!!.. HAT…watch for little sand fleas…


get a rashguard for baby. walmart, target, and carters i know sell them. most are under $10. long sleeve, preferably.

primary also sells them.

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No sunscreen the baby is to young, hat, rash guard style UV shirt, muslin swaddling blankets will help keep them cool. We used a travel bassinet for naps under the umbrella.
This is how we did it with our 8 weeks old.

Please use sun screen all the time and takecqarm clothes for the cold air from the water. Babies get cold easier then adults. Check his hands and feet to so if he is warm enough. If his hands or feet get cold then his body is cold.get him little sun glasses to protect his eyes.

We just stayed on the beach for several days with our two month old, and this dome was a LIFESAVER!

Fisher-price On-the-go Baby Dome - Windmill : Target

Get a spf rashgaurd swimsuit. Too little for sunscreen. A good sun hat and sunglasses. Most damage done to our eyes are before the age of 12!

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Don’t use sunscreen mama!

American Academy of Pediatrics now advises to use sunscreen if other avenues are not available… I’m not telling other moms what to do, but when we went to Myrtle beach last year my little one was only 4 months old and she had Aveeno baby continuous protection for sensitive skin on (which is hypoallergenic and mineral based) and it protected her while on the beach (obviously under a beach tent most of the time), on walks, and at the zoo